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Flat Bet Counting Betting System

Flat Bet Counting Betting System
We hear all the time from some so-called ‘experts’ that have a guaranteed Betting System to get the better of a casino.

Each time we hear it, we take it with a pinch of salt – the casino will win with its house edge advantage in the long term, what you have to do is try and get in a good and profitable position in the short term and then walk away whilst you are up.

This one concerns the Flat Betting Loss Recovery Betting System.

How The Flat Betting Loss Recovery Betting System Works

To use this system, you need to split your play into 3 equal segments.
This could be a set amount of time or a set number of spins (this system is recommended for Roulette only).

You also need to agree on a loss amount at which point you will take a break before moving to the next level.

As an example, we will have a bankroll of 100 units, 50 spins per level and a loss amount of 50% of the bankroll.

The aim of the first level is to make a profit of 10% of the bankroll so in this case 10 units.

Level One

Level One starts with bets of 1 unit. We are playing Roulette betting on even money bets – so Red/Black, Odd/Even of High/Low.

Which one you bet on is up to you, but each bet will be a total of 1 unit.

We will continue betting 1 unit each spin until we either win 10 units – 10% of bankroll -, lose 50% units – 50% of bankroll – or get through 50 spins without either of those occurring.

If we win 10% of our bankroll, we can walk away and start again at Level One.

If we don’t hit our 10% target, we should take a break and then move to Level Two, ideally on another table.

Level Two

The aim of Level Two is to try and win our losses back from Level One. To do this, we are going to double our bet size to 2 units.

Again, the aim of the game is to make a 10% profit from this session. We will continue until we either make that 10% profit of our initial starting bankroll so 10 units (if we lost 50% of the bankroll on Level One, our starting bankroll will be down to 50 units), lose 50% of the Bankroll or we get through 50 spins.

If you make your 10% profit then you should start again at Level One with the bankroll that is left. If you get through the 50 spins or lose 50% of the bankroll, then move to Level Three after taking a break.

Level Three

If you get to Level Three then things aren’t going so well and the aim is to get back to where you started in terms of bankroll and hopefully make a small profit.

This time, you will be betting 4 units per spin. The idea behind this is to try and get your losses back by betting larger amounts, therefore needing less time to either win it back or lose the remainder of the bankroll.

You should continue on Level Three until the bankroll is gone or you are back where you started, in our case at 100 units.

Conclusion Flat Bet Counting Betting System

We would never recommend staking too much money on any Betting System, and certainly not spending money on purchasing a system from someone who claims they have the best system ever – there are plenty of people who do claim this – but we do realize that having a system in place that takes some of the decisions away from you can help some players focus better and enjoy playing more.

Therefore, feel free to try out any of the systems in our articles, but ensure you do so within your own financial means.

A variation of the above is to use a 4-step Martingale system instead of flat betting – the choice is yours.

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