Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a MicroGaming developed table game for all fans who fancy something different with their poker variants. With a touch of Asia about its table design, and the chance to try and form two winning hands, this ornate blue-colored table poker game may look like your standard run-of-the-mill title, but it really is anything but.

The Look and Feel of Pai Gow Poker

If you haven’t played Pai Gow Poker before, the table can look daunting. However, the game is rather simple. Players will be dealt a seven-card hand after placing a bet. They must then divide their hand up into two hands, a five-card hand and a 2-card hand. Both hands will be measured against the dealer’s hand to see if any prizes are won.

Bets in Pai Gow Poker are fair. The lowest chip available is worth $1, and the maximum chip value is $500. These also happen to be the table limits in this game.

Pai Gow Poker Player Wins

How To Play Pai Gow Poker

As mentioned, the objective is to create two poker hands, accordingly to the standard poker hand rankings. However, there are some notable exceptions. Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is the highest value straight in Pai Gow Poker, and jokers can be used as a wild to land five-card flushes, straights or straight flushes.

A player’s five-card hand must outrank the player’s two-card hand. If both of your hands are better than the dealer’s hands, then you will win 1:1 on your bet. If only one of your hands is better than the dealer’s hands, then the hands will push, and your bets are returned to you. If both your hands are worse than the dealer’s hands, the dealer wins. In the event of a tied push (both hands are the same), the dealer wins. Players should also note that RTG’s Pai Gow Poker also has a 5% commission on your winnings.

Pai Gow Poker $5 Bet

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Karate Pig

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: Yes
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Non-progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: 200 coins
paylines icon Paylines: 40
payout icon Max. Payout: 800,000 Coins
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Video Slot

Developed by Microgaming, the free Karate Pig slot welcomes all players, both new and experienced, to show what they’re made of and go for the ultimate 800,000 coin black-belt payout.

Note: This game is available in both a free-to-play and play-for-real options.

White Belt: Symbols

The Karate Pig free slot has the following higher-paying symbols:

• Wild Karate Pig Logo: Offers 10,000 coins if 5 appear on an active pay-line.
• Gold Crane Scatter: Appear on reels 1 & 5 will trigger 15 Free Spins.
• Karate Bonus Symbol: 3, 4 or 5 anywhere triggers Karate Bonus Round.

Karate Pig Big Win

Karate Pig Paytable 2

The following are the lower-paying symbols:

• Karate Pig: 5 on an active pay-line offer up to 3,750 coins.
• Sensei: Five of these could award 1,250 coins.
• Mandolin Pig: 500 coins for 5 on an active pay-line.
• Warthog: 375 coins max. payout.
• Buddha Idol: Up to 250 coins for the taking.
• Maneki-Neko: 250 coins for a match of 5.
• Red Panda: 5 of these cute critters award 225 coins.
• Sushi Bar: Also awards up to 225 coins.
• Bonsai Tree: Likewise, will grant 225 coins if 5 appear.

Karate Pig Paytable

Green Belt: Karate Pig Slot Bonus Features

As mentioned above, if two of the Gold Crane Scatter symbols were to appear on the first and fifth reel, the 15 Free Spins Feature will be triggered. During this feature, all wins are automatically doubled and added to the player’s balance. Additionally, the Free Spins Feature can also be retriggered during the bonus round.

The Karate Pig slot offers a split bonus round, which is activated when 3, 4 or 5 of the Karate Bonus symbols appear anywhere on the screen. Aim of the game? Players need to choose between training in the Pork Chop Bonus or Hammer Bonus disciplines. For each successful training session, coins and a belt will be awarded to the player. Obtain all seven, including the black belt to gain entry into the Final Showdown.

During the Final Showdown feature, players get to choose which discipline they would like to exact on the evil Warthog to win their final grand prize.

Karate Pig Slot Black Belt

Wilds can appear stacked on reels during the base game. Improve Wild-winning combinations by getting as many stacks as possible. Remember, up to 10,000 coins could get pocketed during this action.

Players should also try and land those Scatter Symbols on reels 1 and 5 as often as possible, as it’s during this bonus round they could win the max. payout of up to 800,000 coins on the Karate Pig slot.

• Microgaming Software
• 5 Reels
• 40 Pay-lines
• Wild Symbol
• Scatter Symbol
• Bonus Symbol
• Stacked Wilds
• Free Spins Feature
• Multiple Bonus Rounds
• 800,000 Coins Max. Payout

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Immortal Romance

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: 4 bonus rounds of up to 25 free spins each
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Non-progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: $6 per spin
paylines icon Paylines: 243
payout icon Max. Payout: 3,645,000 coins
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Video Slot

Fall In Love with the Immortal Romance Slot

It seems as though every generation has its fads. One fad that keeps returning, time and time again, is about blood-sucking vampires and their influence in pop culture.

