American Roulette

max wagering icon Roulette Interface: Zoom
paylines icon Game Controls: Multiplayer, High Limit, Speed Adjustments, Reset Button
payout icon Roulette Type: Free Version of American
reels icon Demo Mode: Yes
game type Game Provider: RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming is known as one of the top-tier software developers of casino games. While they offer a broad selection of games, one of their more popular is free play, American Roulette.

Their version has been designed not only to run efficiently on instant play and download formats but also be mobile compatible. Our review will provide you with insight into why you should play American Roulette and what value it affords those who enjoy Roulette, specifically free American Roulette.


Graphically speaking, this table game is practical with life-like graphics. The Roulette table is designed with three different table backdrops. The first is golf green; the second is a coral blue and the third is a blood red. Each features 38 red and black pockets, with the wheel located in the top-left hand corner. The only thing that takes you away from the visuals of this game is the plentiful betting options listed in the bottom border but that is advantageous and obviously, an important navigational feature that affords ease of play.

American Roulette example free bets

Betting on Free American Roulette

Betting on this table game is simplified. All that’s needed is for players to click on the chips displayed on the left-hand side of the table. In this version of free play American Roulette from RTG, you will be able to make inside wagers that vary from $0.25 and $1,000.00. However, outside wagers are less with the ranging being $0.25 to $100.00. Once you’ve selected your bet and it’s the combination, you need only to click the spin button.

The available combinations include:

• Ranges – Players can predict a range of numbers the ball will land on.

• Red/Black – Determine if the ball will land on a red or black.

• Odd/Even – Guess the upcoming number the ball will drop on.

• Pairs/Quads – Bet double or quadruple sets.

• Singles – Determine a single number that the ball will land on.

Winning at Free American Roulette

Winning at RealTime Gaming’s American Roulette free version isn’t tricky. By following a strict strategy, you can predict future outcomes and enhance payout opportunities dramatically. There are hundreds of strategies online designed to increase profitability at Roulette and, as you will see below, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best strategies that will benefit players.

Free Play American Roulette Strategy and Tips

There is a secret feature in this version of Free American Roulette. Players can move their mouse over the board layout, selecting numbers along the way. These numbers will reveal the possible payout opportunities for each available combination in the game. An example of this would be choosing the number 21; it will then show a 35-to-1 chance at winning on a Red/Black wager.

Additionally, you will see a yellow outline that tells you if the bet will be an even or an odd number.

Having this information at your disposal dramatically influences how the game is played. It’s a simple strategy that outpaces all others online.


Free American Roulette is the perfect version of this classic casino game for both online and mobile use. Not only are there different color schemes, but there are numerous betting options.

Furthermore, the fact that you can access critical information regarding the payouts is a feature hardly seen at an online or land-based casino. That is why this version of American Roulette is the world’s best.

free American Roulette wheel

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