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How to Play Online Bingo: Strategy & Tips


Online bingo is a game of chance but this does not mean that online bingo strategies don’t work. They can and will help you to increase your chances of winning. If you have played live bingo before – the kind you will play in your local church or hall, then you may be familiar with some of the strategies used by the more experienced players. There are hundreds of players winning every second with so many online bingo halls and progressive jackpots can reach into the millions. Keno and slots are games loved by bingo fans and are often played as side games.

How To Play 75 & 90 Ball Bingo

90 bingo cardAs with any form of bingo, online bingo is a game of chance, pure and simple.
You can maximize your chances of winning by buying more tickets, but that means you have to increase your outlay and therefore your risk.

Online bingo tends to come in 2 formats, 90 ball, and 75 ball. With 90 ball, you get tickets with 15 number, spaced out from 1 to 90, with no more than 3 in any block of 10’s.

There are normally 3 prizes in a game, a small one for the first player to mark of a horizontal line of 5 numbers, a slightly bigger one for the first player to mark of 2 horizontal lines, and then the main prize, the full house prize, that goes to the first player to mark off all 15 of their numbers.

If 2 or more people win a prize on the same number, the prize is split equally between them all.

75 bingo cardUnlike land-based bingo, you do not have to check your numbers off, this is done automatically for you. It does take away some of the excitement of land-based bingo where you would need to shout loudly if you win, but because of this online bingo is more social.

75 ball bingo is the same basis, but there is normally just one prize. You receive a ticket with a 5 by 5 grid of numbers, the middle square is normally free for all players, giving you 24 numbers to mark off, more than the 15 for 90 ball despite there being fewer numbers in play.

In some games you need to mark off all of your numbers in order to win, some games you just need a line or four corners, and others have a specific pattern such as a cross. Check with the lobby before you start so you know what the aim of each game is, although as mentioned previously you don’t have to do anything yourself as the computer takes care of this when playing online.

Bingo Strategy

Bingo Strategy

Bingo Strategy #1:

Here is one of the decisions you have to make when you come to choosing a strategy – if you are there to have fun and enjoy yourself, you may be better looking at 90 ball as the 3 prizes mean you are more likely to win something to prolong your gaming experience.

If you are there to try and win as much money as possible, 75 ball bingo may well be better for you as there is only 1 prize meaning this tends to be bigger if the same number of players register.

Bingo Strategy #2:

Play progressive jackpots. These games at times can reach the millions, but make sure to play at only accredited online bingo sites. The more players a site has the larger the jackpot grows. Networked games can also be really exciting and are going on all the time. You can also find buy 3 get 3 free tickets etc to these games which increase your odds of winning.

Bingo Strategy #3:

Play More Cards By playing more cards per game you’ll be increasing your chances of winning. With more cards available you stand a better chance of getting bingo and therefore you will immediately begin to win more.

Bingo Strategy

Bingo Strategy #4:

Fewer players- When you play bingo, you’ll be competing against other players for the jackpot. Therefore it’s wise to play when there are fewer people logged into the site. If there are 50 players logged in, your chances of winning are much smaller than if there are online 20 other people logged in.

The only downside of this is that the prize pools will be much smaller and of course the chat room will be a lot quieter. When you consider that the interaction between bingo players is a large part of playing online bingo games, it’s not always the best idea to play when there are fewer players.

Bingo Strategy #5:

Play at established bingo sites to ensure that you improve your winnings. They normally offer 1tg and 2tg games as well as bogof tickets, which increase your odds dramatically. Another way is to aim at playing at websites that offer the biggest jackpots. By playing at the more established websites you stand a greater chance of making a bigger profit if you win.

Bingo Strategy #6:

Chat Room Games- An easy way to win some bonus bucks and even prizes is to play in the chat games. These are played while the normal game is running.

Bingo Strategy #7:

Play side games that you’re lucky at. Most of us have a game that we tend to be more lucky at. Mine is roulette, for some, it can be slots. Just make sure to always play within your budget and always be prepared just in case you lose that money.

How to Win at Bingo Tips

How to Win at Bingo Tips

Bingo Tip #1:

If a bit of fun is your aim, keep an eye out for the chat games that come with most games. These are run by a chat moderator, and normally involve choosing 1 or 2 numbers before a game starts. If your numbers come out, you will have to claim a prize in the chat. This is normally a fairly small amount, but regular little wins from these kinds of games can soon add up and if it means you can buy an extra ticket or two in the next game, you can increase your chances of winning a bigger prize.

