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Horse Racing Types Explained

Horse Racing Types Explained

In many countries, such as the UK, Australia, and the US, horse racing is hugely popular.

There are many horse races around the world each week with a huge variety of horses, and jockeys to bet on. The flat race is by far the most popular race where horses sprint against each other to the finish. The jump race is another popular form of racing that requires horses to jump over ditches and fences.

Below are the types of horse races we will focus on in this article:

• Flat Racing
• Stakes Racing
• Jump Racing (National Hunt)
• Harness Racing
• Quarter Horse Racing
• Allowance and Claiming Racing
• Maiden Racing

Flat Racing

The most popular form of horse racing is Flat Racing and is practiced worldwide. The Thoroughbred, known for its endurance is bred and used for this type of racing. The most well-known Flat Races in the world include the Kentucky Derby, Japan Cup, Epson Derby, Dubai World Cup, and the Melbourne Cup, which are televised worldwide.

The track always has a flat-level surface made of turf in Europe and dirt in North America and Asia. Synthetic materials such as Polytrack are also becoming popular.

The most common distance for the Flat Race is between five and twelve furlongs but can be up to two and a half miles (4 km), depending upon the race.

flat horse racing


Stakes Racing

Stake Races are the highest level horse races one can be a part of with very high payouts. The Saudi Cup paid out $30.5 million in 2022, while the Kentucky Derby Triple Crown paid out $3 million in May 2022.

These races are reserved for the most well-known horses, and jockeys in the industry, that have greatly proven themselves over the years. The Thoroughbred is bred for this type of racing, while the Flat Race type is used.

Stakes Horse Racing


Jump Racing – The National Hunt

The National Hunt is a race popular in the United Kingdom, France and Ireland. The horses bred for this type of racing are usually The Thoroughbred mixed with Dutch Warm Blood, French-bred jumpers, and or a combination of different breeds and Origen can be used.

The horses have to jump over many hurdles and or fences with the distance being 2 miles and upwards. The 2 types of Jump Racing include Hurdle racing with many obstacles and Steeplechase racing, which includes fences, open water, and or ditches.

The two most well-known National Hunt races include The Grand National held at the Aintree and the Cheltenham Festival held at the Cheltenham Racecourse. Many of the world’s best-known horses are seen at these events and millions of Pounds are gambled each year.

Jump Horse Racing


Harness Racing

Harness Races are a very unique sport in which the horse must stay at a trot or pace, without ever breaking stride. If they break into a canter or gallop they must be pulled back to the trot which can make them lose ground to their competitors. The horse pulls a 2-wheeled cart called a sulky or chariot which is occupied by the driver.

The horse breed for this type of racing varies between countries, but one distinct feature in each breed is a shorter leg and longer body. In North America, it is always the Standardbred but in Europe, the French Trotters or Russian Trotters are used. In Russia, the Orlov Trotters are preferred, while in Norway, Sweden, and France you will find the Coldblood trotters and Finnhorses.

The richest Standardbred known to date retired in 2019 called ‘Foiled Again’, winning an estimated $7,635,588 USD throughout his career.

Harness Horse Racing


Quarter Horse Racing

The Quarter Horse race is a quarter of a mile long, lasting approx 22 seconds. It runs on a straight dirt track, without any turns. The horse bred for this type of race is the American Quarter Horse. The Quarter Horse can outrun even the Thoroughbred at short distances because of their muscular hind limbs but aren’t well suited as endurance horses.

The All-American Futurity Race is held every Labor Day weekend at Ruidoso Downs with a 3 million dollars purse. The fastest 2-year-old Quarter Horse colt in history to date is ‘Eyesa Special’ with a record speed of 21.097 seconds, winning a 1 Million Dollars prize from the purse.

Quarter Horse Racing


Allowance and Claiming Racing

A claiming race is a race where all the horses are for sale at their specified entered price until the race begins. Before the start of the race, the title is transferred to the new owner if sold, but the purse goes to the former owner if they win. Anyone licensed to own racehorses may claim a horse. Most of the racetracks in the USA hold claiming races.

Most claimed horses don’t normally go on to win anything substantial but one claimed horse ‘Stymie’ did and went on to win 900,000 USD throughout his career. Another horse ‘Maximum Security’ wasn’t claimed but went on to run in the 2019 Kentucky Derby, but was disqualified for interference with other horses, after he was initially thought to be the winner.

An Allowance race is a race where the horse is given weights attached to its saddle to even out the odds of winning. These races are also called conditioned races. If the horse is at a disadvantage it will likely carry less weight. An example of a horse given less weight is if they are younger, has an inexperienced jockey, or is female(Filly). An example of a horse getting more weight would be if they have proven itself, they have an experienced jockey, or is male(Stallion).

Both the Oaks and the Epsom Derby are handicap races and examples of races where the horses carry weights. The Thoroughbred horse is used in both the Allowance and Claiming races.

Each race will have conditions attached such as the Grand National week in Aintree, UK. This race is called The Liverpool Hurdle race and is 4,964 meters long, contains 13 hurdles, and is for horses 4 years and older. The mares and Fillies get a 7 pounds allowance, while the 4-year-olds get 13 pounds and 10 stones of weight and the 5 years olds will carry an additional 8 pounds on top of that.

Race Waiver Claiming 6 Furlongs


Maiden Racing

Horses are referred to as Maidens if they haven’t won a race. These races are considered entry-level races and can consist of set weights, weight for age, and or handicaps. In the USA Maiden races rank above the Claiming race but in some races, the Maiden horse can be claimed.

A horse will be considered a Maiden if they haven’t won a race for example in Flat racing, but their status would change if they entered a Jump race, in which they have had a prior win. Some Maiden horses have become famous and have done well for themselves even without any wins. An example is ‘Zippy Chippy’ who had 100 starts with zero wins but still managed to place several times with $30,000 in prize money won throughout his career. Another is ‘Vote For Lust’ who had placed 10 times throughout his 86-time start career, winning $20,000 in prize money.

