Best Online Slots

Considered as one of the easiest game to try your luck with. Online slots really have the power to change lives overnight in just a matter of seconds: wondering how? Let us find out.

Type of Online Slots

Though you may find several types of machines in both, online and land casinos. Playing slots online can be differentiated in three categories, widely based upon the types of jackpots.

  • Basic Slots: The easiest to understand and play for all, basic slots have a constant payout and are also called as “Flat Top” games. You may find several styles of slot games but the jackpot will always remain constant. Considered best for players who have a limited budget to play with, basic slots offer smaller, but more frequent wins as compared to others.
  • Progressive Slots: Exactly opposite to the basic slot jackpots, progressive jackpots keep on increasing until it is won & claimed by a winner. Similar to a lottery, the jackpot keeps increasing as the number of players increase. Progressive jackpot machines in motor casinos can be identified by the Jackpot amount displayed at the top. Generally these jack[pots are huge size to attract more players. You can see the number (jackpot amount) increasing as more people join to play. A progressive slot machine may often need maximum number of coins to be played for the major jackpot to payout. Once the jackpot is won, the prize money comes down to its original number which it started growing from.
  • Bonus Slots: The latest to be added to the category of slot machines is the bonus slot.This game offers free spins, multiple bonus games & the choice of free spins on a specific multiplier. These are considered very unpredictable and thus are best for entertainment purposes.
    Years ago, what started as a hobby and a time-pass option for few became very popular because of its simplicity. Since then, slot machines underwent several changes in terms of appearance, patterns and of course the money & rewards it offered. From a few bucks to millions of dollars and today best online slots can literally change one’s lifestyle with a jackpot.

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