European Blackjack

With the number of different types of Blackjack available worldwide, it can be difficult to know which to choose and what the differences are. The 2 main ones found in Casinos both online and offline are European Blackjack and American Blackjack.

All versions have roughly the same rules, the aim is always the same – to obtain a score nearer to 21 than the Dealer without ‘Busting’ by getting 22 or more – but some of the choices available to you and how the Dealer acts differ in the 2 versions.

This article covers the European Blackjack version and includes details on how this differs from the American version.

The Basics European Of Blackjack

As previously mentioned, in all variants of Blackjack, the aim of the game is simple – get nearer than the Dealer to 21 without going over.

Although when playing Blackjack there can be other players at the table with you, as each player is playing directly against the Dealer, you don’t need to worry about bettering other player’s scores. As long as you beat the Dealer, you win the hand.

All players are dealt 2 cards face up to start and then have a choice to make as to what they do next.

Before any cards are dealt, a bet must be placed. You receive chips when playing which can be of different values depending on the table limits. Ensure you play within your budget and have some chips held back in case you decide to Double or Split, further details of those are below.

European Blackjack is played with just 2 decks of cards which is the first difference between this version and its American counterpart which uses between 6 and 8 decks. All players that have placed a bet for the hand receive 2 cards face up whilst the Dealer gives themselves 1 card face up.

Once cards are dealt, the player to the left of the Dealer acts first.

Below is a screenshot of a standard European Blackjack game at this point.

European Blackjack Example Game

In all forms of Blackjack, Aces are valued at either 1 or 11 whilst all picture cards, Jack, Queen, and King are valued at 10.

Players now have a decision to make depending on the cards they were dealt:

Stand – Means you are happy with your total and wish to keep it to compare with the Dealer.

Hit – If you think you need to improve your total and get closer to the magical 21, you can get dealt a further card. If you don’t go over 21 after this card, you get to make a further decision as before.

Double – In European Blackjack, if your total is 9, 10 or 11, you can Double. This means you need to pay a bet equal to your initial bet and then receive 1 further card after which you will be forced to Stand no matter what your new total is.

Split – If you are dealt 2 cards of the same value, you can Split them into 2 hands. This means you pay a further bet equal to your initial one, one for each hand and you are dealt a new card for each giving you 2 new hands. In European Blackjack, you can only Split once even if your new hand gives you a pair as well. You then get to make the same decisions as above for each of the new hand unless you Split Aces, in which case you will be forced to Stand with both new hands.

Insurance – If the Dealer is showing an Ace, all players get the choice of taking Insurance. This is essentially a bet that the Dealer will get a 10 with their 2nd card and therefore Blackjack. If Insurance is taken, a bet worth half your initial bet is needed, this wins at 1 to 1 if the Dealer gets Blackjack, it is lost if they don’t.

When all players have completed their actions, so all have either Busted or Stood, the Dealer deals themselves one further card face up. They don’t have a choice in what they do next even if all players have a low total. If they have 17 or higher, they will Stand. If they have 16 or below they will Hit. This continues until they either Stand with a total between 17 and 21 or Bust by going over 21 – in this case all players that Stood as opposed to going Bust win.

Returns European Blackjack

Returns are easy to work out in all versions of Blackjack.

If the player gets 21 with their first 2 cards – known as Blackjack – they win at odds of 3 to 2 on their stake unless the Dealer also has Blackjack in which case the bet is pushed and stake returned. If the player gets higher than the Dealer they win at odds of 1 to 1. If the player and Dealer have the same value hand, the bet is pushed and the bet returned to the player. If the Dealer has a higher value hand than the player, the Dealer wins and takes the player’s stake.
Differences between American and European Blackjack

The following are the main differences between the 2 versions:

Decks used2 decksBetween 6 and 8 decks
Dealer CardsDealer is dealt 1 card face up only. Once all players have finished their actions, a 2nd card also face up is dealtDealer dealt 1 card face up and 1 card face down before action starts, 2nd card is revealed after players finish their actions
DoublingPlayers only have choice to Double if they have value of 9, 10 or 11 after initial 2 cards. No Double is allowed after SplittingPlayers can Double irrespective of their total and are able to Double after Splitting
SplittingPlayers can Split just once even if the new hand contains a pairPlayers are allowed to Split a hand up to 3 times when new hand contains a pair
SurrenderNo Surrender option is availableSurrender option allowed – players lose half their stake and can be done once 1st 2 cards are dealt


European Blackjack Strategy

We have a section on an in-depth Blackjack strategy, but the below table gives you a good idea of what you should be doing for each starting hand versus the Dealers card. This will give you a good chance of making a profit when playing European Blackjack and other versions.

