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Advertising Disclosure

Jennifer Lynn Written by Jennifer Lynn
Richard Grant Reviewed by Richard Grant

Advertising Disclosure is like a friendly guide in the online gambling world. We’re not here to give financial advice or run a casino. We just want to help you make smart choices when you gamble.

We get our info from our own research and what players tell us. Your opinions and experiences are super important to us.

We really care about gambling safely. We talk a lot about this to help everyone play responsibly.

Quick Note:

Our tips on gambling safely are just for informational purposes. If you have a serious problem with gambling, it’s best to get help from professionals.

It is also our policy that we do not support underage gambling. Gambling is for adults who can play responsibly. That’s why you won’t see us supporting ads that encourage kids to gamble as we discourage those that are underage from reading our content.

Our main thing is to give you lots of choices for casinos and bonuses. But we only work with casinos we trust and never go against our main rules. Any casinos that do not reach our standards during the review process, will not be listed. You can learn more about our casino rating index here.

Important to Know:

Even though we show you lots of casinos and bonuses, what you decide to do is up to you. Things change fast in gambling, so you should check things out for yourself too.

Our team knows a lot about gambling, but we can’t give legal or financial advice. We’re here to share what we know.

Always double-check what you read, even on our site. It’s important to do your own research, especially when choosing a casino or a bonus.

Good Advice:

Always read the “Terms and Conditions” for each casino and bonus. It’s the best way to know what you’re getting into.

Everyone’s opinion matters to us. We listen to all reviews, even if we don’t always agree. This helps other players too.

How Do We Make Money?

We want to help you make good gambling choices. This helps the gambling market stay safe and fun.

We share expert advice and real players’ reviews. But remember, these are just guidelines. It’s always best to check things out for yourself.

We earn money when you click on links or choose certain casinos or bonuses. But we only suggest places we trust. We say no to anyone who doesn’t meet our standards.

We’re all about being open and honest. We keep a good relationship with our readers and partners.

Our recommendations are based on quality and what players like. In the end, you help decide what we recommend.

We’re always trying to do better and help more with gambling addiction.

Want more info or have questions?

Check our Responsible Gambling page or contact us. We’re here to help.

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Jennifer Lynn
Head of Content
Jennifer Lynn has spent 14 years working in the online casino industry, making her a real expert in the field. She's not just skilled at writing about casinos; she also has a deep interest in online gambling games and is a passionate researcher and player. Jennifer offers her expertise on a range of casino games and the smart strategies to use. But her life isn't all about gambling and casinos. She also loves riding horses and practicing yoga, showing that she knows how to balance her professional interests with personal passions.
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2024
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