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Best 5 High Roller Bonuses 2023: Premium Casino Offers

High Roller Casino Bonuses

Have you ever come across high roller casino bonuses and wondered what they are?

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There are two types of players in online casinos when it comes to spending habits. Casual players tend to stick to low bets and are not looking to spend a lot. They aim to play responsibly and know when to log out.

On the other hand, high rollers spend big and are looking to score big, and these players are always looking for a high roller bonus.

This is the type of bonus that can satisfy the taste of high rollers. It’s bigger, better, and bolder, but the terms are usually stricter too. In this guide, we’ll tell you more about why high roller casinos give out these bonuses.

What is a High Roller Bonus? How Does it Work?

There are plenty of different bonuses players can get their hands on in online casinos. Welcome offers are most common as are deposit bonuses. These bonuses are usually aimed at casual players. They cover 100% or higher of their first deposit, may come with or without free spins, and usually have a low bet cap so you don’t spend the bonus all at once.

These terms and bonus sizes are great for casual players, but not very appealing to high roller players. That’s why high roller casinos have come up with a bonus for these players that will cover everything they look for.

How do high roller bonus offers work? They work the same way as a regular casino bonus. The difference is in the size and terms. These bonuses are much bigger than regular offers, and the terms are different too. Keep in mind that high roller players spend more, so you’ll see that the bet size for these offers is usually higher than regular bonuses.

It means that high rollers can spend bigger portions of their bonuses. They aren’t strangers to it as they regularly place massive bets on roulette or blackjack tables.

What’s a High Roller?

A high roller is a player that spends massive sums of money on casino games. We’re not talking £20 or even £50 – we’re talking hundreds or thousands of pounds on slots, jackpots, and card and table games. These players are not afraid to spend big. They ignore responsible gambling guidelines, but also have more money to burn.

Since they aim to spend big, high rollers will always look for the biggest offers made specifically for them. While not all casinos have such a bonus, many heavily advertise them to attract players that spend big.

How We Evaluate High Roller Bonuses

Just because it’s probably larger than the usual bonus doesn’t make every high roller bonus offer great. We evaluate all the options in depth so our high roller readers know precisely what they can get out of the bonus.

What benefits does it brings

First things first – is the high roller bonus beneficial to players? Or is it just there for the casino to show out? We only evaluate high roller offers that bring benefits to high rollers, as a 1,000% bonus isn’t exactly what high roller players are looking for.

Interface and Software Developers:

a good high roller bonus should be available to spend on games from the best software developers. Its terms should be clearly displayed so there’s no confusion over what high rollers are getting.

Terms and Conditions:

regardless if it’s a high roller offer or another bonus, you should always read the T&Cs. Learn what the wagering requirements are to see if they’re fair. Check the bet size too and see if you need to use a high roller casino bonus code.

Game Selection:

high roller casinos offering these bonuses should have a wide range of games on offer. These include slots, table and card games along with live dealers, and other games.

Types of High Roller Casino Bonuses

There’s no single high roller bonus offer you can claim at the best online casinos. They range between different types and can be ‘spent’ differently.

Welcome Bonuses:

The bread and butter of all high roller casinos. Welcome bonuses usually include a deposit bonus match and possibly free spins.

Free Spins:

Free spins most often come as part of welcome offers, but they can be a standalone bonus. High rollers that love spinning slots are absolutely thrilled by this bonus.

VIP Bonuses:

VIP high roller bonuses are the next step in this offer’s evolution. They take things to the next level, usually offering a tiered approach with the highest levels giving high rollers even bigger bonuses to claim.

No Wagering Bonuses:

You’ll rarely find a bonus without wagering, but when it comes to high roller offers, there might be a few you’ll come across.

No Deposit Bonuses:

No deposit high roller bonus offers will give big spenders a smaller amount of money, but likely with looser terms and conditions.

FAQs for High Roller Casino Bonuses

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How much do high rollers bet?

There’s no specific bet that makes high-roller players high-rollers. They just spend more than the average. For example, anyone betting £100 on slots or games per spin or round can be considered a high roller.


Can you make money from high-roller casino bonuses?

Absolutely. A high roller bonus is designed for players who spend big to win big. Since the stakes are higher, so are the potential returns, although to be fair, a lot of luck and skill is involved in it all.


Which bonuses are available to you?

Bonuses for UK & AU players: UK & AU big spenders have a wide range of bonuses they can claim at top high roller casinos. These range from welcome bonuses and free spins to deposit and no deposit offers. VIP high-roller bonuses are also not uncommon. Bonuses for USA & Canadian Players: Canadian and American high rollers love to play online, and they have a variety of high roller bonuses to claim. Players should always read the T&Cs to learn if each of these offers is fair.


What does it mean to be a high roller at a casino?

High-roller players are typically those gamblers who play games at extremely high stakes. In other words, high-rollers refers to players who take extremely high risks and hope for equally high rewards.


Do casinos appreciate high-rollers?

Absolutely. While websites respect their entire user base, they certainly do hold a special place for high-rollers. The reason is obvious. High-rollers play at a higher risk, meaning the casino is likely to profit more from a high-stakes player.


What are high-roller casino bonuses?

High-roller casino bonuses are exactly what they sound like. Bonuses that will undoubtedly appeal to high-stake players at online casinos.


How do you determine the quality of a high-roller casino bonus?

There are different ways to determine how good a high-roller casino bonus is. First of all, you will want to look at the benefits that the bonuses bring, and whether they are worth chasing. The secondary concern is the games that you can use these bonuses on. Remember, it might turn out that you are not able to play your game of choice with the bonus.


What do you need to do before using your high-roller casino bonus?

The most important thing to do is determine just how the high-roller bonus works. In order to do this, you will need to take a look at the Terms and Conditions of the website. Usually, the T&C will thoroughly explain in simple terms how the bonus works and which games you can use it on. So, when you want to collect your bonus, make sure you’ve thoroughly read through the Terms and Conditions.


What are popular bonuses for high-rollers at online casinos?

The most popular high-roller bonuses are the numerous VIP bonuses given out to either long-term players or high-rollers. Other than VIP bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses are also quite popular.


What casinos give out good high-roller bonuses?

If you look at the top of this article, you will find a list of casinos that offer high-roller bonuses. Look through the list and find the website that suits you best, and then start your journey into high-stake gambling.

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