Bermuda Hotel Gets Casino License

Bermuda Hotel Gets Casino License

Currently, there have been many expansions in the world of casinos. The Vegas Strip has gotten new ones and even New York is going to grant new casino licenses. There are also expansions in other places across the world such as Bermuda.

Bermuda is a top tourist spot and has its fair share of hotels where visitors can stay. Recently, one hotel decided to dip its toes in the casino industry by getting a license from the Bermuda Gaming Commission. The Granada Supporters Club St. Regis hotel is the first on the island to get a casino license.

A Work in Progress

The thing about casinos in Bermuda is that they were approved by law 9 years ago. Despite this new development banks don’t support them. There are many possible reasons for this, but casinos are beneficial to the community.

The building process alone creates a bunch of jobs. These positions are filled by the community. Once the building process is finished then the casino will look to the people again to fill staffing roles in the various departments.

It’s a complex after all which means the casino will require workers and so will the hotel and its additional premises. The St. Regis hotel has been granted a license for a casino, but a date for the casino is yet to be determined. In other words, there’s no telling when the casino will open. Just like any other casino operator, the hotel underwent a process after which it was determined that it had the right qualifications for owning a license and operating a casino.

With the current situation, it seems that Bermuda is open to casino operators and any offers they might have. They can tap into Bermuda as a potential market and benefit from the island’s community and the number of visitors. Once they go over the process of getting a license they will need to establish all the following phases according to the regulations.

The community will help them build the casino and help them with the right staff at each complex. The banks in Bermuda might change their mind about helping operators establish themselves or not. Either way, Bermuda will gain more casinos in the future as part of complexes that cater to tourists and casino fans alike.

In other words, new casinos will benefit the Bermuda community by giving them multiple job openings in both phases of their inception. The government will gain more tax revenue, tourists will have additional premises to visit and Bermuda casino fans will enjoy their favorite games at new venues.

The first license has been granted and many more are likely to follow. It’s only a matter of time before the first island casino opens its doors.