A Manhattan Casino in the Making

A Manhattan Casino in the Making

Certain states have turned that have yet to legalize casinos in the States. But a larger number of them offer licenses to operators for establishing land-based casino venues. New York is one such state and it offers 3 licenses.

The downtown area known as the Western Yards has been a battling ground for casino operators to get the 3 licenses. However, one of these licenses will soon belong to Related Cos. and their partner Wynn Resorts Ltd who have come together to build a casino complex in that area. In other words, NY casino players will have a brand new place to visit.

The First Steps Have Already Been Taken

The northern part of the state already has 4 casinos to offer, but the area along the Hudson River has been reviewed and 3 licenses are up for the taking. The competitors are looking to grab a license, but they will need to convince the officials in the state of New York that their project is worthy of a license.

Related Cos. has partnered with Wynn Resorts for that reason and they have already taken the first steps by pursuing a license. The Western Yards is the perfect spot for a casino venue with all sorts of facilities. That’s why it’s up to these 2 giants to build it and make it perfect from start to finish.

Manhattan already has a lot of tourist destinations and this casino complex will put another spot on the map. It will get a lot of attention which means a lot of tourists will come for the complex and the attractions that Manhattan has to offer. In short, it will take tourism to the next level and this kind of expansion will bring lots of benefits.

Casino enthusiasts will have a new place to visit in Manhattan, and visitors that aren’t there for the casino games will have lots of bars and restaurants to visit. The new Manhattan casino complex will offer a wide range of entertainment facilities for casino and casual crowds.

But first, Related and Wynn will need to get a license. For this reason, they have donated to various campaigns of political protégés in the state of New York since 2001. Once they get the license, the complex will begin to take shape.


The building process will begin and this will generate thousands of jobs. Once the resort is built, it will need to be fitted with a staff which will also require a large number of people. The community of Manhattan will get a boost in job offers which is a plus in any book.

Furthermore, the state and city will get an up in revenue from the taxes of the resort, and they will also benefit from the large number of tourists visiting the complex. But both companies have yet to gain a license. Their partnership is the first step for many if they’re looking to build and maintain a complex in Manhattan.