Dual Even Money Progression Betting System

Dual Even Money Progression
Some of you have asked me about my system called the Dual Even Money Progression.
This system bets on all 3 even bets (color, even/odd, first/second 18).

My goal was to design a betting system that could be played systematically over the long term and beat the internet casinos. I have tested several systems developed by credible names such as The Guetting Progression system, Half Peak system, Hollandish system and others as well and they have all depleted the bankroll in the longer term.

Out of all the systems that I have programmed and tested with thousands of spins, including real casino spins, true random generated spins, as well as pseudo generated, this is the only system that wins MOST consistently. The profits are not large, but nonetheless, are profits.

Now let us talk about this betting system. On each one of the even bets, I am betting on both options. Let’s choose red/black to illustrate. I am betting on both the red and the black on every spin, but with different progressions. This example could be simplified to use a single progression, but I believe this example, describes the concept better.

I am betting always on the last outcome, if the last spin was red, my reference will be set to red. If 0 comes out, we will maintain the previous reference before the 0 came out.

Here is the progression. Whatever my reference is at any given time, I will follow this progression, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 (Fibonacci progression) and for the opposite, I use the following: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256

I know this system is not easy to understand but bear with me. Let’s say the first spin result is red, I will bet 1 unit on the red and 2 on the black. If the next spin result is red again, I will bet 1 unit on the red and 4 on the black, Let’s say red comes out again, I bet 2 units on the red and 8 on the black. Now, let’s say black comes out, well, I start my progression again. I will bet 1 unit on the black and 2 on the red.

The logic behind this is that I know that I will lose, the point is to minimize my losses in 2 ways, the first one is by doubling my bet on the opposite color, this means that when the opposite color comes out, I will recap my loses on that color plus one unit. Now let me explain the progression on
what I call the reference color. As long as this color keeps on coming out, I will increase my bets, this means that I am taking advantage of this sequence but, the number of units bet cannot be greater than the opposite since we know we are eventually going to lose and when we do, we will recuperate what we have bet on the opposite plus all the winnings from all the repetitions of my reference color.

I have capped this progression to 5 losses on the system. What I mean is that our progression on the opposite has reached 32 units and the opposite has not come up, we take our losses and start again. We could extend that to a higher point and this will for sure produce more profit but, I that also means higher losses. I kept it at 5 losses so that people with small bankrolls can play it.

Please test this system with Hamburg data files as well as random.

I look forward to your feedback

Column A: Progression level / Bet number
Column B: Numbers bet
Column C: Units bet on this level
Column D: Total units bet so far
Column E: Total pay-out if hit at this level
Column F: Net profit if hit at this level
Column G: Net profit/spin if hit at this level
Column H: % chance to hit at this level
Column I: Total % chance to hit at or before this level
Column J: Net profit x H (= Mathematical 100 sessions) at this level
Column K: Total net profit up to and including this level for mathematical 100 sessions



Why not bet the difference and save some $$$ from the zeros?

Try 1-3-6-13-27-56-115-235-478

This makes more sense and makes more money.

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