Fast Double Bet Roulette System

This method is a classical type of a double bet betting system used for the game roulette and can be used at online casinos or land-based casinos.

Besides two required double bets, it also requires an addition to the winnings. Because of this, the effect from the double bet is noticeably increased.

The feature of this method is that it, as none the rest, gives a lot of possibilities for the individual development.

You can make it the base of a big game, its structure allows to use it for a modest game with the profit expectations of 15-20 units too.

Fast Double Bet Technology

The technology of the bet is following: three chosen chances play with bank simultaneously. Every time put one unit to the won one. This goes the following way:

1st spin – place one unit, one unit is gained;
2nd spin – place 2 plus 1 unit, total three, 6 units are gained;
3rd spin – place 6 plus 1, total 7, 14 units are gained.

After this, we start with the first bet again. Also after any intermediate loss place one unit on a respective chance again. Using this scheme play all three chosen chances simultaneously.

If the loss of 20 or more units happens as a result of the game, all the bets should be doubled. If deterioration approaches again, the bets should be doubled again. Now, instead of one unit on each chance place four. After achievement of the above-zero condition, we return to the initial bets.

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