Joker Poker 10 Hand

Played with 10 hands in all, RTG’s Joker Poker 10-Hand is an exciting take on basic joker poker gameplay. Don’t let the surplus of hands and the information packed gaming screen confuse you; the game is a lot simpler than it looks.

The Look and Feel of Joker Poker 10-Hand

Joker Poker 10-Hand’s primary selling point is that it allows you to wager on up to 10 hands at once. You won’t be going up against any dealer, nor will you face competition from rival players. This is a sandbox video poker game, with the sole goal being to build up the best hands possible. If they match one of those on the paytable displayed on the screen, you win.

Joker Poker 10 Hand

There are 10 hands in this game, which means that your stake is going to be magnified by ten. Coin sizes stretch from $0.01 up to $1.00, and you can bet up to 5 coins per hand. At its cheapest, playing this game will set you back $0.10 per hand, and it its costliest, you’re looking at bets of $50 a game.

Joker Poker 10-Hand Gameplay

Hitting the deal button will begin gameplay. Players will note that only one hand has cards available. They must decide which of those cards they wish to hold in that hand. They should keep in mind that any cards they do choose to hold on to will also be transferred into the nine empty hands located above the primary hand. Keep in mind that jokers count as wild cards in this game.

New cards will replace those in their primary hand, whilst the other 9 hands will also receive unique new cards. These will form a total of 10 poker hands, and if any match the hands listed on the paytable (ranging from Kings or Better to Sequenced Royal Flushes) players will win between 1x and 20,000x their stake, based on how many coins they wagered and the value of those coins.