Race Maiden Special Weight


Horse Racing Strategy

Horse Racing differs from many other sports when it comes to betting such as soccer due to a large number of competitors in each race.

In soccer markets, for instance, most bets involve no more than 3 outcomes – the home side to win, the away side to win or draw for instance, or over/under 2.5 goals in the game.

In horse racing, there are often 10 or more horses racing who could potentially win meaning very different strategies are needed.

Every day you are likely to find a number of races to bet on –and we outline the most popular types of horse racing bets here.

Research your horse/jockey

Most newspapers and many websites that promote a race meeting will give information on the form of each horse in their previous few races. Taking this into account, as well as the expected weather. Some horses do better on dry ground when there is no rain than on wet ground when rain is expected for example. Also, the length of the course – like human runners, stamina comes into effect as not every race is over the same length – and the jockey for each horse (if the jockey and horse have worked together before they may have an advantage over a combination that haven’t.

You should also check if there are any known injuries the horse may have that could hamper the outcome. Or falls the jockey has had that could affect their confidence and the experience the horse has had in recent times.

Don’t always go for the favorite

Yes, there will be a reason that a horse starts at lower odds than others, but that shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all when you come to choosing which to bet on. Very rarely will you see a meeting of 5/6 races where the favorite wins every race. The larger the field, the less likely it is the favorite will win as all it takes is for them to get blocked off by another horse at a crucial time. Or a horse to land near to them in a jump race, and the dangers involved in such a race and the ability of a jockey to navigate out of such a situation.

Large fields can be more profitable

Like any betting event, the more participants the better the odds for some. Even when you are betting on a horse to be placed, for example, having 4 or 5 more horses can make a big difference to starting odds when compared to a smaller field.

Shop around when you decide where to place your bets

There are a large number of betting sites that focus more on horse racing than others. These can often pay out more horses in specific races than other sites or offer enhanced odds on some horses. Horse Racing is the sport more than any other where it really does pay to shop around before placing a bet, especially as some will offer boosts on specific races as well.

The History of Horse Betting

Horse Racing itself dates back to around 4,500 BC as a popular sport amongst Central Asian tribesmen who are believed to have had the first documented domestic horses.

Since then, it has become one of the most bet-on sports in the world, especially around some of the most popular meetings such as Cheltenham. The biggest races like the Grand National and The Derby attract horses from all over the world and mega prize money for the winning owners and jockeys.

Bet within your means

This applies to any sport you bet on, if the enjoyment stops then it may be time to stop betting. If your horse gets beaten right at the end of a race by a nose and the difference between winning and losing the bet has an adverse effect on your health, there are numerous organizations from where you can get help depending on where you live.

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Types of Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on but can be one of the hardest to master.

Due to the different sizes of the fields, from 3 or 4 horses all the way up to the likes of the Grand National which normally has 40 horses starting, the number of winners for each race varies enormously and also depends on the bookmaker you bet with.

Below are the types of horse racing bets we will focus on in this article:

• Win Only Bet
• Place Bet
• Accumulators
• Exotic Bets
• Horizontal Bets
• Vertical Bets
• Straight Exactas
• Straight Trifectas
• Straight Superfectas
• Boxing Bets

Win Only Bet

This is a simple one to understand, you are betting on which horse will win a race. If your choice wins, you win, if they finish 2nd or after, the bet is a loser.

Place Bet

This is where things start to get a bit more complicated. The number of horses that place depends on the number that starts the race. It can also vary from bookmaker to bookmaker depending on how important horse racing is to their players.

As an example, in a race of 10 horses, a bookmaker may pay out the top 3 places. When you place a bet, half the stake will normally go on your horse to win – if they win, this half pays out at the odds the horse started the race at and the other half will pay out at 1/3 of that.

If your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd, then half your stake will lose and the other half will pay out at 1/3 of the horse’s starting odds.

A larger field can see up to 5 or 6 horses being paid out at the respective odds – if 5 horses are paid, you will receive 1/5 of their starting odds or 1/6 if there are 6 paid out.

It is also worth mentioning that some bookmakers will offer the best odds for certain races or more horses paid out than their competitors. If you are betting on horse racing, always keep an eye out for special offers.


This is betting on more than one race and the winner or horse to place in each. If all these bets come in, the bet is a winner, otherwise, if 1 or more loses then the entire bet has settled a loser.

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets come in 2 main forms, vertical and horizontal, and can offer huge odds if you correctly predict them.

Horizontal Bets

These are bets where you need to choose the winner or a set number of races in order to win. A daily double for example is 2 races where you need to choose the winner of both to win the bet. The pick of 6 offers a much larger prize but you will need to choose the winner of 6 consecutive races. With 15-20 horses running, this is a very hard bet to win but can include life-changing amounts if you manage to predict each winner.

Vertical Bets

Whilst Horizontal Bets take in a certain number of races, a Vertical Bet is based on one specific race but involves correctly guessing the first few horses in that race, not just the race winner.

Straight Exactas

Correctly predict the horse that finishes 1st and the horse that finishes 2nd to win the bet.

Straight Trifectas

Predict the winner, 2nd place horse and 3rd place horse, in that specific order, to win the bet.

Straight Superfectas

To win the Straight Trifectas you need to guess the order of the first 4 horses as opposed to the first 3.

Boxing Bets

If the above bets sound very hard to win, it is because they are. It is hard enough to guess the winner of a race containing 10 horses, let alone the first 3 in the exact finishing order.

An alternative is a Boxing Bet

This type of bet lets you choose a set number of horses and then place every combination of those horses to finish in the top x of the race.

