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The Beresford Progression System Explained

Beresford Progression Betting System

Roulette enthusiasts often seek strategies that balance potential profits with manageable risks. The Beresford Progression betting system offers just that, with a structured approach to betting that can lead to profits while keeping potential losses within reasonable limits. Unlike the traditional Labouchere betting system, where cancellations occur after winning bets, the Beresford Progression takes a reverse approach, canceling after losses.

How the Beresford Progression Works

The strategy begins by noting a sequence of units that represent the maximum risk. Here’s the step-by-step development:

  • Set the Maximum Risk: Decide on the number of units you’re willing to risk — this is your starting row.
  • Calculate the First Bet: Add the first unit on the left to the last unit on the right to determine your initial bet size.
  • Progress Through Wins and Losses: Follow the Beresford sequence, adding and canceling units based on the outcomes of your bets.
  • Know When to Stop: The progression ends either when you reach a predetermined profit level or when all starting units are canceled, indicating a loss.

Example of Beresford Progression

Starting with 5 units: If you win the first bet of 2 units, you proceed by adding the leftmost and the new rightmost units for the next bet. If a bet is lost, you cancel the leftmost and the units involved in the bet, then proceed with the new sum as your next bet size. This process continues until you either reach a gain of 50% of your starting units or all units are canceled.

Strategic Considerations

The Beresford Progression is flexible and can be adjusted based on your betting style and bankroll. Short attacks might use 5 starting units, while longer strategies could involve 10 to 15 units. The key is to set a clear target for when to terminate the progression, typically recommended at a 50% gain of the starting units.

Alternatives to the Beresford Progression

If the Beresford Progression seems too complex, there are other systems to explore, such as the Capitalization of profits, Deance Progression, or the Differential Betting system.


The Beresford Progression betting system offers a structured approach to Roulette, balancing the potential for profit with a clear cap on losses. By understanding and applying this strategy, players can navigate the roulette table with a plan that mitigates risk while providing opportunities for gain. As with any betting system, it’s important to gamble responsibly and within your means.

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