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Atlantic City Blackjack Guide 2024: Rules, Strategy & Winning Tips

Blackjack Atlantic City

Atlantic City Blackjack tends to have the best rules for players out of all the versions found online. Played with 8 decks, the dealer stands on all 17’s and above, even if all hands stand to win if they stand.

Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

Atlantic City BlackjackPlayers can double on any starting hand and can split every pair once. You are able to double after splitting once but cannot split a hand twice. When splitting Aces, only one further card is allowed.

Insurance is available and pays 2 to 1 whilst Blackjack pays 1.5 to 1.

If the Dealer shows an Ace, players are offered Insurance and then the Dealer will check for Blackjack before any further action, the hand ends if they have Blackjack and Insurance wins if they don’t then any Insurance bets are collected as losers and the hand continues as normal.

There is an option to Surrender in Atlantic City Blackjack, which means you can give up your hand before you make any further actions such as Hitting or Standing, you get half of your stake back, this can be useful in some circumstances where the Dealer has a high upturned card and you have a hand that is unlikely to win.

Atlantic City Blackjack game

Above is an example of the layout for an Atlantic City Blackjack game, you will see that you can choose to play up to 5 hands at a time if you wish, each of them just needs to beat the Dealer in order to win.

Atlantic City Blackjack Rules
Blackjack Pays:3 to 2
Number of Decks:8
Dealer Rule:Stand on all 17’s and above
Dealer Peek:Yes
Surrender:Yes after first 2 cards
Double after Split:Yes
Hit Split Aces:Yes
Side Game:No
Multiple Hands:Yes


Atlantic City Strategy

Atlantic City Blackjack StrategyAtlantic City Blackjack is a fairly standard version and therefore there aren’t any rules that differentiate the standard strategy.

Remember the chart below is just a suggestion and the casino will always have the edge over the player as in any casino game.

However, by following the chart below, you will have the best possible chance of finishing ahead in any session that you play.

Hard Hands – No Ace

Dealers Upturned Card
Your hand2345678910A

H = Hit D = Double
S = Stand SR = Surrender

Soft Hands – With an Ace

Dealers Upturned Card
Your hand2345678910A

H = Hit D = Double
S = Stand


Dealers Card
Your hand2345678910A

H = Hit D = Double
S = Stand SP = Split

Atlantic City Tips

Atlantic City TipsNever take Insurance- this is always tempting if the Dealer shows an Ace, but it is one of the worst Casino bets around. At the standard payout of 2 to 1, Insurance is a bet that is 8% against the player and therefore should be avoided at all costs – you may get a win some of the time, but long term you will always be a losing player with this type of bet.

Don’t be afraid to Surrender – It is understandable that some players don’t like giving up their hand and accepting a loss without taking it all the way, but it is an advantage to the player to have this option as not all versions of Blackjack offer it, so make the most of it when you can.

Always play within your means – this counts for all casino games, not just Atlantic City Blackjack, but the aim of the game is to enjoy yourself and you won’t do this if you are gambling money you can’t afford to lose or getting worried and/or upset every time you lose a hand.

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Head of Content
Jennifer Lynn, with 14 years in the industry, is a seasoned Online Casino Reviewer and Gambling Expert. An Arizona State University journalism graduate and professional poker player, she offers deep insights into casino games and strategies. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys equestrian activities and yoga, blending her career with a well-rounded lifestyle.



What is Atlantic City Blackjack?

Atlantic City Blackjack is another variation of the traditional blackjack games. It largely plays by the same rules as its predecessor, however, comes with a few differences. These differences make the game a little more interesting.


Why is it Called Atlantic City Blackjack?

The answer might be obvious to some of you, based on the name alone. This blackjack variant originated in Atlantic City, which is why it bears the name Atlantic City Blackjack.


What Makes Atlantic City Blackjack Different?

We said that there are a few differences between Atlantic City Blackjack and traditional blackjack. The main differences are the fact that you can double right after splitting, however, you can’t split a hand twice. The other difference is that in Atlantic City Blackjack, insurance is allowed and pays 2 to 1, whereas in Blackjack it only pays 1.5 to 1. These are the main differences that separate Atlantic City Blackjack from the original.


Is there Single-Deck Atlantic City Blackjack?

No. Atlantic City Blackjack is never played with a single deck. Even if you were to travel to Atlantic City, you would be hard-pressed to find a casino that offers a game with only one deck.


How Many Decks Are Used for Atlantic City Blackjack?

The standard amount of decks used to play Atlantic City Blackjack is eight. There may be some casinos that incorporate six, however, usually it will not be less or more than eight decks.


Is Atlantic City Blackjack Better than Blackjack?

Making definitive statements on quality is difficult. Both games come with their ups and downs, and these differences will certainly influence different players in different ways. Some might prefer the classic game, while others will enjoy the rule variants that Atlantic City Blackjack provides.


Does Atlantic City Blackjack Have Better Odds?

Now this question we can answer without a problem. By and large, the truth of the matter is that, yes, Atlantic City Blackjack tends to offer better odds than the traditional game. It is for this very reason that the game gets recommended a lot to new players.


When Should I Hit in Atlantic City Blackjack?

It all depends on the situation. Usually, you will want to hit whenever you have an 11 or below. However, this might not always be the case. Generally, it takes a certain degree of analysis skill and knowledge to know when to hit and when not to. This is why you should familiarize yourself with the basic strategies of blackjack, as they can easily be applied to Atlantic City Blackjack, or any other variant of the game.

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