Dealers Face-up Cards

Dealers Face-up Card Pairs


Blackjack is considered one of the most popular table games in casinos and is very easy to play. The payouts aren’t as big as some games such as Roulette, but if you have the patience, a nice profit is possible.

One advantage of European Blackjack over American Blackjack is that as only 2 decks of cards are used, it is easier to keep track of how many Aces and 10’s have been dealt and therefore change your strategy accordingly.

However, American Blackjack does give you more control over your play as with European Blackjack, you can only Double when you have a 9, 10 or 11, you can only Split once and you cannot Surrender a bad hand.

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The game of craps is virtually the best way to describe the hustle and bustle of a casino floor, considering the screams and excitement surrounding these tables. It is the only one that regularly attracts massive player traffic and stands for the true chance-and-luck-dependant entertainment casinos are made to provide. Nowadays, the same is available online in a number of versions, and all it takes to enjoy them are a few basic guidelines.

How to Play Craps Online

Playing craps online is no different than at a land-based casino, mainly since both formats’ outcome depends on the roll of the dice, i.e. the software’s RTG. This retains the ‘chance’ factor, while at the same time making the game much more accessible to the player pool. Some payouts may differ across casino variants, as well as individual operators, but the essence of the betting process remains the same, especially since most of the bet types players can make are stated straight on the table felt.

Craps Bet

Craps Game Play

The sequence of dice rolls determines the gameplay rhythm, starting with the come-out roll, right after players have made their initial bet. Since players are all up against the casino platform, not each other, their bets are set to win against the dealer basically. The fundamental Pass Line bet requires the dice to roll a 7 or 11 in order to pay even during the come-out roll, or 2, 3 or 12 to lose. Getting any other number turns it into the ‘box point’, which is expected to come up in following tries before the dice rolls a 7 and causes players to ‘seven out’. The ‘odds’ bet is just as fundamental to the craps gameplay, especially since it reduces the house edge to null, or maintains it somewhere below 0.5%. Don’t Pass Line bets are also available, as well as a combination of numbers that could come up at any roll.

With little difference between the brick-and-mortar and digital version of the game flow, craps offer players numerous opportunities to develop and test out strategies. With online operators, their player bonuses and promotions, and the many freebies offered at various events, playing craps online could have you screaming much louder than at any land-based floor.


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Baccarat is the type of casino game that allows players to enjoy an accessible, yet Bond-style casino action all at once. Due to its simplistic, yet entertaining character, baccarat has become one of the most easily adjustable games in the industry. As other table games, it too has been easily adapted to fit the online digital format, and even further on as a live dealer casino game, along with blackjack and roulette. Nevertheless, regardless of its formats, there are some basic considerations when it comes to baccarat gameplay and this particular instance.

How to Play Baccarat

Online baccarat table games are available across the majority of casino operators, mostly distinguished for their betting limits which aim to determine how much money players can bet and thus win at a single hand. In this particular case, a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $500 is a rather wide betting range, allowing different types of players to get suitable and quality gameplay while still using their preferred betting amount. Other than that, gameplay tends to remain the same across all baccarat formats.

Baccarat player wins

Baccarat Betting Options

The game of baccarat has three possible betting options, no matter where you decide to play it – at a land-based casino, online lobby or via live dealer casino features. Namely, players are able to choose between betting on the player, banker/dealer, or a tie. In order for one of the parties to win, it needs to get a total as close to 9 as possible, as numbers 2 to 9 are valued at face value, while 10, J, Q and K are valued at zero. Ultimately, A is valued as 1, and bettors are supposed to place the appropriate wager amount on the player, banker or tie outcome and wait for a hand to be dealt with them.

