3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker (Also known as 3 Card Brag)


Ante Bonus

There are several different pay tables around for Ante Bonuses so it is always worth looking at this before deciding on a site to play at.

For more details on Poker Hands, see our Poker Hand rankings page

The most common is shown below.

HAND Payout
Straight flush 5
Three of a kind 4
Straight 1
House Edge 3.37%
Element of Risk 2.01%


Pair Plus payouts

As with the Ante bet, the Pair Plus payouts can vary from casino to casino, the most common payout table is shown below.

A Pair Plus bet is on the Players 3 cards only and money is won depending on what this 3 card hand is worth.


Straight Flush 40
Three of a Kind 30
Straight 6
Flush 3
Pair 1
All Other Lose


 3 Card Poker Strategy

Whilst there are several trains of thought when it comes to an optimum strategy in 3 card poker, we would suggest raising if you have Q/6/4 or better, irrespective of the paytable in use.

In a game of poker where hands are only a high card, hands are scored according to the highest card, then 2nd highest etc.

Therefore, if your highest card is a Queen or better, 2nd highest a 6 or better and the 3rd highest a 4 or better, we suggest raising. This is the worst hand at which statistically you are likely to win more times than you lose, the next lowest hand, Q/6/3 is more likely to lose than win.

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