The Dark Knight

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: Yes
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: 4 progressive jackpots
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £150
paylines icon Paylines: 50
payout icon Max. Progressive Payout: € 200,000.00
reels icon Reels: 6
game type Game Type: Video Slot

Choose Batman or Joker: The Dark Knight Free Slot

The Dark Knight Movie is probably most well known for Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the Joker. Respect.

So it comes as no surprise that the movie would be scooped up by Playtech and turned into an iconic game, most players will love to play. Featuring four progressive jackpots, cinematic videos, a Free Spins Bonus Round plus an additional 4 million coin maximum payout. This free-to-play and real-play slot promises as much action, adventure and all-round awesomeness as its blockbuster predecessor.

The Dark Knight or The Crime Prince

From the get-go, players are encouraged to take part in as many of the different interactive experiences in the game, as possible.

One of the first cooperative features requires players to choose a side, Batman, or Joker.
Once the selection is made, either one of the chosen characters could appear on the reels of the base game at a random moment, and award a number of different valued multipliers to the player. These multipliers instantly affect any winnings made off of way-line wins on The Dark Knight slot.

The Joker Scatter Symbol

Players are also advised to look out for the Joker Scatter Symbol. 3, 4 or 5 of these not only awards players with between 300 and 15,000 coins but also triggers the 15 Free Spins Bonus Round.

Any Scatter wins accrued during the Free Spins Feature are automatically multiplied by the total bet staked.

The Dark Knight slot paytable

The Dark Knight paytable 2

The Dark Knight Slot Progressive Jackpots

Probably one of the more attractive aspects of the game is the chance to win one of the four progressive jackpots. The feature can be randomly triggered during the base game of the free slot.

The four progressive jackpots consist of the following:

• Mini: Which starts at 10 coins.
• Minor: Increased by ten-fold; starts at 100 coins.
• Major: Quite a big jump to a starting point of 10,000 coins.
• Mega: The one everyone wants to go for – 1,000,000 coins.

The Dark Knight win

Final Notes

Apart from the nine general symbols which include cinematic characters such as
The Batman, Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Harvey Dent (Two-Face), Gordon, Rachael,
The Mayor, Maroni (Mob Boss) and Lau (Crime Lord), all of which feature payouts ranging from 50 to 2,000 coins, The Dark Knight free slot also offers a Batman Sigil Wild Icon.

This icon can appear stacked across all reels and will substitute for any other symbol except the Joker Scatter. Additionally, if combined with the max. payout within the Free Spins Feature, the Wild icon could award players with one of the largest maximum payouts in the gaming industry, of up to 4 million coins.

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Vacation Station

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: No
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £120
paylines icon Paylines: 8
payout icon Max. Payout: £120,000
reels icon Reels: 9
game type Game Type: Slot Machine

Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for a Winning Trip of a Life Time

Vacation Station, one of Playtech’s more popular classic slots, is still offering players a greater chance of escape and entertainment than most holiday resorts and video slots combined.

In fact, for all their worth, video slots lack the quintessential entertaining feel which the all-time favorite –classic slot – still offers. Authentic casino and slot sounds. The rapid anticipation, build-up, and ecstatic finish of the three reels as they start to spin, roll, and come to three consecutive stops, possibly revealing the infamous triple cherries or sevens. Or most importantly, the secret wealth they all hide within, and the knowing, that with one single spin, one lucky player, could win it all.

How To Play Vacation Station Free Slot

It’s a classic slot. It couldn’t be put any simpler to a regular online casino player. But for first-time players, or for players on the hunt for that perfect free slot; the one with the right theme, the right amount of pay-lines and the perfect jackpot size, here’s what you can expect.

Vacation Station is a nine-reel slot; three reels that could line up and unlock a multiplier scatter pay-out, or a massive jackpot win. To unlock these pay-outs, symbols or icons need to be aligned in the right order when they come to a stop on any of the 8 pay-lines.

Sticking with the travel theme, Vacation Station free slot offers a wide range of symbols which feature busses, trains, convertible cars, motorbikes, luxury yachts, and even hot air balloons.

