Betting Addicts Loses £20,000, Turns Life Around

Betting Addicts Loses £20,000, Turns Life Around

Sports are fun to watch with friends or alone, especially if your favorite team is playing. Some people like to place bets on sports and they can do it in offline or online sportsbooks. These establishments cover a variety of sports to accommodate the different kinds of players.

Belfast is host to several such venues and they cater to the needs of all sorts of bettors. Naturally, they need to be of legal age to place bets. This means they need to be at least 18 years old. Joshua Keys was one such bettor, but he couldn’t keep his impulse under control which is why he was addicted.

It Took Him Down, but He Got up Again

The thing about Joshua is that he wasn’t that interested in sports up until he turned 18. Once he was legally old to place bets he found placing bets interesting. Joshua would place a bet or two once in a while and that would be it. He would focus on school and educating himself.

But the number of bets began growing steadily as he started placing more and more of them. Suddenly, he was losing interest in school. He wasn’t paying attention in class because he was looking for the next break between classes so he could visit the nearest sportsbook and place a bet. Moreover, he wasn’t looking to win or lose, he was just in for the thrill of it.

In a matter of time, his grades started to hurt badly. All he was focused on was placing the next bet. The bet amounts started growing bigger and for some months he couldn’t even afford rent. The cold water to his face came when he realized that he had spent around £20,000 on placing bets.

Joshua was chasing losses and by the time he realized that addiction had already seeped in. In other words, he was getting in too deep as his educational life was hurting, his relationships weren’t great and he disregarded even his personal needs just so he could spend money on bets.

But he didn’t let addiction keep him down for long. In other words, he sobered up and asked for help. And help came along. He’s still got a long way to go, but he took a step in the right direction as he asked for help. The only thing left to do now is to focus on getting better.

He’s aware of his mistakes and is looking forward to a future without addiction. There are some hard steps he needs to take and he’s ready for the journey that will rid him of addiction.


The thing about addiction is that you notice it in the later stages. But once you do, you don’t need to do much except ask for help. This is the hardest step to take, but a necessary one. Once any addict makes it, he will climb out of the dark hole known as addiction. After that, it’s a short way to salvation.