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Jokers wild is one of the most popular video poker games and the reason for its popularity is its fun, exciting, fast moving and you can win more often. On average, the joker appears in around in ten hands, and it is a wildcard that can be nominated as any card you want increasing the chances of winning hands. The Jokers Wild Strategy is fairly easy to grasp, and our strategy card will make it even easier.


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A popular version of Video Poker is Jokers Wild. This version uses a standard deck of 52 cards and also a Joker which can replace any card in the pack.

As you would expect, the chances of getting a winning hand are increased with the addition of a Joker, but the House Odds tend to be higher than for other versions such as Jacks or Better.

In fact, the expected payout is around 98.50%, more than 1% lower than Jacks or Better and this advanced strategy can be found here.

Jokers Wild, which is also known as Joker Poker, has 2 main versions, Kings or Better and Two Pairs or Better.
As the Kings or Better pays out for 2 extra hands, a Pair of Kings and a Pair of Aces, this one has better odds and should be played wherever you have a choice.

As with all versions of Video Poker, we suggest that you play with maximum coins to ensure the big payout comes when you get that Royal Flush. If you need to reduce the size of a Coin in order to play maximum, then do so.

Although having a Joker in the pack does increase your chances of getting a win, the big payout, for a Royal Flush is only for a ‘Natural Royal Flush’, which includes the 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit, and no Joker. If the Joker does replace any of these cards, you will still get a nice payout, but considerably less than you would get without a Joker.

The presence of a Joker also gives us a new hand that you won’t get on standard 52 card Video Poker such as Jacks or Better, with 5 of a kind now possible. This is the 2nd best hand after the Natural Royal Flush and is, in fact, better than a Royal Flush that includes the Joker. Clearly, the 5 of a kind isn’t possible without a Joker in your hand.

If you are dealt a Joker, you don’t need to decide what card it will be as the computer will payout after you have discarded and then received cards based on the best possible outcome.

Before you read this strategy, make sure that you are familiar with the rules and poker hands, the rules can be found at (link to Video Poker Rules when published). A full breakdown of the poker hands you can get within any form of poker can be found here.

Once you have mastered this, you are ready to consider the best way to play the Jokers Wild/Joker Poker Video Poker slot.



The payouts for Deuces Wild Video Poker do vary from casino to casino, so keep an eye out for those that offer the best payout for a Natural Royal Flush.
The paytable below is one that is fairly standard and is for the Kings or Better version, which as mentioned should be played wherever possible instead of Two Pair or Better.

Hand Payout Probability% Return% Odds 1 in
Natural Royal Flush 1,000 0.00260 2.60 38461.54
Five of a Kind 200 0.00930 1.86 10752.69
Wild Royal Flush 100 0.01070 1.07 9345.79
Straight Flush 50 0.05940 2.97 1683.50
Four of a Kind 17 0.84970 14.44 117.69
Full House 7 1.56120 10.93 64.05
Flush 5 1.59760 7.99 62.59
Straight 3 1.68750 5.06 59.26
Three of a Kind 2 13.31210 26.62 7.51
Two Pairs 1 11.05470 11.05 9.05
Kings or Better 1 13.99880 14.00 7.14
Nothing 0 55.85650 0.00 1.79
Total 100.00 98.602 1.00


Jokers Wild Strategy

As with all Video Poker, patience is vital. The important hand to hit in Jokers Wild is the Natural Royal Flush. Due to the low odds of this happening, it can take a long time.
There are 2 tables below, one showing what you should do if you are dealt a Joker, one if you aren’t. Start from the top of the relevant table, and hold the first set of cards that are applicable to the hand you have:

No Joker

4 to a Flush

Natural Royal Flush, Straight Flush
4 to a Natural Royal Flush
4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush
4 to a Straight Flush
3 of a Kind, Straight
3 to a Natural Royal Flush and King or Queen High
Two Pair
3 to a Natural Royal Flush and Ace High
Pair of Kings or Aces
3 to a Straight Flush with no gap
Low Pair
Unsuited 10, J, Q, K
3 to a Straight Flush with either 1 gap or 2 gaps and a High Card
Suited KA
4 to an Outside Straight
3 to a Straight Flush with 2 gaps
Suited 10K, JK, QK
Suited 10A, JA, QA
Ace or King
Suited 10J, JQ, 10Q
Replace all cards


With Joker


4 of a Kind, 5 of a Kind
4 to a Wild Royal Flush with K High
Full House
4 to a Wild Royal Flush with A High
4 to a Straight Flush with no gap, except for A23, 234
4 to a Straight Flush with 1 or 2 gaps, including A23, 234
3 of a Kind, Straight
4 to a Flush with 1 or 2 High Cards
3 to a Straight Flush, 3 to a Wild Royal Flush with either no gaps or 1 or 2 High Cards
3 to a Straight Flush with 1 gap
Joker plus unsuited 10JK, 10QK, JQK
Joker plus A or K
3 to a Straight Flush with 2 gapsd
4 to an Outside Straight
Four to a Flush with no High Cards
Keep Joker only



In the above table, the following applies:

High Card – King or Ace. A Pair of these returns your stake, so it is worth holding. Note that due to the payouts High Card for Kings or Better differs from High Cards on some other forms of Video Poker

Outside Straight – 4 Cards that are consecutive and where a card at either end can provide you with a Straight – EG. 5,6,7,8

Inside Straight – 4 Cards where there is one number missing that would complete a Straight. EG 5,6,8,9


Jokers Wild Tips


    1. You have 2 different versions of Jokers Wild. Kings or Better and Two Pairs or Better. Kings or Better has the best odds so you should play that one. The strategy card on this page is for the Kings or Better version.


    1. Play Maximum Coins – The payout for five coins played is far greater than five times the payout for playing only one coin and is the way to play to maximize your winnings.


  1. Play at Machines that Offer a Full Pay Schedule – The full house pay schedule for jokers wild is a 7 / 5 machine -7 Coins are paid for the full house and 5 for the flush.


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