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Here are our best mobile casinos for real money to play on your Tablet or Smartphone, for both Apple iOS and Google Android software.

Mobile Casinos

 CasinoDeposit BonusSign Up BonusClaim Bonus
 Casino Bonus Sun Palace Casino400% Up to $500$20.00
Uptown casinoUptown Aces
250% + 50 Free Spins$20.00
Las Vegas USA Las Vegas USA
200% Up to $500030 Spins
Miami Club Miami Club Casino200% Up to $200$10.00 Casino
100% Up to $1,000$22.00
Bovada Bovada Casino
100% Up to $1,000$0.00
Ignition Casino Ignition Casino
100% Up to $2,000$0.00
slots millionSlots Million Casino
100% Up to $100$0.00

We have listed our best mobile casinos for real money with only the best games. Below in this article, we explain the different platforms and apps for mobile casinos.

Mobile casinos give players a chance to take their play with them on the go, and this includes a ton of different types of game options.

The origins of mobile casinos come from the first casino website that were developed in the 1990s. When Internet connections and personal computers started popping up in more and more homes, there was a demand for the ability to gamble using those technologies that became filled. Later on in the range of 2000-2005, we started seeing more and more mobile devices in the hands of players, and as those devices received their own Internet connections, the same thing happened.

Now we have a huge line of casinos available for all different types of mobile players who can take their play with them anywhere they want. Whether it’s blackjack sites or roulette that you are looking for, there is no shortage of playing mobile casino games on the go.

Platforms for Mobile Casinos

There are two major platform options for mobile casinos in today’s environment. A minority of sites use what are known as native apps, and these are apps designed to work on one specific operating system or mobile device. For example, you might have mobile casino sites with apps that only work on iOS-powered Apple devices like the iPhone, and it downloads as an app to your phone like any other game. These apps give good graphics and presentations, but they don’t have very much flexibility in terms of who can play them because of the device limitations.

On the other hand, you have web-based mobile apps, and those are what make up the majority of the industry for today’s mobile casinos. The basic idea is that players will navigate on their smartphone or tablet to the casino’s website, which allows them to log in as usual. From there, a games lobby is based out of the browser window, and that allows you to play games in a full screen mode using your touch screen device. While it looks and feels just like a native app for most players, it allows you to use a much, much wider range of different operating systems and devices. This is obviously the more inclusive option.

Operating Systems and Device Types

There’s a bit of irony with mobile casino sites in that the most popular mobile operating system is Android, but the most popular smartphone is the iPhone, which runs using iOS. Android can run on a variety of different smartphones and tablets, but iOS only runs on Apple-based devices, which means iPhone casinos and iPad casinos will always use it.

With that having been said, there are a ton of different smartphone and tablet mobile casino sites that allow the use of other operating systems as well, including Windows Mobile and Blackberry. This is because of the super flexible web-based platforms where all you really need is a connection and a web browser to get started playing. This makes it easy for all kinds of players with all kinds of different devices and operating systems to take their mobile casino play anywhere they go, no matter which games they prefer the most.

UK Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus

You can find UK mobile casino no deposit bonuses above. As UK casinos are lacking in these types of promotions, most of the casinos listed above are American facing casinos.

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