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Big Six Wheel Game- Rules Strategies & Tips

Big Six Strategy and tips

Introduction to Big Six WheelThe Big Six Wheel is a very simple casino game that relies solely on luck and has no element of skill.

If you have ever seen Wheel of Fortune on TV, you will be familiar with the large wheel that is spun with many different segments that can be landed on when the wheel comes to a stop.

Big Six is essentially this Casino Wheel Game, which has 6 different outcomes with a total of 54 segments.

As it is purely a game of luck, the house edge is higher than many casino games and there is no real strategy that can be used to increase your chances of winning.

Big Six has a number of other names at different casinos including Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Wheel, Big Wheel, and Money Wheel.

How to play Big Six

Once you have chosen how much you wish to bet, the wheel starts to spin.

BigThere are 54 segments that the wheel can stop on with a total of 6 differing values. The amounts that appear the most often have the best chance of coming up and therefore also have the lowest payouts.

There are normally 52 segments containing numbers or symbols, and 2 that contain a joker or logo depending on where you are playing. These 2 segments are the least likely to come in and therefore have the best payout, the amount can vary depending on where you play the Big Six.

Once the wheel comes to a stop, the winning segment is shown – this is usually at the top of the wheel and signified by a flexible piece of rubber, which will stop in a particular segment between the spokes found to the side of each segment.

A typical wheel is shown above, the segment at the top of the wheel contains the piece of rubber, which signifies the winning segment, you can then decide how much to bet each spin, and the total bet amount is multiplied by the number that you bet on.

In the above example, you can bet on a 2 which pays 2x your total bet, a 5 which pays 5x your total bet, a blue 10 or red 10 which both pay 10x your total bet, a green 20 or purple 20 which pays 20x the total bet and a white Joker or Black Joker which pay out higher amounts.

As with any casino game, Big Six has a house edge which means in the long run the casino has an advantage of winning in the end. The house edge tends to be lower at the smaller payout amounts but the house edge, in general, is one of the highest when playing Big Six compared to most other casino games.

Big Six Wheel Payouts

The versions of Big Six differ from casino to casino, but a standard payout chart is shown below which is based on the Las Vegas Rules.

All wheels tend to have 54 segments which include 2 Jokers or Logos that pay out the most, we recommend you shop around when trying to find a version of Big Six if that is your game of choice.

Bet Pays Frequency House Edge Probability
€1 1 to 1 24 11.11% 44.44%
€2 2 to 1 15 16.67% 27.78%
€5 5 to 1 7 22.22% 12.96%
€10 10 to 1 4 18.52% 7.41%
€20 20 to 1 2 22.22% 3.70%
Logo 1 40 to 1 1 24.07% 1.85%
Logo 2 40 to 1 1 24.07% 1.85%

As you will see from the above table, the more often a number appears, the lower the payout but also the lower the house edge.

Although the Logos pay out 40 to 1, there is just 1 logo out of the 54 segments so the house edge – the chance the casino will win compared to the player winning – is very high.

Big Six Strategy

Big Six StrategyAs mentioned previously, Big Six is a game of pure luck and requires no skill at all therefore it is hard to put together a strategy that will increase your chances of leaving a session ahead.

The best bets are those with a lower house edge – the lower payouts – so you are more likely to win and finish up by betting on these segments. As these also have the highest probability of coming in, they represent the highest chance of you winning by far.

However, you are not going to get rich by betting on these segments due to the low payouts, so some players prefer to go for the Logos/Jokers which rarely come in but pay out a lot more when they do and when your luck is in.

If you are looking to spend some time gambling with the hope of walking away ahead at the end of a session, there are much better casino games around than Big Six.

Big Six Tips

Like any casino game, you need to ensure that you are betting within your means. Therefore, before you start a session, ensure that you decide how much you can afford to lose and make sure you stick to this amount. We would recommend that you start with at least 40 bets so if you intend on betting €1 per spin, you would need a budget of €40 to start a session.

When playing Big Six, ensure you aren’t tired, depressed, or under the influence of drink or drugs otherwise your judgment will be impaired making it more likely you will lose.

The key to any casino game is to have fun and enjoy the session if the enjoyment goes then stop and walk away.

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About the author

Richard Grant
Richard has from an early age been interested in casinos and the thrill of playing casino games. After finishing his degree in Law and business he started this platform in 2007 as a complete resource to online gaming with the primary objective of reducing the house edge for players. Specializing in game guides, reviews, and strategic insights, Richard is devoted to helping you hit the jackpot.



What is Big Six Wheel?

The clue to the mystery of the Big Six Wheel is in the name. The game involves a big wheel that comes with numbers and symbols. The point of the game is for the player to guess the number or symbol that will land when the wheel stops. Other names for the game are Wheel of Fortune, Money Wheel, Big Wheel, and Lucky Wheel.


How do you play Big Six Wheel?

The first thing you need to do is decided on a bet amount. Once you place it, then the wheel will start turning and will stop eventually. If you’ve guessed the right number you’ll get your winnings. If not, then you’ll lose your stake.


How many numbers are there on the wheel?

Regardless if you play online or in a land-based casino, the wheel in Big Six Wheel will have 54 segments. Normally, the wheel will have 52 numbers and the remaining segments will be symbols such as logos or jokers.


What kinds of prizes are available in this game?

The Jokers or logos might come with the best prizes in the game because they are hard to land. The numbers will have different values attached to them and they work as multipliers. For example, if you land the number 10, then you’ll get 10x your stake. The amount of money you bet also influences the size of the prize.


Can you play Big Six Wheel online?

There are lots of casinos that offer variants of Big Six Wheel in their game sections. You can get table game variants. Alternatively, you can visit the live game section and go for Wheel of Fortune titles. Different providers have put a different twist on their variants of the game.


Are there any Big Six Wheel tips?

The thing about Big Six Wheel is that it’s a game of luck, not of skill. So you don’t need to learn any rules or look for any strategies. What you need to do is take a smart approach to the game. It’s a game that relies on lots of bets which is why you’ll need to split your bankroll accordingly. Don’t go chasing wins or losses as that will burn out your bankroll. Keep a cool head regardless of the outcome of each round, that way you’ll have a better chance of winning. Don’t forget to enjoy the game.

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