Playing Baccarat Online

Online baccarat gameplay is slightly more fast-paced than the land-based version, so some players may find it to be a more suitable option. What is more, it allows players to employ all major strategic tips and tricks, straight from the comfort of their own homes. With this, and the ability to choose from as wide betting amount ranges as this case presents, baccarat enthusiasts are in for some quality action.
Baccarat example hand

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American Roulette

max wagering icon Roulette Interface: Zoom
paylines icon Game Controls: Multiplayer, High Limit, Speed Adjustments, Reset Button
payout icon Roulette Type: Free Version of American
reels icon Demo Mode: Yes
game type Game Provider: RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming is known as one of the top-tier software developers of casino games. While they offer a broad selection of games, one of their more popular is free play, American Roulette.

Their version has been designed not only to run efficiently on instant play and download formats but also be mobile compatible. Our review will provide you with insight into why you should play American Roulette and what value it affords those who enjoy Roulette, specifically free American Roulette.


Graphically speaking, this table game is practical with life-like graphics. The Roulette table is designed with three different table backdrops. The first is golf green; the second is a coral blue and the third is a blood red. Each features 38 red and black pockets, with the wheel located in the top-left hand corner. The only thing that takes you away from the visuals of this game is the plentiful betting options listed in the bottom border but that is advantageous and obviously, an important navigational feature that affords ease of play.

American Roulette example free bets

Betting on Free American Roulette

Betting on this table game is simplified. All that’s needed is for players to click on the chips displayed on the left-hand side of the table. In this version of free play American Roulette from RTG, you will be able to make inside wagers that vary from $0.25 and $1,000.00. However, outside wagers are less with the ranging being $0.25 to $100.00. Once you’ve selected your bet and it’s the combination, you need only to click the spin button.

The available combinations include:

• Ranges – Players can predict a range of numbers the ball will land on.

• Red/Black – Determine if the ball will land on a red or black.

• Odd/Even – Guess the upcoming number the ball will drop on.

• Pairs/Quads – Bet double or quadruple sets.

• Singles – Determine a single number that the ball will land on.

Winning at Free American Roulette

Winning at RealTime Gaming’s American Roulette free version isn’t tricky. By following a strict strategy, you can predict future outcomes and enhance payout opportunities dramatically. There are hundreds of strategies online designed to increase profitability at Roulette and, as you will see below, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best strategies that will benefit players.

Free Play American Roulette Strategy and Tips

There is a secret feature in this version of Free American Roulette. Players can move their mouse over the board layout, selecting numbers along the way. These numbers will reveal the possible payout opportunities for each available combination in the game. An example of this would be choosing the number 21; it will then show a 35-to-1 chance at winning on a Red/Black wager.

Additionally, you will see a yellow outline that tells you if the bet will be an even or an odd number.

Having this information at your disposal dramatically influences how the game is played. It’s a simple strategy that outpaces all others online.


Free American Roulette is the perfect version of this classic casino game for both online and mobile use. Not only are there different color schemes, but there are numerous betting options.

Furthermore, the fact that you can access critical information regarding the payouts is a feature hardly seen at an online or land-based casino. That is why this version of American Roulette is the world’s best.

free American Roulette wheel

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Tri Card Poker

Bonus Icon Software: RealTime Gaming
max wagering icon Game Variation: 3-Card Poker
payout icon Min. Bet: $1
reels icon Max. Bet: $500
paylines icon Interface: Zoom Window

There’s a sea of different online poker games available at hundreds of different casinos. However, Tri-Card Poker, designed by RealTime Gaming, is among the easiest and fun poker games of its kind. This rendition of poker from RTG has become one of its most popular games with its simple objective of beating the dealer with only three cards. Many casinos have this table game in their library, as well as the free play version.


Most poker games in the tri-card category have main screens that are dominated by a large poker table. All betting and gameplay options are displayed clearly, allowing for players to navigate through the game easily. The upper part of the game screen shows the playing cards and the chips, which are only there for design purposes. The middle part of the screen is where the main betting area is located, and the bottom part is where the betting options (Raise, Fold & Deal) are located. RealTime Gaming uses high-definition graphics to support this game, allowing for visuals to appear crisp on any monitor.