For example, if you choose 3 horses then you will place a Straight Trifecta for every combination of those 3 horses finishing in the top 3. Each bet costs the same amount so it is more expensive than a standard trifecta, however even if you bet a small amount on each option you can win a lot if you choose the 3 horses that finish in the top 3.

If you choose 4 horses, it will cost more as you will cover each combination of Straight Superfectas but again, it will pay a lot if the four horses you choose make up the top 4.

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Soccer Strategy & Tactics

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide when it comes to fans and betting.

Therefore, the opportunities to bet on soccer have increased more than in other sports over the years with a whole host of markets available. These include both pre-event – bets placed before a match starts, and in-play – betting on a soccer match when it is in play.

We have done a separate article on the types of Soccer markets you can bet on here.

Before starting out, however, it is important to consider what betting strategy will work best for you.

Soccer Betting Strategies

The first thing to remember is that the bookmakers who decide on the lines/odds of each event will have a large number of years of experience within soccer and are there to make sure the bookies they work with don’t lose money.

Therefore, at least a small amount of research is recommended before you start betting on soccer such as knowing your cities from your units and your ACs from your Inters.

There are so many markets to bet on that unless you have some experience of watching Soccer you can feel lost with all the options available.

Most bookmakers will have a stats section that can show information such as the form of each team, their position in the relevant league, which player/s are expected to miss out through injury or suspension and much more. This is a solid place to begin when thinking about your bets.


Many bettors will only look at the basic markets such as which teams will win, how many goals there will be, who will score first etc.

One of the lesser-used markets is over or under total corners in the match which can depend on how attacking each team is likely to be.

Checking previous corners for both teams can be a good marker for how a team will play, some will look to win corners of the defender when in an advanced position if they do well from set-pieces and these teams can be expected to win an above-average number, especially when at home playing against a team they are expected to beat.

Double Chance

Whilst not that good as a pre-event market due to the reduced odds you will get betting on 2 of the 3 possible outcomes (home win, away win or draw) rather than just the 1, this market can be good when the team you are backing falls behind.

For example, if the home team is a firm favorite before the match but concedes an early goal, the odds of them winning or drawing will be a good bet when they are behind. After all, if they were firm favorites to win and have plenty of time to turn things around, if they score the 2nd goal the odds you will have got when they were behind will be very different.

Betting on Favourites

The odds of an accumulator (betting on the outcome of more than one game) can be considerably better than betting on one match at a time.

If you place a bet on 5 teams to win in one bet, you will be getting much better odds than betting on one team and then using winnings on one more team each time for 5 separate bets. This also has the added advantage of some sites offering boosted odds for each bet (5 boosted odds are much better than 1) and also offer Acca insurance which gives you your money back as a free bet if one game lets you down.

Yes, you need all events to win in order for the bet to be settled as a winner, but the advantages of this bet far outweigh the negatives, especially as you can normally cash out your bets at any time if you prefer.

Over/Under Goals

Finally, a good market to look at is total goals in a game, if you have 2 sides that like to attack and who tend to score a lot whilst conceding, this can provide you with good returns. Unlike betting on a team to win, you can win this bet after a few minutes if there are early goals. If you bet on over 2.5 goals in the match, should 3 goals be scored in the first 30 minutes, your bet will be declared a winner without the need for the match to finish.

Soccer Betting Tips


Like any form of gambling, a bankroll is important. If you have a set amount you are prepared to lose, try and ensure each bet only uses a % of this bankroll as opposed to the full amount as this will increase your enjoyment. There is nothing worse than losing all your funds in the first game and the temptation to then deposit and bet again is likely to be higher.

Only bet what you can afford

At the end of the day, betting should be enjoyable, and if you get to the stage where it isn’t then it is time to walk away. If you feel you are betting too much, there are organizations that can help you depending on where you live.

Look at futures

If you want to get more excited for your money, look at long-term bets which last a number of months as opposed to just one game. An example would be team A winning their league come to the end of the season or getting promoted to a higher league. In this type of bet, you cannot lose in just one game but you can cheer your team/s on each time they are playing in the hope of getting closer to the winning line.

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Soccer Bet Types – Here’s What Wagers You Can Make

Most popular leagues

Whilst there are many different teams you can bet on in soccer, some of the biggest European leagues tend to be the most popular.
These are:

•Premier League in England
•La Liga in Spain
•Serie A in Italy
•Bundesliga in Germany
•Ligue 1 in France

Every 4 years, there is a World Cup that sees some of the biggest countries in the world come together to battle it out for the title of World Champion.

Each continent also has its own tournament such as the European Championships and Africa Cup of Nations.

All of these offer great opportunities for betting on a range of different markets.

Soccer Markets

There is a huge range of markets to bet on when betting on soccer, some of which are outlined below.


Who will win a league or cup? These tournaments can last up to 9 months so are normally considered a long-term bet but can lead to very good odds. When Leicester City won the Premier League in England in the 2016 season, for example, you could have backed them at 5,000 to 1 at the start of the season – a $10 bet would have won you $50,000!

3-way Moneyline

Who will win a specific match – The home team, the away team, or the match ending in a draw.

Double Chance

Most popular in play when one team leads, this bet gives you 2 of the 3 options of a Moneyline – so home team or draw, away team or draw, or home team or away team.

Draw No Bet

This essentially makes the 3-way Moneyline into a 2 way market, voiding the bet if it ends in a draw in return for much lower odds.

Over/Under Goals Market

The normal amount is over or under 2.5 goals in a game. If you bet over, 3 or more goals after 90 minutes mean you win. 2 or fewer goals give you a win if you bet the under. You can also bet over/under 1.5 goals, 3.5 goals, etc depending on how brave you are feeling.

