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Hollandish Betting System Explained

Hollandish Betting System
With the Hollandish betting system, you begin the game with a stake of one unit (given number of chips) until you win for the first time.

Then you try to compensate for your previous losses with a progression of 3 units.

If three bets were lost, you will have to win three times before the progression is finished.

If further losses occur during the 3 unit progression, you have to wait until this progression is finished (after three successful bets). Then you raise to 5 units until the losses of the 3 unit progression are covered.

Having achieved full compensation for your losses, you continue to play the Hollandish betting system with one unit. If losses occurred during the 5 unit progression, you raise to 7 units and follow the same betting pattern as before.

The progression pattern is as follows: 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9….

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