Atlantic City Strike Ends - Casinos Meet Casino Workers’ Demands

Atlantic City Strike Ends – Casinos Meet Casino Workers’ Demands

Atlantic City is one of the cities that’s helped the rise of the casino industry. This New Jersey City has lots of venues that employ loads of people that work at the casinos and hotels. Recently we’ve been facing a challenging economic situation, and the workers’ conditions worsened.

In short, they got a lot of work, and their wages stayed the same, which is why they decided to go on strike. Finally, the casino venues chose to meet the demands of the protesting workers and increase their wages. Before we go into the resolution of the conflict, let’s look at the protest from the start.

The Reasons Behind the Atlantic City Strikes

As mentioned before, the harsh economic situation affects everyone, casino staff included. Housekeepers, servers, and more have been grinding at the casino venues in Atlantic City. They have been struggling to make ends meet with low wages and rising gas prices, bills, and other living necessities. The casinos are reported to be understaffed, which means casino workers often have to work overtime to get the job done. But they didn’t receive any extra wages.

A group of over 6,000 workers decided to go on strike on the 15th of June in hopes of having their demands met. They worked at popular casinos such as Caesar’s, Tropicana, Hard Rock, and the Borgata. These casinos were given a deadline to meet, and the longer they didn’t meet their workers’ demands, the more money they lost. It is estimated that each casino would lose around $2 million a day. These losses eventually got to them, which is why they decided to listen to what their workers were saying.

The Strike Resolution

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino were among the casinos that reached an agreement to meet the demands of the workers. This was done on the 2nd of July, and the casino had the opportunity to bounce back from some of the losses during the long weekend. The Borgata, Caesar’s, Tropicana, and Harrah’s reached an agreement on the 28th of June, and the rest of the casinos will follow their example.

The contracts have not been made public, but the union helped negotiate better wages to help the workers tackle the rising price of living. These casino venues make millions, and they should have aided their workers with a simple salary rise which would have prevented the strike and their losses while it lasted.


The casino workers of Atlantic City got their demands met by the casino venues. The way they treated their workers was unfair, which is why they went on strike. With the help of the union, they negotiated higher wages so they could tackle the current economic changes.

The bottom line for casino venues is that they must take care of their workers. These people keep the hotel rooms clean and keep the casinos and restaurants operational. In other words, they are the lifeblood of every casino resort, which is why taking care of them is taking care of your investment.