Tri-Card Poker Win

Betting on Tri-Card Poker

Betting on RealTime Gaming’s Tri-Card Poker is easy. As mentioned above, all betting options are displayed at the bottom of the game screen. Players can choose anywhere from 1 – 100 credits with a combination bet. The combination bets include:

• The Ante Bet: Players will wager that their hand will beat out the dealers.

• The Pair Bet: Players bet that they will have a pair in their hand.

The game doesn’t begin until one of those two combination bets has been selected. Payouts are detailed in a pop-up menu that is located on the left-hand side of the game screen. Pairs will payout 1:1 in this variation of Tri-Card poker and a Straight Flush will payout 40:1. All other payouts will be listed as well.

How to Play Free Tri-Card Poker

Tri-Card Poker peaks when it is played as House Vs Player. It immediately lets players jump into the action and the rules are simple in this rendition of the game. Casinos in almost every legally global jurisdiction offer RealTime Gaming’s Tri-Card Poker. Players can access this game by either using an online casino in an instant-play format or through a mobile device. Before making any wager, you will want to look over the payouts in the pop-up menu and find a strategy that bests suits your play style. This will be the best way to ensure that those pop-up menu payouts are rewarded regularly.

Tri-Card Poker Strategy and Tips

The most efficient strategy for Tri-Card poker is straightforward and easy to master. New players to Tri-Card Poker shouldn’t immediately use the “Pair Plus” bet and should only play ante bets until they learn how to master this rendition of online poker. Players who have a set of cards like a 5, 3 and Queen should fold on their ante bet. However, if you have a set of cards that include a Q, 6 and 5, then you should always raise on the ante bet. This is because six is the highest card available in Tri-Card Poker, five is the second highest and Queen is the third. Having this kind of hand guarantee’s that the dealer cannot win.


Tri-Card Poker from RealTime Gaming is one of the best renditions of this casino game available online. This game is easy to master, even for a rookie player and it provided astonishing payouts when the dealer is beaten. There are very few games like RTG’s Tri-Card Poker, and that’s why everyone should try it out at least once.

Tri-card Poker $1 example bet

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Vegas Three Card Rummy

The casino version of the popular card game sees the player go up against the Dealer with the aim of getting a low score as possible. It is played with 1 standard deck of 52 cards.


1. Place your bet.
2. You are now dealt 3 cards face up and the Dealer will receive 3 cards face down.
3. There is only one option to make in 3 Card Rummy which is whether to Raise at this stage or Fold.
4. If you Fold, the hand is over. If you Raise, the Dealer’s cards are turned over and the scores of both hands are compared. The Dealer must have 20 or less in order to ‘qualify’.
a. If the Dealer does not qualify, you get even money on your Ante bet and the Raise bet ‘pushes’ – so you get your money back.
b. If the Dealer qualifies and you have a lower score than the Dealer, you win a payout depending on your hand – further details are shown below.
c. If the Dealer qualifies and has a lower score, you lose both the Ante bet and the Raise bet.
d. If the Dealer qualifies and the scores are the same, the bets are a ‘push’ and you get your money returned.

3 Card Rummy


An Ace is worth 1 point, a Jack, Queen, and King are worth 10 points, and all numbered cards are worth their face value – 4 is worth 4 points, 6 is worth 6 points etc.
This isn’t quite the end of the story though, and this is where things get a bit more complicated. If you play online at one of our recommended sites, you will see your total displayed for you after your 3 cards have been dealt, so you won’t need to worry about working it out for yourself.
• If you have a pair or 3 of a kind, those cards score 0 points.
• If you have 2 or 3 suited cards in ascending order – such as 5 and 6 of Spades or 10 and Jack of Diamonds, these cards score 0 points. Please note that an Ace-King suited does not count as suited in ascending order as an Ace is considered to be low only.


