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The Ascot Betting System & Roulette Strategy

The ascot Betting system
The Ascot betting system is one of the oldest and most used roulette betting systems out there. It is primarily used with roulette but can be applied to many other casino games such as craps and baccarat.

How Does The Ascot Betting System Work?

It’s quite a simple strategy…..

With the Ascot roulette betting system, winning wagers are increased one unit at a time in a predetermined series of wagers, and losing bets are lowered one step per loss using the same betting series.

An Ascot series can be from seven to eleven numbers.

A typical series is 2 3 5 8 13 20 30.

The player’s first wager would be a middle number such as 8.

If this wager wins, the next wager is 13, then with another win, 20, and so on. The series will end when the last wager in the series, in this case, 30, is won.

The problem with the Ascot betting strategy is that alternating series of wins and losses among the higher wagers in the series can destroy its profit potential. This can be a serious flaw in any system calling for a large reduction in the amount wagered following a loss. If the Ascot system is successful for you it will provide you with an opportunity of playing a very long time with a very small stake.

You can combine this strategy with others such as the Winning Edge Roulette , Winning Parlays or the Alexembert system.

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