Correct Score

This is a simple bet on the final score of a match, such as 1 – 1 or 2 – 0 to the home side. Remember there are a lot of potential scores before a match begins so you are less likely to win this bet than if you simply predict the outcome on a 3-way Moneyline, but the odds you get reflect this.

First Goalscorer

The player that will score the first goal of the game. You can also bet on the last goalscorer – who will score the final goal. Or there is the anytime scorer, which is a player that will score a goal at any time during the match.

Half Time/ Full Time

Correctly guessing the outcome at both half time and full time. An example would be a draw at half time with the home side winning at full time.

Over/Under Corners Market

The same as the Over/Under Goals Market but with corners.

Player to be Carded

The player you choose will need to be shown a yellow or red card during the match for this bet type to be a winner.

Asian Handicap

Guess the outcome of a match when a specific team has a number of goals added or removed. An example would be a home favorite winning with a handicap of -1.5. They would need to win the match by 2 goals for this bet to be a winner.

You can also bet on the away side with a handicap of +1.5. This bet would win if the home side wins by one goal, and the match ends in a draw, or the away side wins.

Both Teams to Score

A bet that wins if both teams score at least one goal irrespective of the final result. You can also bet that both teams won’t score which wins if either side keeps a clean sheet.

Match Result and Over 2.5 Goals

This is a combination bet on who will win the match and that there will be at least 3 goals scored by both teams combined. You can also bet on the match result and both teams’ scores.

Total Team Goals

This relates to a specific team within a match rather than both teams combined. An example would be the home team to score 3 or more goals which will win if they score 3 goals or more on their own but not if they only score 2 and the away side scores 1.


This is a bet on 2 or more matches where the outcome of the bet needs all legs to win in order to be settled as a winner. The more matches you bet on, the higher the odds. It is worth keeping an eye out for sites that offer boosts that increase the odds on each game or Acca insurance which sees you getting your money back as a free bet if one bet lets you down.

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Best Fast Payout Online Casinos

Looking for the fastest payout online casinos? Always read reviews and check the reputation of each casino before you sign up. Reviews are important as they will give you a clear overview of how fast the casino really pays.

In this guide, players will learn how to find casinos with fast cashout options and which payment methods allow for instant withdrawals.

CasinoDeposit BonusesSign Up Bonus
Claim Bonus
Cherry Gold
270%75 Free Spins
Dux Casino
100% + 150 Spins20 Free Spins
Golden Star100% + 100 Spins$0.00
iLucky Casino 100% + 100 Spins22 Free Spins
(AU, CA)
Trada Casino100% + 50 Spins$0.00
Hello Casino100% + 25 Spins$0.00
Loki Casino100% + 100 Spins$0.00
Brango Casino100% up to $400$55.00 Free
Roaring 21400% + 100 Spins$30 Free Spins
Casino Max325% + 175 Spins30 Free Spins


Top Online Casinos with Fast Payouts

When looking for gambling sites online, players are always on the hunt for the best casinos with fast payouts. Regardless of the fact that the odds are always in the casino’s favor, some players are lucky or skilled, so they often win solid sums of cash. When this happens, everyone’s looking to get the money ASAP. Unfortunately, not all online casinos pay fast, which is why players are always looking for a fast withdrawal option.

Which isn’t easy to find, no matter what you think. Not every casino on the web pays winnings quickly. Some are intentionally slow in hopes that you will spend the money you have won. A fast payout casino will have no reverse withdrawal option accompanied by instant payment methods.

Bonuses and Promotions for the Fast Withdrawal Casinos

The fastest paying online casinos should have a range of bonuses on offer too. You can use the extra cash to play games, and if you win, you’ll have your money ready almost instantly. Below you can see the most common bonuses at a casino with instant withdrawal.

No Deposit Bonus:

As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses don’t require a deposit. However, that doesn’t make them free. As a matter of fact, they have many terms and conditions like deposit bonuses that must be met in order to get your winnings out.

Deposit Bonus:

A deposit bonus requires making a deposit first. Most commonly, fast cashout casinos will offer 100% as a welcome bonus or a smaller percentage on the 2nd or 3rd deposit. This type of bonus may also come with free spins attached.

High Roller Bonuses:

A fast withdrawal casino will surely see a major frequency of high rollers. They can claim any of the bonuses on offer, but since they spend big, they also earn big bonus offers too. Many high roller incentives will reward players with cashback, sporting event tickets, and bigger prizes such as electronics and cruises.

Choosing the Best Casinos with Fast Payouts

While it might seem that it’s easy to choose a fast payout casino, things are more complex than they seem. You can’t just sign up at the first site you come across and expect it to pay winnings instantly. That depends on a variety of factors, including banking methods, whether they have reverse withdrawals, weekend cashouts and the processing time.

Of course, those aren’t the two most important factors. You also need to find a casino with proper game variety and bonuses that will keep the players coming back.

  • Banking Methods: For the fastest withdrawals find a gaming site that accepts popular e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill or cryptocurrencies for lightning-fast withdrawals
  • Weekend Withdrawals: Does the casino process withdrawals on weekends too or just Monday-Friday.
  • Reverse Withdrawals: Be on the watch out for this as many casinos will allow you to reverse your withdrawal while in the processing stage which can take up to 2 business days.
  • Processing Times: Are payments processed instantly or the same day? Or does the processing time take up to 2 or more business days. This info can be found on their T&C page.
  • Game Variety: Since you’re joining a casino with the fastest withdrawal payouts, it makes sense to go with the site that has the best game variety as well. The best casinos will have thousands of slots and table games in addition to live dealer titles.
  • Casino Bonuses: Why not find a casino with great bonuses and promotions? The extra cash will surely come in handy when you start playing.


Fastest Withdrawals Methods

As mentioned earlier, a fast payout casino is only as good as the payment options it accepts. Here are the fastest ones you can use in most casinos.


