Double Bet

This special system aims to reveal the series, forming on three even chances, and use them.

With this method there is no difference what chances to choose.

The main thing is to play chosen chances motionlessly. For best understanding a technology of betting there is an explanation
on one chance. It requires a small progression on scheme: 1-2-4-8.

After the first bet of one unit we play the double bet. The first winning brings 2, the first double bet – 4, the second
double bet – 8 and the third double bet – 16 units.

If the first bet or one of the three double bets is lost, do the second bet of two units for the reason of putting only two double bets. The first winning brings 4, the first double bet – 8, the second double bet 16 units.

If this spin brings a loss, follow the third bet in 4 units for the reason of putting only one double bet. If this also loses, do the fourth bet in 8 units. Double bet herewith spin is excluded. The fourth bet can be lost too. In such case the game starts from the beginning on respective chance.

In a very non-favorable case even two dispositions can be lost in one row. Requirement to the bankroll in this method is a
generally accepted attitude 1 to 4. Profit expectations of 200 dollars require the bankroll of 800 dollars. We do not advise
to begin the game having less than 200 units.