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Joker Poker

Jokers wild is one of the most popular video poker games and the reason for its popularity is its fun, exciting, fast moving and you can win more often. On average, the joker appears in around in ten hands, and it is a wild card that can be nominated as any card you want increasing the chances of winning hands. The Jokers Wild Strategy is fairly easy to grasp, and our strategy card will make is even easier. Our Jokers Wild strategy will show you:

  1. Tips to increase your odds dramatically
  2. The Jokers Wild Strategy Card

Jokers Wild Tips

  1. You have 2 different versions of Jokers Wild. Kings or Better and Two Pairs or Better. Kings or Better has the best odds so you should play that one. The strategy card on this page is for the Kings or Better version.
  2. Play Maximum Coins – The payout for five coins played is far greater than five times the payout for playing only one coin and is the way to play to maximize your winnings.
  3. Play at Machines that Offer a Full Pay Schedule – The full house pay schedule for jokers wild is a 7 / 5 machine -7 Coins are paid for the full house and 5 for the flush.

Jokers Wild Strategy

The best way to learn how to use the strategy card is by playing for free, and practice. If you click on the image to the right a new window will open with a flash version of the Jokers Wild video poker game. You don’t have to register or download anything; just one click and you’re in.

Just print out the strategy card or hold it next to you on your screen while playing. Once you get the hang of it start playing for real.

If you look at the video poker strategy card you’ll see two columns, one that says “hand” and one that says “discard”. To use the strategy card start a game of video poker and look at the hand you’ve been dealt. Now compare the hand on the strategy card starting at the top and working your way down. You need to pick the highest hand on the list. So if you have 2 pairs you will discard 1 and hold 4 cards. As you can see, it’s quite different from the Jacks or Better Strategy and the Deuces Wild Strategy.

Again you should keep the highest hand on the list.

Joker Wild

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