Payouts from the Ante bet and Raise bet can get a bit confusing.
If the Dealer fails to qualify, you get your Ante and Raise bet back.
If the Dealer qualifies and you have a lower score:
The Ante bet pays out at 1 to 1.
If your score is 0 points, the Raise bet pays out at 4 to 1.
If your score is between 1 and 5 points, the Raise bet pays out at 2 to 1.
If your score is 6 points or higher, the Raise bet pays out at 1 to 1.
Please note that these amounts can vary from casino to casino so we recommend you check with the casino for full details.

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Let ’em Ride Poker

Let It Ride is a casino table game based on poker. The aim of the game is to make the best possible 5 card poker hand. You are not playing against other players or the Dealer in this game, you just need to hit a minimum hand in order to win.

It is important that you have at least a basic knowledge of poker hands before you start playing Let It Ride, the cards you are dealt and the possible hands you are aiming for when the later cards arrive will affect your actions.
They are shown below in the order of best to worst and we have a separate section on poker hands on this site too. Make sure you have a look if you are unsure as for the which cards you need for each hand.

Like all versions of poker, the final hand is made up of 5 cards. However, unlike some versions, such as Texas Hold’em – the most popular – you only receive 5 cards and therefore do not have any decision to make with regards to which to keep and which to discard.

Casinos do vary in terms of the payouts for each and we, therefore, recommend that if Let It Ride is your game of choice that you take a look at a few of the recommended casino sites to ensure you are getting the best possible return. A key thing to look for is the lowest possible winning hand and this could easily be the difference between winning and losing money.

Let it Ride



1. First of all, you need to decide how much to bet. You can make up to 3 bets in total if you believe your hand is good enough, bare this in mind when deciding how much to start with.

2. 3 cards are then dealt face up, this makes up 60% of your final hand and therefore it is important to decide at this point how strong your hand is.

3. You now have to decide whether to place a further bet equal to the initial bet or to ‘Let It Ride’ and not put any more funds into the pot.

4. Once this has been done, a 4th card is dealt, also face up. This will normally be in front of the Dealer but is yours to use. Another final betting round is then available to you, as before you can raise and place a bet equal to your initial bet or ‘Let It Ride’ and bet no further money.

5. The 5th and final card are then dealt face up and your final hand is now known. Payouts are then made according to the value of your hand, an idea of this is shown below. As mentioned above, this does vary from casino to casino.


(Remember, these often vary depending on your chosen casino so ensure you check out the payouts in a few different casinos before you choose where to play):

Hands Payouts

Royal Flush 1,000 to 1
Straight Flush 200 to 1
4 of a Kind 50 to 1
Full House 11 to 1
Flush 8 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
3 of a kind 3 to 1
2 pair 2 to 1
Pair of 10’s or better 1 to 1
Anything else You lose



After you have received the first 3 cards, you are aware of 60% of your final hand. You should, therefore, have a good idea of whether or not you are likely to get a winning hand and if so, exactly how good it is likely to be. Take a look at the outcomes below and place a Raise bet if any of these apply to your hand at this point. If your hand doesn’t meet any of these, Let It Ride and pay no further money:

• Any hand that would get you a win, generally a Pair of 10’s or better

• Any 3 cards that can make up a Royal Flush, so a 10 through to Ace of the same suit

• Any 3 cards of the same suit which are also adjacent to each other (so 6, 7 and 8 of Spades for example), with the exception of 2-3-4 or A-2-3 as there is less chance of hitting an inside straight

• Any 3 cards that make up a Straight Flush as long as the cards are spread over 4 numbers (for example a 9, 10 and Q of the same suit), where at least 1 of the cards is a 10 or higher

• Any 3 cards that make up a Straight Flush as long as the cards are spread over 5 numbers (for example an 8, J and Q of the same suite), where at least 2 of the cards are a 10 or higher

After you have received the first 4 cards, you are aware of 80% if your final hand. Take a look at the outcomes below and place a Raise bet if any of these apply to your hand at this point. If your hand doesn’t meet any of these, Let It Ride and pay no further money:

• Any hand that would get you a win, generally a Pair of 10’s or better

• Any 4 cards that are of the same suit, just 1 more would get you a flush

• Any 4 cards that give you the chance of an Outside Straight (e.g. 7, 8, 9 and 10 – you have 2 options to hit your Straight, either a 6 or a J), and where at least 1 of the cards is a 10 or above

