Australian Casino Execs Caught in Illegal Activities

Australian Casino Execs Caught in Illegal Activities

Executives and managers are responsible for keeping the business or company running. The same can be said for those in charge of various casinos. They need to keep the staff motivated and make casino operations go smoothly. This way, the clients are happy and coming back.

Australia has its fair share of casinos, but the Crown Resorts and Star Entertainment casinos are the most popular ones. They have been keeping players happy for years. But recently their executives have been caught in criminal activities. It’s only a matter of time before they are charged for their crimes.

Justice Is Always Served

The Crown Resorts have been around for some time and they are synonymous with quality. They get lots of visitors each day and the operations run smoothly. Players can enjoy a host of casino games here.

However, the executives of these establishments haven’t been playing it straight. Crown Resorts executives have been caught in money laundering operations. These links to organized crime reflect poorly on the image of the company and might deter certain players from their casino establishments.

Another household name in the Australian casino industry is Star Entertainment. Their arrays of games and venues have also been entertaining Australian players for years. Similar to the previous establishment, executives at Star Entertainment have also been caught in illegal activities.

They were linked in an operation with Chinese nationals that allowed them to take money out of China disguised as hotel fees. Both groups of executives are awaiting the consequences of their actions as they were caught by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. So far, there have been no indications if they will pay fees or serve time for their actions as their cases are currently being discussed.

The Commission will reach a decision soon and it will prove again that justice is always served. The same rules go for thieves, scammers, and executives of casino venues. They will probably lawyer up in the upcoming legal battle, but they will get what’s coming to them. This news might also blemish the image of both Star Entertainment and Crown Resorts and this might be visible in the number of people that visit these establishments.


Crime doesn’t pay and the executives of the well-renowned casino complexes have hurt their careers and the reputations of the resorts they represent. It’s only a matter of time before justice is served.