With numerous T.V. shows, movies and even music dedicated to these long-living parasites, it doesn’t come as a surprise that fans of the night crawlers can now even enjoy online slot games dedicated to these hunters of human-kind.

Immortal Romance Slot: Symbols

The Immortal Romance slot, developed by Microgaming, features beautifully illustrated imagery and symbols which tie in well with the overall theme. From the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, all of which offer payouts ranging between 25 to 500, 35 to 625, and 50 to 750, to the higher-paying icons such as the scene of the Study and the Castle, both of which could reward players with between 75 and 1,500 coins, depending on how many appear on a Way-line win.

Speaking of which, the Immortal Romance slot doesn’t make use of the normal pay-line system like older and traditional slots do. Instead, 243 different Ways (or combinations of payouts), are pre-determined by the developer. So as opposed to the usual 10, 20, 50 or even 100 pay-line slot, the Immortal Romance slot features a staggering 243 unique ways-to-win for players – increasing their chances of winning simultaneously.

Immortal Romance Slot Paytable

Bonus Features and Max. Payout

The Wild Immortal Romance slot logo will substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter and will not only complete the winning-way combination but also double the win.

Then, if players get 3, 4 or 5 of the Door Knob Scatter symbols to land on a winning way-line, they will automatically trigger the Chamber of Spins. This chamber is broken into four different segments, each hosted by one of the four main characters; Amber the witch, Troy the blood-sucking bad-boy, Michael the vampire-with-a-heart, and Sarah, the story’s protagonist.
Each chamber offers players a different amount of free spins ranging from 10, 15, 20 to 25, as well as multipliers. Multiple entries into the Chamber of Spins will sequentially unlock bonus features.

Immortal Romance Slot Paytable

Immortal Romance Slot Paytable 2

The Wild Desire Feature can be triggered randomly during the base game and can turn up to five reels wild, boosting any player’s chance to complete a winning way-line.

Finally, the grand max. payout of up to 3,645,000 coins is also up for grabs for any player to take home.

Immortal Romance slot win

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Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker is, like most video poker games, played on a straightforward gaming screen. Microgaming is the developer behind this game, which features your primary 5-card hand, holding and betting buttons below that hand, and a sizeable paytable located above the main hand. Options aplenty adorn the screen of this video poker title.

The Look and Feel of Deuces Wild Video Poker

Video poker games are seldom complex in terms of design, and that is what you will find with Deuces Wild Video Poker. There is no dealer, nor are there any opposing players in this Microgaming game. Any player who has tried their hand at video poker before will know that the primary objective is to merely build the best hand you possibly can.

As for bets, players can opt to wager anything from $0.05 per hand (with a single coin bet), up to $25 a hand (based on a 5-coin bet) in this video poker title.

Deuces Wild Paytable

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

After placing a bet, players will receive five cards. They must choose which of the 5 cards they wish to keep, by clicking on them. New cards will then replace any which have been discarded, giving you a final 5-card hand. That hand is then measured against the paytable, and if it matches one of the hands-on the paytable, a prize is paid out based on the value of the hand and the number of coins you have staked.

Deuces Wild Video Poker features an additional perk. As its name suggests, 2s are wilds in this video poker game. This unlocks additional hands in the paytable, some of which include the non-conventional Five-of-a-Kind, 4 Deuces, and Wild Royal Flush. A consequence of this is that the Three-of-a-Kind is now the lowest paying hand. The best-paying hand is the Natural Royal Flush, worth between 250 coins and 4,000 coins in all.

Deuces Wild Double or Nothing

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The game of craps is virtually the best way to describe the hustle and bustle of a casino floor, considering the screams and excitement surrounding these tables. It is the only one that regularly attracts massive player traffic and stands for the true chance-and-luck-dependant entertainment casinos are made to provide. Nowadays, the same is available online in a number of versions, and all it takes to enjoy them are a few basic guidelines.

How to Play Craps Online

Playing craps online is no different than at a land-based casino, mainly since both formats’ outcome depends on the roll of the dice, i.e. the software’s RTG. This retains the ‘chance’ factor, while at the same time making the game much more accessible to the player pool. Some payouts may differ across casino variants, as well as individual operators, but the essence of the betting process remains the same, especially since most of the bet types players can make are stated straight on the table felt.

Craps Bet

Craps Game Play

The sequence of dice rolls determines the gameplay rhythm, starting with the come-out roll, right after players have made their initial bet. Since players are all up against the casino platform, not each other, their bets are set to win against the dealer basically. The fundamental Pass Line bet requires the dice to roll a 7 or 11 in order to pay even during the come-out roll, or 2, 3 or 12 to lose. Getting any other number turns it into the ‘box point’, which is expected to come up in following tries before the dice rolls a 7 and causes players to ‘seven out’. The ‘odds’ bet is just as fundamental to the craps gameplay, especially since it reduces the house edge to null, or maintains it somewhere below 0.5%. Don’t Pass Line bets are also available, as well as a combination of numbers that could come up at any roll.

