Alleged Bomb Threat Closes Hollywood Casino

Alleged Bomb Threat Closes Hollywood Casino

There are lots of casinos all over the US, and not all of them are in Vegas. If a state is friendly to casino games, then it will have a facility or two to offer. The same can be said of Illinois which has a bunch of them to offer.

One of them is located in the city of Joliet. It was doing fine until recently. There was a call about a few bombs being planted on the premises which is why the casino took action.

People notified the police and after a thorough search, nothing was found. Now they’re looking into a list of suspects for such a call.

A Fake Bomb Threat

It seemed like a regular night at the casino, as Hollywood Casino in Illinois. Players were enjoying their favorite casino games. But there was a certain moment when one of the managers got a phone call. There was a person on the other side of the line that told them the news.

There were several bombs placed on the premises and they were remotely controlled. Then the person hung up, and the manager didn’t waste any time. Security was organized all over the premises which is why the players were asked to leave. Once they knew the reason for being interrupted they didn’t mind leaving their favorite casino.

The police were also notified and they send K9 units to search the casino from top to bottom. After an extensive search, nothing was found, but the casino officials decided to close the casino for the rest of the night just in case. A fake bomb threat is a serious offense which is why the police are looking into a list of suspects.

Bombs are a serious thing, especially if they’re placed in establishments such as casinos because there are large groups of people present. A potential attack could be devastating. That’s why a fake bomb threat is a serious offense and there are several reasons why this could happen.

There are all kinds of people out there and some of them like to prank anyone they can. So, this fake bomb threat call might have been a prank. Once the perpetrator is apprehended, the person will get his time in the spotlight and be charged for their crimes. But there are other possibilities.

Competition is nothing new in the casino industry and certain competitors will play dirty to get the upper hand. So, a competitor can be suspected of foul play and that person would also be arrested and charged appropriately. Either way, the police will get to the bottom of this which is why it’s actively looking for suspects.


Some competitors will stoop to anything to become the top contender, and certain people will say and do anything to get their face in the paper. Either way, bomb threats are things that need to be taken seriously because they put people in danger regardless if they’re put in casinos or other venues.