• Any 4 cards that give you the chance of an Inside Straight (e.g. 9, 10, J and K – this is where you only have 1 number that will hit the Straight, in this case, a Q), and where at least 2 of the cards are a 10 or above

Side Games

Let It Ride is a table game the same as Blackjack and Baccarat, as with most of these types of games, there are often side bets that the casino run alongside the main game. Whereas some of these can be reasonable odds, those you find with Let It Ride tend to be heavily stacked in favor of the house and we, therefore, recommend you stay clear as you won’t get good value for money.

The one you sometimes find that can be worth playing, the same as shown in the sample game above, is those that have a Progressive Jackpot. For a relatively small bet, in this case, $1, you can win large sums of money if you get one of the premium hands from your 5 cards.

The version above pays out the full Progressive Jackpot if you hit a Royal Flush, 10% of the Progressive Jackpot for a Straight Flush and a value of between $75 and $500 for 4 of a kind, a Full House or a Flush.

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European Roulette

Software Software: RealTime Gaming
Roulette Type Roulette Type: European / Single-Zero
Game Controls Game Controls: History, Speed Adjustment, and Reset Button
Roulette Interface Roulette Interface: Zoom Window
Demo Mode Demo Mode: Yes

The free version of European Roulette from RealTime Gaming is an advantageous table game that is known for its functionality. The game runs efficiently, providing no lag and the graphics are compelling, making the game feel realistic with each spin. The design of this game is simple and doesn’t distract players from the gameplay before them. Additionally, there is a small window that displays the minimum and maximum wagers available for an inside or outside bet and that makes betting simplified for even rookie players.

Free European Roulette Graphics

The visual interface for this version of European Roulette provides players with a crisp, detailed representation of a roulette table. There are animations for the roulette wheel that are realistic and are designed to be formatted into a full-screen mode or reduced screen size.

The roulette table comes in three different colors which include blood red, navy blue, and army green. Thirty-seven black and red numbers are listed in the middle of the table game, and chips are located in a single-fashion on the left-hand side of the game screen. Combined, players get simple navigation in the game and high-quality graphics all into one.

European Roulette example table

Betting on Free Play European Roulette

European Roulette is one of the most accessible casino games to a player available at most all online casinos.

Players have 37 numbers that a ball can fall on once the ball is launched onto the roulette wheel.

Whatever number the ball lands on will trigger a prize based on the selected number and accompanying bet placed. However, things can get a bit more complicated when you begin to factor in the five different combinations that are playable.

Those combinations include:

Single Numbers: Choose a single number on the roulette wheel where you hope the ball win drop. This bet has the highest return.

Pairs/Quads: Determine two or four numbers that the ball will possibly land on during the next spin.

Odd/Even: Choose if the following number will be odd or even.

Red/Black: Determine if the next number the ball lands on will be red or black.

Ranges: Pick if the ball will land on a higher or small number.

Winning at Free European Roulette

Rookie players might find it challenging to win at European Roulette and the free version will help you get well versed on this version of the game. However, initiating possible payout opportunities is easy after you’ve mastered the combination bets and have perfected your strategy. We’ve compiled what we believe to be the best strategy available online for learning this popular game.

Strategy and Tips

Two strategies will benefit players dramatically. The 1st strategy is simple; don’t bet large amounts for the first few games as bankrolls will deplete rapidly. You want to pace your wagers and build payouts slowly at first. This way you can learn about the inner workings of this game and see which combination bets favor your play style.

Additionally, there is a unique feature that lets you move your mouse over the 37 numbers on the roulette table. The numbers will reveal the payout possibilities for each of the combinations associated with the wager you’ve selected. This is a powerful feature that lets you get direct insight into the payout possibilities of this title.


European Roulette is a favorite for many Roulette players. The visuals of this game impresses many and bring you into an amazingly realistic experience. The betting combinations, game features, and payout possibilities help enhance the playability of this game tenfold. RTG’s free European Roulette is one of the best roulette games available online, point blank.

European Roulette example bet

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