Cancellation Betting System By Henry Labouchere

The Cancellation betting system was invented by a Canadian roulette player named Henry Labouchere. The premise of this betting system is to recover from many smaller wins instead of one big one.

How To Use the Cancellation System

When winning, (add the first and last number in the sequence), the first time, and then 3 numbers until you lose.

If you lose, add that to the end of the sequence and bet only the first (only one) number not crossed off. If you lose again, go to betting the unit bet, to preserve capital.

I have found one needs about 40 times the first number in the sequence when starting as a bankroll, with the initial numbers being about 40-20-20-20 % (i.e. $50. sequence would be written: $20-10-10-10.)
Your bankroll taken to the table will be $1000.00.

This means I’ve found that you only have to win 30% of the time to be successful! I have used this very successfully in the casinos, to the point that I was asked to leave the table several times, as the casinos don’t want consistent winners. It scares them. I often still use this system in internet casino sites.

This system requires nerve, fearlessness and an appropriate bankroll. When playing Baccarat, I was winning $4000 an hour, but again, don’t back off pushing the money out, or you will lose. I was on a winning streak and perhaps had nothing to do with the Cancellation System I was using. Make sure to use any betting system with caution, as most do not work in the long run.

The system really forces one to bet large when winning and small when losing, which is exactly the opposite of what most people do – and what the casino expects.

You also need high enough table limits. It can be used playing blackjack, baccarat or roulette, but is best for blackjack. Make sure you get their OK to write the bets down before you start, and tell them you are not counting cards.

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