Vacation Station Slot Paytable

Vacation Station Slot Paytable 2

The Win

Besides the chance to win any of the small to medium pay-outs ranging from 25 to 2,250 coins (get any three of the before mentioned symbols to appear on an active pay-line) players can also pocket a vast amount of additional coins, by simply parking four or more of the Suitcase scatters anywhere on the slot.

Note: The Suitcase scatter symbols do not have to appear on a pay-line, as long as there are four or more of them (anywhere on the screen), players could qualify and cash in on up to 1,000 coins!

Vacation Station Slot win

Vacation Station Free Slot Jackpot

Got your ticket ready yet? The biggest pay-out within the game is appropriately assigned to the more expensive way of travel; the Aeroplane. Within the game, if a player is able to land three Aeroplane symbols on any activated pay-line, they could reap the jackpot reward of 4,000 coins.

The Recap: Vacation Station Free Slot

• 9 reels – 8 pay-lines
• Suitcase scatter symbol does not need to appear on a pay-line to reward
• Highest pay-out = £120,000
• Highest scatter payout = 1,000 coins
• Free slot
• Playtech software

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Thrill Seekers

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: 10 free spins and 2x multiplier
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £500
paylines icon Paylines: 50
payout icon Max. Payout: 10,000 coins
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Slot Machine

Step Right Up! The Thrill Seeker Slot is Open…

Most adults remember going to amusement parks, fairgrounds, and carnivals as kids. Most will also agree that it was probably one of their highlights of any year.

These days, it’s difficult to find adults taking part in amusement park activities with as much enthusiasm as they did back then. Luckily, Playtech spotted the need for adults to return to their fun-loving roots and whipped up a colorful free slot for their entertainment.

Enter the Thrill Seekers online slot. Set within, you guessed it, an amusement park. The Thrill Seekers slot nostalgically captures players’ attention and imagination with its vibrant display of color, cartoony imagery, and carnival sounds.

Thrill Seekers slot win

Thrill Seekers Slot Graphics

Furthermore, the graphics promise even more fun, as all amusement parks do. They come in the form of symbols based on popular carnival rides such as the Swinging Boat, the Tunnel of Horror and the Roller Coaster. Each of these symbols offers payouts of 200, 400 and 500 coins respectively if five appear on an active pay-line.

As additional entertainment, the rest of the symbols are themed according to delicious treats found at most fairs, such as Pop Corn, Candy Floss, Ice Cream, Soda and Candy Canes. These all form part of the lower-paying symbols, but together, could still award a sickeningly sweet, sugar rush pay-out.

Thrill Seekers Slot Paytable

Paylines & Bonus Games

The Thrill Seekers Slot offers 50 pay-lines, which means players stand a chance of winning 50 different ways. Some of the ways include a Bonus Game which can be triggered if three or more of the Bonus Mallet Symbols appear on an active pay-line. The player will then get the chance to take a swing at the High Striker and see if they can ring the bell. The winning amount could vary between 20 times, and a whopping 3,000 times the original line bet.

Then there are the Ticket Scatter Symbols. Three or more trigger the 10 Free Spins Round and payout 10 coins. Four Tickets award 50 and five payouts 200 coins!

Another way to pocket cash fast in the Thrill Seekers Slot is to go for the BIG payout of 10,000 coins by getting five WILD Clown Symbols on an active pay-line.

Thrill Seekers Paytable

Thrill Seekers Slot Progressive Jackpots

Finally, the Thrill Seekers slot is connected to the Playtech Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot. This means players have the opportunity to go for a payout even greater than the 10,000 coin max. win.

Simply enable the jackpot by clicking on the button in the top right-hand corner. Pick five numbers from 1 to 49. The more numbers match those randomly drawn by the machine, the higher the payout.

Here’s a recap of the Thrills Seekers free slot game:

• Playtech software
• 5 Reels
• 50 Pay-lines
• 0.01 Min. Coin Size
• 2.00 Max. Coin Size
• 10,000 Jackpot
• 2,000 2nd Jackpot
• Autoplay is available
• Two Bonus Features
• Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot
• Wild Symbol (the Clown)
• Scatter Symbol (the Ticket)
• Bonus Symbol (the Mallet)

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Silver Bullet

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: Yes
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Dollar Ball Progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £9
paylines icon Paylines: 9
payout icon Max. Payout: £50,000
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Slot Machine

Saddle Up and Spin To Win on the Silver Bullet Free Slot

Have you ever imagined living on the American Frontier, slugging it out each and every day, in the hopes of staking your claim on a future-successful colt ranch, oil well or gold vein?