With little difference between the brick-and-mortar and digital version of the game flow, craps offer players numerous opportunities to develop and test out strategies. With online operators, their player bonuses and promotions, and the many freebies offered at various events, playing craps online could have you screaming much louder than at any land-based floor.


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Baccarat is the type of casino game that allows players to enjoy an accessible, yet Bond-style casino action all at once. Due to its simplistic, yet entertaining character, baccarat has become one of the most easily adjustable games in the industry. As other table games, it too has been easily adapted to fit the online digital format, and even further on as a live dealer casino game, along with blackjack and roulette. Nevertheless, regardless of its formats, there are some basic considerations when it comes to baccarat gameplay and this particular instance.

How to Play Baccarat

Online baccarat table games are available across the majority of casino operators, mostly distinguished for their betting limits which aim to determine how much money players can bet and thus win at a single hand. In this particular case, a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $500 is a rather wide betting range, allowing different types of players to get suitable and quality gameplay while still using their preferred betting amount. Other than that, gameplay tends to remain the same across all baccarat formats.

Baccarat player wins

Baccarat Betting Options

The game of baccarat has three possible betting options, no matter where you decide to play it – at a land-based casino, online lobby or via live dealer casino features. Namely, players are able to choose between betting on the player, banker/dealer, or a tie. In order for one of the parties to win, it needs to get a total as close to 9 as possible, as numbers 2 to 9 are valued at face value, while 10, J, Q and K are valued at zero. Ultimately, A is valued as 1, and bettors are supposed to place the appropriate wager amount on the player, banker or tie outcome and wait for a hand to be dealt with them.

Playing Baccarat Online

Online baccarat gameplay is slightly more fast-paced than the land-based version, so some players may find it to be a more suitable option. What is more, it allows players to employ all major strategic tips and tricks, straight from the comfort of their own homes. With this, and the ability to choose from as wide betting amount ranges as this case presents, baccarat enthusiasts are in for some quality action.
Baccarat example hand

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American Roulette

max wagering icon Roulette Interface: Zoom
paylines icon Game Controls: Multiplayer, High Limit, Speed Adjustments, Reset Button
payout icon Roulette Type: Free Version of American
reels icon Demo Mode: Yes
game type Game Provider: RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming is known as one of the top-tier software developers of casino games. While they offer a broad selection of games, one of their more popular is free play, American Roulette.

Their version has been designed not only to run efficiently on instant play and download formats but also be mobile compatible. Our review will provide you with insight into why you should play American Roulette and what value it affords those who enjoy Roulette, specifically free American Roulette.


Graphically speaking, this table game is practical with life-like graphics. The Roulette table is designed with three different table backdrops. The first is golf green; the second is a coral blue and the third is a blood red. Each features 38 red and black pockets, with the wheel located in the top-left hand corner. The only thing that takes you away from the visuals of this game is the plentiful betting options listed in the bottom border but that is advantageous and obviously, an important navigational feature that affords ease of play.

American Roulette example free bets

Betting on Free American Roulette

Betting on this table game is simplified. All that’s needed is for players to click on the chips displayed on the left-hand side of the table. In this version of free play American Roulette from RTG, you will be able to make inside wagers that vary from $0.25 and $1,000.00. However, outside wagers are less with the ranging being $0.25 to $100.00. Once you’ve selected your bet and it’s the combination, you need only to click the spin button.

The available combinations include:

• Ranges – Players can predict a range of numbers the ball will land on.

• Red/Black – Determine if the ball will land on a red or black.

• Odd/Even – Guess the upcoming number the ball will drop on.

• Pairs/Quads – Bet double or quadruple sets.

• Singles – Determine a single number that the ball will land on.

Winning at Free American Roulette

Winning at RealTime Gaming’s American Roulette free version isn’t tricky. By following a strict strategy, you can predict future outcomes and enhance payout opportunities dramatically. There are hundreds of strategies online designed to increase profitability at Roulette and, as you will see below, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best strategies that will benefit players.

Free Play American Roulette Strategy and Tips

There is a secret feature in this version of Free American Roulette. Players can move their mouse over the board layout, selecting numbers along the way. These numbers will reveal the possible payout opportunities for each available combination in the game. An example of this would be choosing the number 21; it will then show a 35-to-1 chance at winning on a Red/Black wager.

Additionally, you will see a yellow outline that tells you if the bet will be an even or an odd number.

Having this information at your disposal dramatically influences how the game is played. It’s a simple strategy that outpaces all others online.


Free American Roulette is the perfect version of this classic casino game for both online and mobile use. Not only are there different color schemes, but there are numerous betting options.

Furthermore, the fact that you can access critical information regarding the payouts is a feature hardly seen at an online or land-based casino. That is why this version of American Roulette is the world’s best.

free American Roulette wheel

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