PayPal is the world’s leading e-wallet. It is notorious for how it picks its partners – unless it’s a legit provider, PayPal won’t allow the brand to sign up. It’s among the fastest withdrawal payments out there.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many altcoins have finally found their way to the online gambling market. They are by far the fastest withdrawal method as they’re not regulated by any bank or financial institution.


Neosurf is a popular payment service provider often used especially for the Canadian market. It’s easy to use and perfect for on the go payments.


Neteller is one of the biggest e-wallets in the world features lightning-fast transactions and a high level of security many players seek.


Skrill is a great alternative that promises fast payouts with very low fees.

Casinos with Fast Withdrawals FAQs

How does a player withdraw what they won in a casino?

Withdrawing money players win from a casino is usually simple. You should check the Cashier or Payments page for more instructions, but it’s usually as simple as choosing a fast cashout option and entering the desired amount.

How long do withdrawals take?

It depends on the casino and the payment method you’ve chosen. Cryptocurrencies are by far the fastest option – withdrawals with Bitcoin can be as fast as 15 minutes.

Are faster withdrawals subject to higher fees or extra payments?

No, you can’t pay extra to get faster withdrawals. You can, however, get this as one of the benefits if you become a VIP member. It usually means priority withdrawals and customer support and will most likely feature much faster processing times.

Can a player use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, if the payment method isn’t deposit-only. For example, prepaid vouchers and mobile payment options are not available for withdrawal. You can use e-wallets and cryptocurrencies for both.

What’s the fastest payout casino method on the market?

Cryptocurrencies beat any other payment method so far. However, if you don’t like to use or have no crypto accounts, you can go with e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill.

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Complete Guide to Crypto Casinos

Guide to crypto casino sites

Complete Guide to Crypto Casinos / Crypto Gambling

CasinoDeposit BonusesSign Up Bonus
Claim Bonus
100% + 100 Spins20 Free Spins
7Bit Casino 100% Up to $10020 Free Spins
Bitdice 100%100 Free Spins
Cryptoslots100% + 100 Free Spins$0.00
Getslots100% + 150 Spins20 Free Spins
All Slots Club100% up to $40,00020 Free Spins
Betchain Casino100% + 200 Spins20 Spins
(AU, NZ, CA)
Silver Oak100% Up to $1,000$79.00 Free
Power Casino200% Up To $500$5.00 Free
Bodog Casino100% up to $600$0.00

What is Cryptocurrency?

You may well have heard the term mentioned plenty of times over the last few years, but what exactly is a cryptocurrency?
Launched back in 2009, it was designed as a way to pay for items and services online anonymously where no one, not even a payment wallet such as Paypal, has your details. A decentralized and digital currency called Bitcoin was invented and is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies around today.

Best Bitcoin gambling Sites in 2022 can be found here.

Essentially, each transaction is made between 2 users which are shown on a digital ledger and stored on multiple computers. This ensures if a transaction shows up in only one ledger it is marked out as suspicious, ensuring hacks and stealing of cryptocurrency are dealt with.

Although there is much more to it than the above, it gives a very basic overview – it is a decentralized and digital form of payment that is totally anonymous, unlike when you pay by a card or online wallet.

How can I gamble with Cryptocurrency?

A decent, trusted gambling site needs to know all their players are who they say they are and are of legal age to gamble, using cryptocurrency to gamble will never be completely anonymous. However, it does let you gamble without the need to give your payment details to a 3rd party site – you can just send a payment through the site’s normal payment page and the currency will be added to your gaming account as it would in any other way.

If you don’t already have a cryptocurrency account, you will need to open one. There are plenty of good options available to fund your account in your chosen cryptocurrency. You will be given a unique wallet ID which is yours, along with a long combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers. This is where your cryptocurrency is stored.

Please note that each wallet is for one specific type of cryptocurrency, so you will need a wallet for each if you wish to have more than one currency.

Making withdrawals via cryptocurrency is easy and funds are simply sent back to your unique wallet ID and you can then leave them as that currency or convert them and send them back to your bank or wallet.

Types of Cryptocurrency

bitcoin logo
Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency built on the decentralized network (known as blockchain). Therefore, as the oldest and most trusted, it is accepted on more sites than any other. Known as BTC, sites that accept bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals can be found below.


Ethereum logo
The currency known as Ether was built on the same idea as Bitcoin and users tend to report it is a faster and more efficient option than its older cousin. More and more gaming sites are starting to offer it as a payment method, so this is certainly one you should look at when deciding which cryptocurrency is best for you.

Litecoin – known as LTC – was invented in 2011 by a former Google employee. Again, based on the Bitcoin model but considered faster, this is another excellent option with its popularity growing amongst gaming sites.

Bitcoin Cash:
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As with any new technology, people always think they can improve on it that is why developers launched a Bitcoin mark 2 as it were, Bitcoin Cash known as BCH. Widely considered the future of Bitcoin, many gambling sites accept it for payments, both deposits, and withdrawals.

XRP logo
Known as XRP, Ripple is more aligned to banks than standard cryptocurrencies. Although it is considered less volatile than other cryptocurrencies and therefore better for trading, when using it to gamble online, there are not many differences between Ripple and other cryptocurrencies.

Pros of gambling with Cryptocurrency casinos

The concept of cryptocurrencies was that they could do everything a standard currency like the USD does but quicker and more anonymously. Whilst some industries are slow to accept it as a realistic option, the gambling industry is growing more used to it each month.

The main advantages to using Cryptocurrency for gambling

Unlike a bank card or payment wallet, no personal details like name and address are needed. The site simply gets a wallet ID that is unique to you and that is it.

No more waiting 3 to 5 working days to receive funds when you withdraw any winnings, the funds show up in your wallet within minutes. This allows you to return the money to your bank or leave it for future transactions.

