Vacation Station

Bonus Icon Bonus Round: No
Jackpot Icon Jackpot: Progressive
max wagering icon Max. Wager: £120
paylines icon Paylines: 8
payout icon Max. Payout: £120,000
reels icon Reels: 9
game type Game Type: Slot Machine

Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for a Winning Trip of a Life Time

Vacation Station, one of Playtech’s more popular classic slots, is still offering players a greater chance of escape and entertainment than most holiday resorts and video slots combined.

In fact, for all their worth, video slots lack the quintessential entertaining feel which the all-time favorite –classic slot – still offers. Authentic casino and slot sounds. The rapid anticipation, build-up, and ecstatic finish of the three reels as they start to spin, roll, and come to three consecutive stops, possibly revealing the infamous triple cherries or sevens. Or most importantly, the secret wealth they all hide within, and the knowing, that with one single spin, one lucky player, could win it all.

How To Play Vacation Station Free Slot

It’s a classic slot. It couldn’t be put any simpler to a regular online casino player. But for first-time players, or for players on the hunt for that perfect free slot; the one with the right theme, the right amount of pay-lines and the perfect jackpot size, here’s what you can expect.

Vacation Station is a nine-reel slot; three reels that could line up and unlock a multiplier scatter pay-out, or a massive jackpot win. To unlock these pay-outs, symbols or icons need to be aligned in the right order when they come to a stop on any of the 8 pay-lines.

Sticking with the travel theme, Vacation Station free slot offers a wide range of symbols which feature busses, trains, convertible cars, motorbikes, luxury yachts, and even hot air balloons.

Vacation Station Slot Paytable

Vacation Station Slot Paytable 2

The Win

Besides the chance to win any of the small to medium pay-outs ranging from 25 to 2,250 coins (get any three of the before mentioned symbols to appear on an active pay-line) players can also pocket a vast amount of additional coins, by simply parking four or more of the Suitcase scatters anywhere on the slot.

Note: The Suitcase scatter symbols do not have to appear on a pay-line, as long as there are four or more of them (anywhere on the screen), players could qualify and cash in on up to 1,000 coins!

Vacation Station Slot win

Vacation Station Free Slot Jackpot

Got your ticket ready yet? The biggest pay-out within the game is appropriately assigned to the more expensive way of travel; the Aeroplane. Within the game, if a player is able to land three Aeroplane symbols on any activated pay-line, they could reap the jackpot reward of 4,000 coins.

The Recap: Vacation Station Free Slot

• 9 reels – 8 pay-lines
• Suitcase scatter symbol does not need to appear on a pay-line to reward
• Highest pay-out = £120,000
• Highest scatter payout = 1,000 coins
• Free slot
• Playtech software