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Deance Progression Betting System Explained

Deance Progression - Martingale Progression
The well-known Martingale-progression betting system follows an arithmetical row:
1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – etc. pp.
This is a double-up progression. The danger of the Martingale is the table maximum. After 11 consecutive losses, usually, the table maximum has been reached and the Martingale is now unable to recover the previous losses.

The objective of the Deance is to win a total of 4 units. These 4 units are considered a fictive loss and shall be regained.
The 4 units are evenly distributed to 4 columns, as in Table 1.
The first bet is almost the number of units in column 4, the second bet is the number of units in column 3, etc.

If a bet wins, this bet is canceled in the appropriate column.
If a 1-unit-bet loses, this unit is entered in the far left empty column or added to the columns from left to right.
If a 2 or more unit bet loses, the units of this bet are split evenly and added from left to right to the units of the 4 columns in the next bet line.

By splitting the lost bets and distributing them evenly, the best size rises more slowly and more than 40 consecutive losses are necessary to bring the bet size to the table maximum.

Table 1:
Deance Progression system table 1

Table 2:
Deance Progression system table 2

Table 3:

It is possible to stretch the Deance progression further, however, this makes the session longer.
For example:

Target gain 6 units
Deance Progression system table 3

Target gain 8 units
Deance Progression system table 4

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