Elimination of fraud:
Since each and every transaction is verified and digitally stored, it is very hard for anyone to access your funds as long as they don’t have access to your cryptocurrency wallet. There will be no more need to contact your bank to request a chargeback for a transaction you didn’t make.

No more fees:
A major advantage to cryptocurrencies is that there are no banks or online wallets to charge you a fee for moving your money. Depending on how you hold your wallet, there may be a small charge when you send funds back to your bank, however.

In Crypto casinos, no deposit bonuses can be found which gives you an opportunity to try the site before depositing. Some of these are exclusively for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals so are worth keeping an eye out for.

Universal currency:
As cryptocurrency is not specific to a country, there is no need to exchange from one currency to another such as between USD and EUR for example. Wherever you are in the world, the currency you have will be worth the same.

Cons of gambling with cryptocurrency casinos:
Like any form of payment, cryptocurrencies have a number of cons as well as pros. It isn’t for everyone so it is important to go into any transaction with your eyes wide open before you decide that cryptocurrency is the way forward for you when it comes to gambling.

The price of each cryptocurrency can vary widely due to a number of factors. Even if you have your funds in a gambling site for a couple of days, withdrawing the same amount after this time can see a big difference when you send funds back to your bank. Some of the main reasons for this are the newness of the coin, good/bad news which affects people’s habits when it comes to buying and selling the coin, and the herd mentality of some people when it comes to the fear of them missing out.

Unlike standard banks and currencies, cryptocurrency is unregulated, and therefore if there is an issue with any payment, you don’t always have the same legal recourse as you would with for example a payment from a Visa card.

Your coins are kept in an online wallet with an ID that is unique to you. Like any online asset, there is always a chance hackers will find a way to gain access and remove any coins you may have. We, therefore, recommend you keep your password secure and separate from any mention of your wallet IDs. Also, it is always wise to make sure you are the only one who has access to your computer or mobile device.


Are crypto casinos legal?:
Yes, whilst each country may still have regulations when it comes to online gambling, there is nothing to stop those that are set up to accept cryptocurrency payments as opposed to card and online wallet payments. We would still recommend playing at casinos that are licensed in good jurisdictions as you have added comfort when it comes to disputes with the casino over winnings.

What games can you play at crypto casinos?
Cryptocurrencies are simply a way to add funds to gamble with, so the range of games you can play with these funds is the same as at casinos that don’t offer this payment method. Your funds will be converted when you deposit depending on the casino you play at, and you will often find a range of slots, table games and more.

Do crypto casinos need a license?
Any online casino needs to be licensed in order to accept and process transactions for real money. However, this is still a grey area and some unlicensed casinos are still around that offer payments via cryptocurrency. Gambling with an unlicensed casino is always riskier and can lead to you losing funds easier with fewer legal options to get any funds returned. Therefore, wherever possible, we would suggest you gamble at a licensed casino that accepts cryptocurrency if this is to be your payment method of choice.

Is crypto gambling legal in the US?
The United States has laws regarding payments into gambling accounts but does not have laws that relate specifically to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Many states do disagree on this issue which remains a grey area. According to the Illegal Internet Gambling Act, “knowingly accepting payments from another person engaging in a bet or wager that is related to Internet use illegal under federal or state law.” You will find that some states interpret that sentence in different ways. It is unlikely however that the end-user will be prosecuted if a casino site accepts their funds via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
Recommended crypto casinos in the USA can be found here.

Are there more crypto payment methods?
There are new cryptocurrencies being introduced all the time, some of which are started only with fraud in mind. Wherever possible, we would recommend sticking to some of the tried and tested cryptocurrencies outlined earlier in this article.

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Best Denmark Online Casinos

Top Denmark Online Casinos
Here are our best-accredited casino sites for players in Denmark.

 CasinoDeposit BonusSign Up BonusPlay
Leo Vegas Casino Bonus Leo Vegas Casino
100% bonus up to €100$0.00
karamba casino bonusKaramba Casino100% + 100 Free Spins$0.00
Play Ojo CasinoPlay Ojo Casino50 Spins$0.00
Casino LuckCasino Luck100% + 150 Spins$0.00
Slots Magic BonusSlots Magic100% + 50 Spins$0.00
CryptoSlots BonusCryptoSlots177% Up To $500$0.00
Ruby Slots BonusRuby Slots250% Unlimited$50.00 Free
Exclusive Casino BonusExclusive Casino250% Bonus$30.00 Free
Level Up Casino BonusLevel Up Casino100% + 100 Spins25 Free Spins
Level Up Casino BonusWinaday Casino250% Bonus$38.00 Free

Games Available in Online Casinos Denmark

All kinds of online casino games are available in Denmark. Online sports betting is allowed, too, therefore, Danish players can enjoy a variety of games and gambling forms when they join an online gambling site.

Among some of the games available in online casinos that accept Danish players, you will find:

• Online slots
• Roulette
• Blackjack
• Card games
• Lottery
• Bingo
• Live Casino games
• Scratchcards
• Sportsbetting
• Poker
• Video Poker

Online casinos Denmark makes sure to provide their players with all of the popular games so that they won’t be tempted to look for international casinos that are not part of the Danish jurisdiction. Therefore, they offer them a huge selection of slots, video poker, Live Casino, table games, and all kinds of others including lottery and poker to name a few.

Casino Bonuses in Danish Online Casinos

It was mentioned that the DGA made changes to the rules for the provision of bonuses and promotions, as set out by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman in 2016.

Online casinos in Denmark are allowed to use the term “free” in their bonus marketing only if the bonus does not come with wagering requirements attached to it. In other terms, only a No Deposit, wagering-free bonus offer can be considered a “free bonus”. Deposit bonuses, as well as Free Spins offers, that come with required playthrough amount, are not considered “free”.

