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The Flat Bet Counting Betting System: More Than Just for Craps!

Flat Bet Counting Betting System
In the world of gambling, many self-proclaimed experts claim to have foolproof betting systems that guarantee success against the casino. However, it’s important to take such claims with a pinch of salt. The reality is that the casino always maintains an edge in the long run. Instead, the key is to aim for a profitable position in the short term and then exit while you’re ahead.

One such strategy is the Flat Betting Loss Recovery System. This system focuses on splitting your gameplay into three equal segments, whether based on time or a set number of spins. It is particularly recommended for Roulette players. Additionally, you need to establish a predetermined loss amount at which you will take a break before advancing to the next level.

Let’s consider an example with a bankroll of 100 units, 50 spins per level, and a loss threshold of 50% of the bankroll. The objective of the first level is to achieve a profit of 10% of the bankroll, equivalent to 10 units.

Level One entails starting with bets of 1 unit on even money bets in Roulette, such as Red/Black, Odd/Even, or High/Low. Each bet will total 1 unit. The goal is to win 10 units (10% of the bankroll), lose 50% of the units (50% of the bankroll), or complete 50 spins without either outcome occurring.

If the target of 10% profit is reached, it’s advisable to walk away and restart at Level One. However, if the 10% target is not met, it is recommended to take a break and proceed to Level Two, preferably at a different table.

Level Two aims to recoup the losses from Level One. To achieve this, the bet size is doubled to 2 units. Once again, the objective is to attain a 10% profit from this session or reach 10 units (assuming 50% of the bankroll was lost in Level One). Alternatively, losing 50% of the bankroll or completing 50 spins will trigger the next move.

Upon reaching the 10% profit goal, the player should return to Level One with the remaining bankroll. If 50 spins are completed or 50% of the bankroll is lost, it’s time to proceed to Level Three after taking a break.

Level Three is employed when the situation becomes unfavorable, with the aim of restoring the bankroll to its initial amount and potentially making a small profit. Here, the bet size increases to 4 units per spin. By betting larger amounts, the goal is to recoup losses more swiftly or exhaust the remaining bankroll.

Continue at Level Three until the bankroll is depleted or you reach the starting point of 100 units.

In conclusion, while we never advocate for wagering significant sums or purchasing betting systems that promise unrealistic results, having a system in place can help some players focus and enjoy their gameplay. Feel free to experiment with any of the strategies in our articles, but always remember to do so responsibly and within your financial means.

As a variation, you may also consider the 4-step Martingale system, which offers an alternative approach to flat betting. The choice is yours to explore.

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