Biloxi Casino Gets Another Winner

Biloxi Casino Gets Another Winner

Casinos and winners go hand in hand. There’s hardly a casino in the world where players don’t win. Naturally, some of the win big while others win small, but all of them are winners.

The bigger ones walk away with bigger prizes. Recently, one NY woman came to visit the Biloxi Casino and she decided on playing blackjack. She placed the side bet too and managed to win a huge jackpot. She’s now $207,875 richer. Also, she’s another registered winner at Biloxi Casino.

New York Woman Wins Huge by Playing Blackjack

The Biloxi Casino has seen its fair share of winners throughout the years. Some of them have enjoyed slot games while others enjoyed table game titles. But the skilled players made it to the top by landing jackpots.

The thing about jackpots is that they’re pretty hard to land. They don’t come announced and there’s no way to know if you’re landing one for sure. Players stick to certain slot machines that know that offer a jackpot and will increase their bets to improve their chances of landing a big prize. Sometimes this tactic works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The same goes for any table game that comes with a jackpot side bet. Players can try their best with the main bets winning or losing as the game progresses, and they can also place a side bet to try their luck with an extra prize. This is exactly what the NY woman did at Biloxi.

She was an avid blackjack player, and with an experience like hers, she must have been to several casinos. This time she decided to give Biloxi a chance. As a blackjack fan, she went to the table games section and decided on a blackjack table. She played a couple of rounds to get the feel of the game and she decided on placing a side bet.

The side bet turned out to be the best decision she made because she fulfilled the conditions for the side bet and she managed to land a jackpot. The jackpot was over $200,000 and she walked away with a nice prize. It’s also worth noting that the woman decided to stay anonymous which is a security measure that some players like to take.

Progressive jackpots don’t just stick to slots, they are also available at table games. This woman enjoyed a blackjack game with a progressive jackpot that players could take a shot at with a side bet. Luckily, she managed to win the progressive jackpot which is no easy feat.

It’s also worth noting, that the Biloxi Casino will have more winners in the future. The lucky and skilled land a big prize eventually.


The NY woman proved that it’s possible to land a progressive jackpot at a blackjack table with a side bet. When it comes to these kinds of jackpots it’s about the skill and luck that go together. Patience is another skill that casino players need to master if they’re looking to go for the big prize.