Nevertheless, online casinos are allowed to offer all kinds of bonuses, as long as the terms and conditions and the marketing strategies explicitly say whether the bonus comes with wagering requirements or not. Speaking of terms and conditions, before claiming a daily, weekly, monthly, Cashback, seasonal promotion, or any other type of bonus or promotional offer, make sure you check whether a bonus code is required. Bonus codes are used to make things more interesting for players and are either written in the bonus terms and conditions or sent to players by email or Live Chat, to be used upon depositing or signing up.

Currencies Available For Danish Online Casino Players

Online casinos in Denmark, naturally, offer payments with Danish krone. However, considering these casinos also accept players from other countries, they also offer the option of playing in other currencies.

As a Danish player, you would probably prefer playing with Danish krone, however, other players can take advantage of all the other offered applicable currencies such as USD, CAD, GBP, and Euro. The transactions with other currencies come with a cost, an exchange fee, though.

Deposit Options in Online Casinos in Denmark

Danish online casinos make sure players get a wide range of payment methods to choose from in order to fund their accounts and cash out their winnings.

Therefore, these are some of the deposit options you will find in Danish casino sites:

• PaySafeCard
• Skrill
• Neteller
• PayPal
• MasterCard
• Maestro
• Nordea
• ecoPayz
• Bank transfer

Many other options might be available, so before you join the casino, make sure you check whether your preferred payment method is on the list or not.

Before going into the history of online casinos in Denmark, a brief overview of online gambling and regulations in the country must be made.

When it comes to gambling, even though in the past it was present in many countries all around the world, both legally and illegally, nowadays, it is highly controlled and regulated. Countries make sure it doesn’t affect players negatively and they do their best in implementing laws that would keep them safe.

Countries which are members of the European Union stick together when it comes to gambling, and collaborate in making their markets the safest players could join. Denmark, being a member of the EU, has made sure to do what’s necessary to make gambling a safe industry for both operators and players.

Denmark has implemented many changes to the gambling rules and legislation throughout the years and formed partnerships with neighboring countries in order to make gambling safer and fairer for players.

Online Gambling Laws in Denmark

When the Danish government first approved interactive gambling on its soil, it was not fully prepared for what the future would bring. It only allowed two monopolies, Dantoto and Danske Lotteri Spil to operate in the country, with Danske Licens Spil that competes commercially offering poker, casino, and sports betting, but offshore operators continuously targeted the market.

Therefore, the country signed bilateral information-sharing agreements with countries like Malta, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. The Danish Gaming Duties Act 2010 was approved in November 2009, and effective in 2010. In 2011, the Danish Gaming Authority decided to permit operators outside the partner countries to apply for a license and got 43 applications, double the expected number. This is when the Danish Online Gambling Association was formed, endorsed by the Remote Gambling Association. First licenses were awarded, and this is when online gambling saw its beginnings in the country.

In the following years, the Danish market saw many changes. There were constant disputes between the gambling and betting associations and the government in terms of taxes. New regulations and guidelines were introduced regarding the provision of promotions and bonuses, gambling advertising, and amendments were made regarding anti-money laundering. The DGA signed an agreement with the UK Gambling Commission, too, to further promote player protection.

Most recent changes made to the online gambling laws in Denmark include a new code of conduct, which set down some rules regarding players’ deposits. Prior to allowing players to gamble, operators must require from them to set a limit on daily, weekly, or monthly deposit amounts. The mandatory deposit limits reform was set to take effect from January 1st, 2020. In December 2019, a tax increase was announced from 20% to 28% of gross gaming revenues that would be effective from 2021



Is It Safe for Players from Denmark to Gamble Online?

Absolutely. Not only is gambling legal and regulated, but also casinos offer all kinds of protective measures, SSL encryptions included, to keep players’ sensitive data safe.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Denmark?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Denmark for bettors over the age of 18. They will be licensed and regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority and be certified from either eCOGRA, iTech Labs, or GLI.

Do Danish Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Yes, bonuses are allowed by law, as long as operators explicitly state the rules and possible wagering requirements attached to those offers. You can get Free Spins, No Deposit Bonuses, Deposit Bonus Matches, and many other types of promotions and bonuses.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use?

Online casinos in Denmark make sure you get a wide choice of payment methods to use, so you can choose from credit and debit cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, bank transfer, and other online payment options.

Are Online Gambling Sites Legal in Denmark?

Yes, all forms of gambling are legal in Denmark since the Gambling Act was passed in 2010, which came into effect in 2012. The country allows gambling companies to apply for a license to operate in the Danish online gambling market, therefore, those that get their licenses are legally allowed to offer their services to Danish players.

Top Finland Online Casinos

Best Finland online casinos

Here are our best-accredited casino sites for players in Finland.

 CasinoDeposit BonusSign Up BonusPlay
 Sun PalaceSun Palace Casino150% Up to $3000$40 Free Chip
200% up to $60100 Spins
 no deposit bonus Vegas Crest200% Up to $1000100 Spins
Uptown casinoUptown Aces
250% + 50 Free Spins$20.00
winward casinoWinward Casino200% Up to $500$55.00
 Desert Nights Casino Bonus Desert Nights Casino250% Up to $2500$20.00
Red Stag Red Stag
275% + 100 Free Spins$15.00
Vegas Casino Vegas Casino
400% Up to $500$30.00 Free Chip
Las Vegas USALas Vegas USA
400% Up to $500$35.00 Free Chip
Box24 Casino Box 24 Casino
750% + 110 Free Spins25 Spins
Planet7 Casino Planet7 Casino
Captain Jack CasinoCaptain Jack200% Up to $3000$50.00

Casino Bonuses in Finnish Casinos

Even though due to regulatory issues, there was a time when promotions and bonuses were forbidden in internet casinos in Finland. In fact, until 2019, players were unable to access these promotions.

