Argentinian Casino Player Fights Casino to Get Jackpot

Argentinian Casino Player Fights Casino to Get Jackpot

Casinos get winners all the time and when someone wins, every staff member in the area congratulates the winner. The player then proceeds to pick up their winnings and leaves the premises. But this isn’t always the case.

Recently, Antonio Miranda, a player in an Argentinian casino won a big jackpot and like any other winner, he went to get his winnings, but the casino wouldn’t give his reward to him. The win was blamed to be false because of a faulty slot machine. That’s why Antonio decided to take the case to court.

Taking the Casino to Court

Antonia was a regular player at the casino and this night seemed just like any other. He went to his favorite slot machine and started playing. The spins were successful or unsuccessful, but he kept playing the game. Then he went for a certain bet amount and pulled the lever, and to his surprise, a jackpot came to be. In other words, he had just won $788,000.

He went to pick up his jackpot, but he didn’t get it. The casino refused to give it to him because the slot machine he played on was faulty. It wasn’t luck that landed him a jackpot, it was an error. But Antonio wasn’t having this which is why he decided to take the matter to court.

The lawyer he went for supported Antonio’s side of the story and he also stated that there had been a similar case a decade ago. The player from way back when also played on a slot machine and he won a jackpot as well. When he went to get his jackpot, he was denied his prize because the slot machine was faulty.

He also took the matter to court and he managed to win. That’s because the Court decided that the faulty machine was the casino’s fault. If the machine was faulty, then the casino should have fixed it instead of leaving it with the rest. This meant that the casino needed to pay the man his jackpot. And so they did.

There’s still no end in sight in Antonio’s case, but with this previous experience, there’s a good chance that justice will be served in his case. The casino will do the best it can to defend itself when the time arises. But in the end, it will be the court that decides if the casino or Antonio is right. In most cases, the court would look to a similar case and base its decision on that. But there’s also the possibility that the court will decide in favor of the casino and reprimand them for having a faulty slot machine. Time will tell and show the court’s decision.


The rules state that a casino needs to pay out a jackpot to the winner, but the casino states that it was won on a faulty slot machine. Casinos shouldn’t let players access faulty machines and should fix them. This is why there’s a dilemma in Antonio’s case, a dilemma that the court will solve.