Australia to Introduce New Casino Ads

Australia to Introduce New Casino Ads

Australia has had a lot of things happen to its casino industry. Famous brand names have lost licenses or were fined because of not adhering to regulations. Also, the number of casino addicts has increased significantly which is why the government is about to introduce new casino ads.

So far, each gaming site be it a casino or sportsbook will have an ad that tells players or bettors to game or bet responsibly. But with the current changes, these ads will be replaced with ones that highlight the potential harms of gaming.

Australian Casino Ads Will Show Potential Gaming Harms

The current happenings in the world of gaming in Australia have prompted certain changes. The recent happening with popular brand names has caused the government to take a closer look at the casino industry. For example, the gaming commission in Australia now oversees Crown Entertainment after the brand was caught in a money laundering scheme.

Add to that the rising problem of gaming addiction and you can see why the government was forced to act. Statistically, lots of Australians have lost big sums of money to gaming at casinos. An average of $1,276 per person in Australia is lost to gaming. Back in 2011, this was noticeable at 0.6% of the population and now that percentage has doubled to 1.23%.

Another serious statistic that prompted the Australian government to act is the rise of problem gaming. This percentage has increased to 3.9%, which is more than the Australians that like playing poker machines. In other words, these are alarming numbers which is why new gaming ads will be introduced. As mentioned before, they will highlight the potential harms of gaming rather than asking players to play responsibly.

Gaming sites will also need to feature a toll-free phone line or a link to Gambling Help Online so casino addicts can get help quicker. When it comes to the ads themselves, they don’t beat around the bush. In other words, they hit the nail on the head. This means that even those that visit a site for the first time will know the potential risks and harm that can come from gaming.

When it comes to the ads they advise players to think twice before placing a bet, the chances aren’t working in their favor, and they don’t shy away from mentioning that losses can be pretty big without a deposit limit.

The government is hoping that ads like these will deter potential visitors to a site and will help those in need. Casino addicts can have a better chance of reaching out with a link or a phone line to the organization that specializes in helping them.


Casino addiction is a serious problem that plagues the casino industry as a whole. The Australian government is looking to tackle this problem with new gaming ads as recent statistics show an alarming growth. The wording of the ads hits the nail on the head and time will tell what kinds of results they will produce when introduced to casino sites.