However, today, a three-tier rewards program is offered at Veikkaus, which gives loyal players many perks and benefits, ranging from bonuses for lotteries to cinema tickets, food vouchers.

The rewards program is so well-thought, as it essentially awards players Veikkaus Points for taking self-assessment tests and learning about self-monitoring. They can use these points later for certain food and entertainment purposes, but not to get free gambling time. In fact, the program was set in motion in order to encourage safer gambling. So, standard casino bonuses such as Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins, and No Deposit, which can be claimed with or without a bonus code, are not available in Finnish casino sites.

Games Available in Finland Casino Sites

According to Veikkaus, the games offered at its website fall into three key categories: slot machines and instant games, lucky games, and skill games. However, if you explore these categories, you will notice that so much more is offered.

The games are actually divided into:

• Poker
• Casino games
• Bingo
• Lottery
• SportsBetting
• Live casino games

Players can, therefore, play Playtech, NetEnt, and Yggdrasil slots such as the mega-popular Starburst, Age of Gods series, Divine Fortune, and Asgardian Stones, among others.

Finnish players love these games and are satisfied with the choice of games offered at Veikkaus, and the proof for that is the official data by the developer which says that more than 600,000 registered players are enjoying these games.

Currencies Available in Finland Online Gambling Sites

Even though the Finnish markka was the currency of the country in the past, today, the official currency in Finland now is the Euro.

And considering the Euro is not only available in Veikkaus but also the only currency available at the site.

Deposit Options in Finnish Casinos

To join a Finnish casino, players must be residents of Finland, with a Finnish personal identification number, and they must hold an account with a Finnish bank.

Therefore, the only two options for playing at the casino are credit and debit cards, duly issued by Finnish bank service providers. These are the bank options:

• S-Pankki
• Nordea
• Danske Bank
• Handelsbanken
• Osuuspankki
• Aktia
• Pop
• Säästöpankit
• Oma Säästöpankki
• Ålandsbanken

Are Online Gambling Sites Legal in Finland?

International online gambling sites are not legal in the country. The only operator allowed to provide casino and betting products to Finnish players is Veikkaus. There are many offshore casino sites Finnish players are able to join and there is an abundance of them to play on.

Casino sites in Finland and online gambling, in general, have gone through a lot in the country. While gambling in some countries is pretty liberalized, in some countries it is kept on a short leash. Finland belongs in the second category, keeping gambling within its borders.

Luckily for Finnish players, one way or another, they have access to their favorite games and can place real money bets. Thanks to the country’s efforts to keep gambling legal in the country while maintaining tight control over it, players in Finland can choose from a wide range of games to play, provided by some of the leading software developers in the online gambling industry.

Even though there were many changes in the country in regards to gambling in general, today, Finnish players can join and play casino games whenever they want to. To understand the situation with online gambling in Finland today, you should hear the story behind it, the history that made the Finnish online gambling market one of the safest gambling environments in the world.

Online Gambling Laws in Finland

In the past, it was decided by the Finnish government that gambling should stay in the inner circle, the country’s borders. There were three operators licensed to provide betting and gambling services: RAY, Veikkaus, and Fintoto. In 2010, they were even given the license to operate online. The only non-Finnish monopoly operator that was also given the license to offer online gambling in the country was PAF. RAY was the first to launch its online bingo and casino site powered by Playtech, and a year later, the two also launched a Live Dealer product.

In the meantime, efforts were pulled by the three monopolies to tighten security, preventing and blocking unlicensed offshore operators from targeting Finnish players.

In 2015, the plans on the merger of the three monopolies began, with the establishment of a temporary integration company called FRV Evo Oy, comprised of one member from each of the three monopolies and three government-appointed members. The temporary body was made in order to resolve any issues regarding regulation and authorities. Following negotiations and regulatory concerns, the new company launched on the 1st of January 2017, under the name Veikkaus.

Veikkaus is the only casino site, sports betting, bingo, and lottery site where Finnish players can legally gamble. But as you can see, this site offers players any game they could think of. What’s more, the operator has partnered with NetEnt and Yggdrasil in the past few years, so players not only get access to games from some of the top categories, but they also get to play games by absolute leaders in the industry.


Can Finnish Online Gamblers Deposit With PayPal?

Yes, there are many offshore gambling sites that offer Paypal as a deposit option. Paypal is a widely used e-wallet and popular with online gambling sites. Our reviews will tell you which ones offer this payment method.

Is It Safe for Players from Finland to Gamble Online?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to gamble online if you live in Finland. Veikkaus is controlled by state authorities and part-owned by the government, therefore it makes sure every player is treated fairly and all sensitive data is safe on the site. In addition, the operator implements an SSL encryption provided by DigiCert, guaranteeing that all sensitive data is perfectly secure. The same goes for offshore gambling sites.

What Deposit Methods Can Finnish Players Use?

Considering only players who have a registered bank account with some of the Finnish bank service providers, the only two deposit methods you can use are debit and credit cards. At offshore gambling sites, the deposit options are endless including Skrill, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard, Interac Debit, UPayCard, Trustly, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill 1-Tap. Webmoney, Neosurf, Yandex, Maestro, Instadebit, EFT, AstroPay to name a few. The deposit options will differ for each casino so it’s best to read our full reviews for the latest updates on the options available.

Do Finnish Casinos Offer Bonuses?

The Finnish gambling sites do not offer typical casino bonuses, just vouchers for food and entertainment. However, international sites that accept players from Finland do, and players can access these sites, even though offshore operators are not legal nor regulated in the country.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Finland?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Finland players can bet on both domestic and offshore gambling sites. Sports betting was regulated by Veikkaus in the past but with the merger of the three organizations RAY, Veikkaus, and Fintoto they have now become a single entity. All forms of gambling are now regulated by the Lottery Act.