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American Roulette – Rules Strategy & Tips

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How to Play American Roulette

American Roulette is amongst the most popular games in casinos in America. Unlike its European counterpart, the American Roulette wheel has 38 holes as opposed to 37.

Both variations have numbers 1 to 36 and single 0, whilst the American version has a 00 as well.

Therefore, the odds for the player doing any bets other than Straight Up bets are worse as 2 numbers will ensure all bets lose – 0 and 00 – as opposed to just 1, 0, in European Roulette.

Rules Of American Roulette

The main aim of American Roulette, as with all other versions, is to guess what number will be spun in the next game.

A wheel is spun and a small ball dropped in which comes to rest in one of the 38 slots. Payouts are then made for all bets that guessed correctly.

A version of an American Roulette wheel can be found below:

American Roulette wheel layout

There are many different bets you can place in American Roulette which are essentially the same as in all other forms of the game.

Before this, you need to choose the value of your chips, this is easily done when playing online by clicking on the chip value that you wish to play with. You can then click on different sections of the play area to place your bets.

You can put more than one chip on each bet up to the table limit for that type of bet, those with a higher payout will generally have a smaller maximum bet.

Types of American Roulette Bets

• Inside Bets

• Straight Up Bet

• Placed on a single number on the board, including 0 and 00.

• Split Bet

• Placed between 2 separate numbers, a win if either of these numbers comes in.

• Street Bet

• Placed between 3 numbers on the end of a row of 3 or a combination of 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. If any of the 3 numbers come in, the bet is a winner.

• Corner Bet

• Covering 4 different numbers, this bet pays out if any of the 4 come in.

• Line Bet

• Covering 6 numbers, this is the same as a Street Bet but covers 2 rows of 3 numbers instead of just: If any of the 6 come in, you are a winner!

• Outside Bets

• Column Bet

• This is a bet on a whole column of numbers, so a third of the main play area less 0 and 00. If any of these 12 numbers are the winning number, the bet pays out.

• Dozen Bet

• Also featuring 12 numbers, this is a bet on the low dozen – 1 to 12-, 2nd dozen – 13 to 24 – or a high dozen – 25 to 36. If you bet on the right column, you win.

• Colour Bet

• Bet on whether the number will be Red or Black. As with the majority of bets, if the ball lands in 0 or 00 it will be a loser.

• Odd/Even bet

• Bet on whether the winning number will be odd or even.

• High/Low – Low numbers are 1 to 18, High 19 to 36.

An example of each type of bet can be seen in the image below.

American Roulette betting options

American Roulette Payouts

The amount won on each type of bet depends on the likelihood of it coming in. This American Roulette payout chart shows an idea of the payouts for each type of bet, some sites will vary slightly from the odds given so be sure to check the odds of your favoured bets before you start playing at a site…

Bet TypeReturns
The Straight Up bet35 to 1
The Split Bet17 to 1
The Street Bet11 to 1
The Corner Bet8 to 1
The Line Bet5 to 1
The Column Bet2 to 1
The Dozen Bet2 to 1
The Colour Bet1 to 1
The Odd/Even Bet1 to 1
The High/Low Bet1 to 1


American Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of chance, pure and simple. There is no strategy that will give you an edge over the house despite the many attempts people have made over the years.

We would recommend that if you are interested in playing for a while you look at the lower odds bets that are much more likely to come in but offer lower returns such as color, odd/even, high/low, column and dozen.

Many players like to bet on Straight Up numbers to get the 35 to 1 returns which are high for many players – understandably – but just betting on this can lead to losses quickly without the excitement of winning given the low odds of the bets coming in.

Remember to bet within your budget and enjoy the game, if the enjoyment goes then it is time to leave.


Roulette is one of the 2 most popular table games in a casino – along with blackjack – for a reason. There are many different types of betting options available and there is nothing quite like the excitement of watching and listening to the ball spin round the wheel waiting to see where it lands.

If you like fast-paced games with the ability to win big and often, roulette could be the game of choice for you!

Roulette Rules
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What is American Roulette?

American Roulette is a popular gambling game played in casinos all around the world. It derives its name from the fact that this variant of Roulette was created in the United States of America.


What Separates American Roulette from the European Counterpart?

American Roulette is not much different from the European or French counterpart. However, there is a major difference that separates the two. American Roulette has 38 spots on the wheel, whereas the European one has 37. In the American variant, the wheel has 18 reds, 18 blacks and two greens (the 0 and 00).


Is it better to play American roulette or French Roulette?

Do whatever floats your boat. However, we are here to give you the facts. And the fact is this. American Roulette’s chances are lower than in French Roulette, precisely because there is an extra green field on the American wheel. For this reason, the house advantage is a bit higher in American Roulette.


Are there any ways I can get better in Roulette?

Well, Roulette isn’t really a skill-based game. It is more of a luck based game. However, there are a few strategies that improve the player’s chances of making more cash.


What are the most popular Roulette strategies that people use to this day?

The most popular strategy in the world of Roulette right now is the Martingale strategy.


What is the Martingale Strategy?

The Martingale strategy has 3 different variants. However, the variant that is the most popular and often-used is the classic strategy. This involves starting with a certain bet amount, and then doubling that bet every time you lose. The goal here is to eventually make back the cash that you’ve lost, and also make some extra profit.


What are the Variants on the Martingale Strategy?

The two other variants on the Martingale Strategy are the Grand and the Reverse Martingale strategy. The Grand Strategy is exactly the same as the Martingale strategy, except instead of doubling your bet on a loss, you triple them. The Reverse strategy involves halving your bet, instead of doubling it.


Can the Martingale Strategy be used in American Roulette?

Not only are these strategies popular in American Roulette, they can be used in French Roulette, and pretty much any other gambling games. They are quite popular in Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, etc.


What is the safest bet in American Roulette?

We can’t say what the safest bet in American Roulette is. However, we will say this. It has been shown that most often, gamblers will place a bet on the number 17. Why this is, we can’t say. However, a fun fact is that the number is actually connected to quite a few legendary wins in roulette.


What color should I avoid in Roulette?

Obviously, there is an equal amount of red and black fields. In terms of American Roulette, the fields to avoid betting on are the green ones. However, high-stake bettors still place wagers on these fields, as the payout when winning a wager on a 0 or 00 is much greater than a payout when wagering on red and black.

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