Ever dreamt of riding into the sunset?

Ever thought of investing in some stylin’ spurs?

Or more importantly, have you ever wanted to say to someone;
“This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!”?

Well… I can’t promise you any of the above scenarios, but I sure can offer you the next best thing: the Silver Bullet Slot.

As Old as Clint Eastwood

Okay, maybe the Silver Bullet Slot isn’t that old, but it is considered one of Playtech’s older titles. That said, and the fact that the Silver Bullet Slot is still as successful now, as what it was back then, says a lot about this gun-slinging sharp-shooter.

With 5 reels and 9 pay lines, it offers a simple, easy-to-play, wild-west experience that keeps its players hankering for more.

Silver Bullet slot

Definitely Not a Ghost Town

Even without a Free Spins Feature, non-stop action can still occur on this free slot. With a wide range of symbols and one of the highest pay-outs for a base symbol, the Silver Bullet Slot continues to attract players like prospectors to a gold rush.

From the lowest payout of 100 coins to the highest of 10,000, the symbols follow as such: Horse, Money, Horseshoe, Pipe, Wagon Wheel, Cowboy Hat, Whisky Bottle, Seven, Bomb, and finally, the Barrel.

The Sheriff Badge, the epitome of authority, is so rightly marked as the Wild Symbol. Substituting for all other symbols (except the Scatter), the Sheriff Badge will double a pay-out if combined with other symbols on a winning pay-line.

The Scatter Symbol is represented by the Colt Revolver. Fast, sporadic and accurate, the Scatter could appear on any of the 5 reels at any time. Two, three or four will ensure you win a multiplied pay-out: 1X, 5X or 10X respectively. Or shoot for the moon and get one on each reel to earn yourself a 100X multiplier.

Silver Bullet slot paytable

Silver Bullet slot paytable 2

Silver Bullet slot paytable 3

Silver Bullet Slot Dollar Ball Progressive

Exclusive to all Playtech online casinos and slots, the Dollar Ball Progressive adds another dynamic to the game. The choice to take part in this feature also allows players to manage their own game-play.

To play it is simple, choose a number between one and forty-nine. On each spin of the Silver bullet slot, a lottery-type draw will take place as five numbers are chosen and displayed. If your numbers match those displayed, you win. One, two or three matched numbers pay out a fixed jackpot. While four numbers reward you with a 1% progressive cut, and five the entire jackpot.

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Highway Kings

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: No
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £9
paylines icon Paylines: 9
payout icon Max. Payout: 10,000 coins
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Slot Machine

Start Your Engine: Play the Highway Kings Slot

Almost everyone has dreamt of or thought of spontaneously packing up and taking Route 66 from coast to coast. Whether by car, motorbike or truck, this all-time, true-American experience is probably featured on most peoples’ bucket list.

But, not everyone is cut out for the long haul. Or some are, but choose not to. Most just don’t have the time. Luckily for them, this isn’t a dead-end in the road trip. By simply taking a Playtech developed detour, people who enjoy free online slots gaming can now enjoy one of the quintessentially American dreams, from the comfort of their own home.

Put Pedal to the Metal

Created a few years back by Playtech, a forerunner in the development of online games, this free-to-play machine offers a basic 5 reel, 9 pay-line video slot experience. Basic and simple, this by no (high)way means players will be snubbed of winnings. In fact, for such an easy-to-play slot, Highway Kings offers one of the largest base-game payouts within the entire Playtech library of games.

All the symbols are themed according to the free slot’s main theme. The below symbols all offer rewards when three or more appear on an active pay-line. The payouts are rewarded both ways.

• Steering Wheel: Lowest paying symbol starting from 3 to 50 coins.
• Wheel: With the same pay-out range as the Steering Wheel.
• Piston: Slightly increased pay-out range of 5 to 200 coins.
• Rearview Mirror Dice: Same pay-out amounts as the Piston symbol.

