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Half Peak Betting System

Half Peak Betting System


The Half Peak Betting System Explained

The Alexembert formula serves as the foundation for the Half Peak system. In the Alexembert system, the rule is simple: increase your bet by one unit when you lose and decrease it by one unit when you win.

The Half Peak system adds a twist to this formula. Instead of starting at a random point, you begin with a “lucky” number of your choice, say 11 units. If your first bet wins, your next bet will be 10 units. Conversely, if your first bet loses, you’ll increase the next bet to 12 units.

The Math Behind Half Peak

To understand the efficacy of the Half Peak system, consider the following scenarios:

If you start with an 11-unit bet and lose, followed by a 12-unit bet that wins, your total expenditure would be 11+12=23 units. However, your total win would be 2×12=24 units, giving you a net profit of one unit.

Similarly, if you win the first bet and lose the second, you would have spent 11+10=21 units. Your win from the first bet would be 2×11=22 units, again resulting in a net profit of one unit.


The Half Peak betting system offers a straightforward yet effective way to manage your bets, providing a balanced approach that aims for consistent, albeit small, profits. While it may not guarantee huge wins, its simplicity and the added “half peak” mechanism make it an appealing option for those looking to maintain a steady betting strategy. As with any betting system, it’s crucial to practice responsible gambling and manage your bankroll effectively to maximize the benefits of the Half Peak system.

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