16-Year-Old Loses Thousands to Gaming

16-Year-Old Loses Thousands to Gaming

Gaming is fun to do in your free time, but if you don’t know when to stop then it will turn into an addiction. There are many gaming addicts that are afraid to reach out which is why addiction is such a serious issue.

Recently, a 16-year-old boy got a glimpse of what addiction can do. That’s because, after a football match, he made an account in his father’s name, on his phone and lost thousands of pounds within 2 weeks. Luckily, the parents found out and stopped going to football matches to prevent further exposure.

Just One of the Many Cases of Gaming Addicts

The UK is starting to take gaming more seriously. This is shown as Westminster is looking to introduce new measures when it comes to gaming premises such as casinos and betting shops. But it’s taking its time as Welsh members of Parliament and various charities are pushing the government to release its white paper on gaming which was supposed to be released before the summer.

So, it’s only a matter of time before the government introduces the new measures. Meanwhile, addiction remains a serious problem because it doesn’t just affect adults, it affects children too. This young boy from Swansea went to a football match and saw a betting advert.

Just after an hour, when he was home, he made an account in his father’s name on a betting site. He started betting and lost thousands. When his parents found out, they took his phone and even stopped going to football matches. This goes to show you just how serious gaming addiction is.

The boy was lucky to have had a quick brush with betting. Gaming addicts get a kick out of gaming which is why they do it repeatedly. They only care for the thrill of it which is why they ruin their lives. There’s also a certain stigma that comes with being addicted to gaming and that’s the reason why there are so many victims.

Some of them have decided to take their own lives which is why it’s something that each government needs to take seriously. Gaming addicts need all the help they can get and once they reach out then there are lots of organizations that will help them get better.

Making the first step is important because after you take it, then you’ll have lots of people ready to help you. Naturally, the government will need to update its legislature and introduce new measures to help battle the rising numbers of gaming addicts and protect children from getting into the same category of people. When this happens, parents will know their children are safe online, and adults will know that can’t become gaming addicts.


As mentioned before, gaming addiction is a serious issue and the young boy from Swansea illustrates just how available gaming is to kids. This is why the government needs to adapt to the new situation and why charities and members of Parliament are looking for a change.