A Casino Addict Redeemed

A Casino Addict Redeemed

A Casino Addict Redeemed: Father of Two Turns Life Around After Being Stuck in a Rut

Casino addiction is a terrible thing to happen to a person. It transforms them completely as they become strangers to their friends, family, and even themselves. One such case is the case of Ben Melvin, who almost succumbed to casino addiction.

It got bad to the point that he had taken charge of the family money to fuel his addiction. At one point, his debt was £50,000. But the story doesn’t begin there, it begins in his childhood as Ben has been struggling with addiction during his entire life.

The Early Years

Ben got into casino games at an early age, during his childhood. He enjoyed playing slot machines and spent all his money on them. He would work a part-time job just so he can play those games. But this passion would evolve into something more in his mid-twenties. Online casinos would start popping up and Ben could play all his favorite games with the click of a button.

He didn’t shy away from betting on sports too. Moreover, with phone gaming being a thing, he could have even greater access to his game selection. The worst part about this is that he wasn’t in it to win it or to lose it for that matter, it was the thrill of the experience that propelled his addiction. And things turned south very soon.

Ben took charge of his family’s money just so he could have more money to play casino games. But that’s not all. As the addiction grew bigger, he would take loans, credit cards, overdrafts, and more just to have more money to play with. This would lead to a crippling debt of £50,000.

Moreover, his wife started losing faith in him as he wasn’t the person she married. His colleagues at work started being suspicious and Ben started losing faith in himself. His mental health was in shatters and depression seemed to take over him. At one point he stated that he was pretty close to taking his own life. It seemed to be a hopeless situation for him until he decided to reach out for help.

Taking a Different Route

Gambling Anonymous was the organization that extended a hand to Ben and helped him overcome his addiction and settle his debt. So far, he hasn’t placed a bet in 2 and a half years and has dealt with his addictive past successfully. Ben is now a better husband, father, and man as he has rid himself of casino addiction. All this was possible because he asked for help and he got it. There are many casino addicts out there and this is the step they need to take if they’re looking to turn their lives around.


Organizations such as GA have their contact info on pretty much every online casino. The sites themselves offer measures that players can take if they start feeling addicted. The main thing to get out of this story is to not succumb to addiction. Ask for help, no matter how hard it seems.