3 Suspects Arrested on Cruise After Scam Failure

3 Suspects Arrested on Cruise After Scam Failure

It’s no secret that there are people visiting a casino to get money in any way they can, including cheating. All Vegas casinos have caught many cheaters and will do so again as cheaters never learn.

3 such individuals boarded a cruise ship sailing from France and were looking to scam the casino out of some money. Their scam seemed to be going great until they reached Barcelona and the Guardia Civil came and arrested them. In short, their scam failed and the police saved the day.

The Scammers Were Caught in Barcelona on a Cruise Ship Casino

The Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world and as such it attracts the attention of many. Tourists from all over the world book passage on this amazing ship and enjoy its facilities. One such premise is the casino which casino fans can visit.

There are lots of table games available but the poker ones seem to be full as lots of people love playing that game. But 3 of the visitors on this ship have booked passage for another reason. They had a scam planned and they were going to execute it.

They seemed like any other tourist on the ship. Until they walked into the casino. Poker was their game of choice and they visited the table frequently. Their scam involved 1 man bothering and distracting the dealer with all sorts of questions while the other 2 players were swapping cards under the table.

Once they had done so a couple of times they attracted the attention of the staff. When they were in Barcelona, the staff contacted the Guardia Civil and the officers came to the ship and arrested the 3 suspects. One of them had a file for conducting casino scams in the US. The Guardia Civil managed to find and seize €37,000 in cash from the suspects that were also revealed to be of British and French nationality.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the casino staff, the scammers were caught and arrested. The money they fleeced off the casino was seized as well.


Cheaters don’t have a future, especially at the casinos because if they’re caught once, the establishment will catch them every following time they try to run their scam. That’s why it’s a better idea to play the game fair. You can win, or you can lose, but you’ll sleep better with a clear conscience.

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