The next set of symbols reward players when two or more appear on an active pay-line:

• Spark Plugs: With a pay-out range of 2 to 300 coins.
• Gas Pump: Rewards the same amount of coins as the Spark Plugs.
• Gas Canister and Green Truck: Both offer winnings from 5 to 1,000 coins.

The last two base symbols, the Yellow Truck and Red Truck, drastically up the pay-out rate from 5 to 5,000 and 2 to 10,000 coins, respectively.

NOTE: The Exhaust Pipe Scatter Symbols don’t offer free spins when triggered, however still reward players with a hefty pay-out range of 1 to 100 times original line bet.

Highway Kings Slot Paytable

Highway Kings Slot Playtable 2

Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot

A Playtech free slot such as the Highway Kings wouldn’t be a Playtech slot without the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot.

To play, players have to click on the ‘Enable’ button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen, then choose five numbers from 1 to 49. Match as many numbers as possible to become a true Highway King!

U-Turn: Here’s a Highway Kings Slot Re-cap

• Reels: 5
• Paylines: 9
• Coin Range: 0.01 to 5
• Max Bet: £9
• Betting Range: 0.01 to £9
• Jackpot: 10,000 Coins
• Scatter Symbol: Yes
• Wild Symbol: Yes
• Release Year: 2012
• Mobile Release Year: 2014
• Progressive Jackpot: Yes – 180,000
• Maximum Payout: 20,000
• Bonus Games: No
• Pays Both Ways
• Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot

Highway Kings Slot Win

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Golden Games

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: Yes
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Non-progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £250
paylines icon Paylines: 25
payout icon Max. Payout: 10,000 coins
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Slot Machine

Win 1st Place in the Golden Game Free Slot

Every four years an event so spectacular and inspiring occurs, that it brings the world together. Countries send their best athletes – their gladiators – to compete in championship events and sports matches. Only the greatest will triumph and come out on top, and only the greatest will take home the gold.

This year, Playtech invites all players to come forth and take part in the Golden Games free slot. Set the pace. Beat the competition. And break world records.

About the Golden Games Online Slot

Keeping with the Olympic-gold-medal theme; the Golden Games slot draws inspiration from a number of popular events and sports. The lower-ranking symbols feature 2D-designed iconography such as the:

• Swimmer: Pays between 5 and 50
• Runner: Offers from 5 to 75 coins
• Fencer: Grants coin rewards ranging from 7 to 100
• Boxer: Also starts at 7 but could pay up to 125 coins
• Cyclist: Awards between 10 and 150 coins

The higher-paying symbols offer a bit more for the eye for with mock 3D imagery such as the Barbell, Basketball and Hoop, Tennis Racquet and Ball, and a Digital Stopwatch. All of these symbols could offer payouts ranging between 2 to 200, 3 to 300, 4 to 400 and 5 to 500 respectively, if 2, 3, 4 or 5 were to appear on an active pay-line.

Golden Games Slot Paytable

Golden Game Free Slot Bonus Features

Within the Golden Games free slot the Scatter symbol is represented by the Discus Thrower. However, the Scatter doesn’t trigger a free spin round as most other slots do. It does luckily still award coins ranging from 1 to 250.

The Torch Bonus Symbol offers players the chance to trigger the 20 Free Spins Round if it were to appear on reels 1 and 5. Additionally, a multiplier of 2X will be added to all winnings within this feature.

Finally, the Wild Symbol is represented by the Golden Game Gold Medal. Awarding 10 coins if two appear on a pay-line and working its way up to 10,000 coins if 5 were to appear. The Wild Symbol promises a greater chance of scoring big than any other symbol in this free slot.

Golden Games Slot Win

Gamble Feature

Even though the free Golden Games slot doesn’t offer the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot like most other Playtech games, it does allow the player to choose if they would like to gamble their winnings; potentially doubling their payouts. Players simply need to guess whether or not the down-turned playing-card is of the red or black suit.

• Playtech Software
• 5 Reels
• 25 Pay-lines
• Coin Size Range: 0.01 – 5
• Bet Per Line Range: 0.01 – 50
• Max Bet: £250
• Wild Max. Payout: 10,000 coins
• Wild Symbol
• Scatter Symbol
• Bonus Symbol
• 20 Free Spins Bonus Round
• Multiplier Feature
• Gamble Feature

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