Betting Systems – 45 Betting Strategies For Most Casino Games

Betting Systems

Conventional wisdom says that sometimes a betting system can make your gambling experience more intense, and if you’re lucky you can have some short-term success. But, you cannot beat the house edge in the long term. This is because each roll of the dice, spin of the wheel, or cards dealt, are completely random events.

Against this conventional wisdom, I believe you can increase your chances of winnings by changing your betting patterns. You cannot remove the house edge for an individual game, but the chances of you winning or loosing a successive number of games in a row is substantially less. This is where betting systems may increase your overall returns, lower your losses, and limit your risk depending on the strategy employed and luck experienced in a given session.

These are not our betting systems; they are believed to be in public domain. They can be used for several table games like roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, etc.  If we’ve missed any, send us a message, so that we can add it to the list.

    • Alexembert – An improvement of the d`Alembert progression system primarily used in Roulette


    • Ascot – This system is mostly used in Roulette but may also be applied with casino games like craps and baccarat.


    • ASM System – A simple betting strategy used primarily in Roulette.




    • Capitalization of profits – For casino games where you are playing against the house. Increase your bet size from wins, whilst building up a reserve at the same time.


    • Deance Progression – A Martingale double up progression system for games where you are playing against the house.


    • Differential Betting – A Modification Of The Contre D`Alembert Progression for games where you are playing against the house




































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