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Garcia Betting System For Roulette

Garcia Betting System
The Garcia betting system has been used quite successfully for the game roulette. Quite a few online roulette sites will have practice games to perfect this strategy before making a deposit. Long runs of any of the ‘Even Chances’ have caused problems with gamblers ever since Roulette was invented in the 19th century. Many systems have been designed to try and cope with the problem. Some have been relatively successful; others, of course, have been disastrous.

The Garcia System is designed to be able to cope with the occasional losses. It also takes advantage of the inevitable long runs of the same ‘Even Chance’ that occur from time to time.

Method of Play

The basic staking plan is very simple – £1, £3 & £7. Any or all of the ‘Even Chances’ may be used.

Bets are made on every spin of the wheel except the first spin.

This System is therefore very suitable for the gambler who likes to be active rather than sit for long periods of time, awaiting suitable opportunities to bet.

Using Red & Black as an example, if the first spin turns out to be Red, the first bet in the betting sequence (£1) is placed immediately on the opposite color – Black.

If this bet wins, a new betting sequence starts but betting on the opposite color – in this case, Red. If, however, the first bet of £I had lost, the next bet in the sequence (£3) is placed, still on Black.

Again, if this £3 bet wins, we start a new betting sequence, but on the opposite color. If the £3 bet loses, though, the final bet in our betting sequence (£7) is placed on Black.

So, to clarify the position after four spins of the wheel, and if we had reached our bet of £7, the sequence of colors has been RRRR. After the first Red, all the bets have been on Black. A total of £11 has now been lost and if our progression was designed to be longer and the run of Reds from the wheel was to continue, it would turn out to be quite disastrous.

The £11 loss is now put to one side and our play modified, not only to try and recoup this loss but also to move us into profit.

If the run of Reds were to continue, it would seem to be a good idea to try and capitalize on this; if the Reds did not continue, however, surely this would be a good point in play to accept a loss and effectively start again.

The Garcia betting strategy, therefore, is changed to accommodate this.

The £11 loss is now raised to a number divisible by three – in this case, £12, and then divided by three, equaling £4.

This £4 is now placed as a bet, not on Black as before, but on Red, betting that the run of Reds is going to continue. If it does, then it only has to continue for another three spins for all the previous loss (£11) to be completely eradicated! If it only continues for another two spins, one bet will have been won and one lost – i.e. the total loss to date will remain the same at £11.

However, if the run of Reds does not continue after the fourth spin (i.e. if a Black appears) the further loss is only another £4. If this does happen the total loss to date will be £15 – this, then, is put to one side and will be dealt with later on in the play.

So, you see, we are very effectively limiting our losses to realistic levels yet giving ourselves the opportunity to capitalize on potential winning spins, at very little risk, rather than sit there and do nothing at all about it!

At this stage, a completely new betting sequence is started with the £1 as before, but betting on the opposite color to that which appeared last -in this case the bet will be on Red (it was the Black on the fifth spin that caused the £4 loss, don’t forget).

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