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Super Heroes Slot

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: Yes
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Non-progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: $100
paylines icon Paylines: 20
payout icon Max. Payout: 320 000 coins
reels icon Reels: 5
game type Game Type: Video Slot

The world needs Super Heroes, and the popularity of this slot release from Yggdrasil Gaming is sure proof of that. It allows players to enter the world of these powerful protectors and rely on them to line up in just the right payline in order to offer massive payouts. Even without a jackpot, each super hero’s power is appreciated, along with every win players land.

Super Heroes Slot Theme & Design

The Super Heroes slot theme is rather common, but what makes this title unique is the execution. Namely, developers at Yggdrasil have gone to great lengths and creatively come up with innovative heroes, layout and even sound effects to accompany it properly.

Super Heroes Slot Paytable

Since the greatest emphasis is normally placed on the actual reels, Super Heroes’ grid features such, unique symbols – Mirage, Raven, Hopper, Tesla, Trance, and Knox are all newly invented and embedded into the slot reels, each rewarding players with their own payout. Lower-paying symbols are also available, with the lowest inspired by the card suits, but no less desirable on any of the maximum 20 paylines.

How To Play Super Heroes Slot

Each of the Super Heroes slot characters has its specific power, which rewards players with both a payout and a new and exciting animation to boost the experience. Mirage turns high paying symbols into dice that spin and award 5-1000 coins each, while Raven turns 4 random reels into wild reels by a throw of her blade. Hopper turns random symbols into Wilds, while Tesla uses his strength to create a wave that converts 2 random symbols into 2 others. The last pair is somewhat related, as Trance appears in the Free Spins and awards up to 4 freebies, while Knox uses a fire beam to multiply the wins from these freebies by 5.

Super Heroes Special Features

Players are normally amazed by the heroes’ powers, but the special features are the real treat. The Wild substitutes other symbols, while the Scatter, marked by the ‘Free Spins’ symbol rewards freebies accompanied with the Super Hero feature. Otherwise, this feature is triggered randomly, and executed with two random heroes on each side of the reels, performing their powers to maximize winnings.

Super Heroes Slot Win

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