Bingo Tip of #2:

Many sites these days also offer a progressive jackpot. This is triggered if you call bingo on a 90 ball game in a set number of calls or less, usually between 38 and 45. This very rarely happens, most games will go to 60 or more numbers before anyone marks all 15 numbers off, but these jackpots can get into the hundreds of thousands of pounds so no one is likely to turn down the chance to win it!

Bingo Tip #3:

The evenings and weekends tend to be the busiest times at online bingo sites as more people generally have free time. Whilst this means your chances of winning are reduced as more players will mean more cards in play, it also means higher prize money.

How to Win at Bingo Tips

Bingo Tip is #4:

Many sites run high guaranteed games of several thousand pounds in prize money at least once or twice a week, a win in one of these is often worth more than 20 or 30 wins in smaller games. Some of these also offer ‘runner-up’ prizes of a % of the prize pool for any players that only have 1 number left (referred to by sites as 1TG – 1 to go). Whilst not as high as the main full house prize, it can nonetheless give you a bit of extra money to play with.

Bingo Tip #5:

Another thing to think about is how many tickets you buy. Each game will have a maximum with each ticket costing a set amount, some games have tickets for 1p whilst some cost £1. As you would expect, the more you pay for a ticket, the more money there is likely to be in the prize pool.

Although each ticket has an equal amount of chances of winning, clearly the more tickets you buy the more chance you have of holding the winning ticket.

Bingo Tip #6:

You will also see side games on most online bingo sites. These are normally the most popular casino games such as a small range of slots, blackjack and/or roulette. These can be addictive to play in between games or whilst you are watching the numbers being drawn, but they can also quickly mean your balance reduces quite quickly. Ensure you play within your means and don’t overspend on slots or other games if your main enjoyment is bingo.


To sum up, there are really 2 types of bingo players, those who come onto enjoy themselves and relax whilst making friends, and those who are trying to win money over and above all else.

If you are the former and just out for a bit of fun, your strategy should involve mainly 90 ball bingo to maximise your chances of winning a prize, taking part in as many chat games as possible to socialise and top up your balance and play in the day if you want a better chance of winning a smaller prize.

If you are out to win as much as possible, 75 ball bingo is probably better as there is only 1 prize most of the time, play the larger guaranteed games in the evenings and weekends and maximize your tickets where possible, and try to play only 90 ball games that count towards the progressive jackpot. Whilst the odds are winning are split between hundreds of players, someone has to, and as the saying goes – It could be you!

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How do you win at bingo?

The gist of winning at bingo is to get the right numbers on the ticket. How you go about that can be determined by a certain strategy or mix of strategies as there’s no sure way of getting the right numbers each time.


What kinds of bingo are there?

There are many kinds of bingo games available. They can differ due to the number of balls used so when you go online you’ll come across 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo. Some sites, usually casino sites, will offer Slingo games which is a match of bingo and slot titles.


How do you play 75 and 90-ball bingo?

75 and 90-ball bingo aren’t that different when it comes to playing them. You buy your tickets, pick out the numbers and wait for the draw. The difference between them is that 75-ball bingo offers just one prize. On the other hand, 90-ball bingo offers a full house prize for the player that hits all 15 numbers, a second prize for the player that hits 5 numbers horizontally, and a third prize for the player that hits 2 horizontal lines of 5 numbers.


What are the winning patterns in bingo?

The most common pattern you’ll find in bingo is the one line made up of 5 numbers. You can also win by getting a 2-line winning pattern. Other winning patterns include any 4 numbers, 4 corners, full house, when you have all the numbers right, and more.


What numbers hit the most?

Certain bingo players believe that some bingo numbers appear more often than others. These would be 6, 52, 51, 42, and more. But this is just a theory that has yet to be proven. Statistically, your chances of getting the right numbers on bingo every time are pretty low.


What is progressive bingo?

As mentioned before, there are different kinds of bingo games. Most of them differ according to the number of balls. Progressive bingo is another type of bingo that offers a progressive jackpot as a prize. Progressive jackpots are popular because there’s no telling how high they can go or when they’ll land.


How do I increase my chances of winning bingo?

There are many bingo strategies out there and some of them might work for you. Here are some general tips that can also boost your chances of winning your next bingo game: • Always play bingo at regulated bingo sites as they will ensure your data is safe every time you visit. • Don’t play bingo on the weekends as most of the players are online at that time. Instead, go for the other days as there are fewer players around, and you have a better shot at winning. • Go for chat games as they will give you a hand at getting some great bonuses when playing bingo. The people there are also looking for ways to win at bingo and some of them may share more tips that can come in handy. • The more tickets you buy for a single game of bingo, the better your odds are of winning. This way you’re covering more than one combination of numbers and you’ll have a better chance of hitting a number or two.

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