Border Casino Player Hits $361,706 Progressive Jackpot

Border Casino Player Hits $361,706 Progressive Jackpot

Slot machines are fun to play because they’re so simple to understand. All you need to do is visit a casino venue, go to the cashier and get some money changed to chips and then go to the slot machine room. Then you pick a slot, sit down, enter a bet and start spinning.

Sometimes you’ll win and other times you’ll lose. But landing a jackpot is fun which is why a certain player at Border Casino was happy when they managed to land $361,706. Everyone around him felt the joy and was congratulated on the win.

Landing a Progressive Jackpot

The thing about jackpots at casinos is that they can be pretty hard to land. The same is true for online casino jackpots as the slots that offer them usually come with high volatility rates. But you should bide your time when looking to land a jackpot. Bet after bet, watching not to exceed your budget, will get you closer to a jackpot.

A certain kind of jackpot is popular both online and offline and this kind of jackpot is the progressive one. The Border Casino, located near the Oklahoma-Texas border, also offers a jackpot that starts at $250,000. It’s known as the Super Hits Jackpot and it’s linked to several slot machines.

The best part about a progressive jackpot is that its value can range in the millions. But the difficult part about it is that you’ll need to land it. Once it accumulates the starting amount, the value goes up and there’s no telling how high it will go. That’s why the recent winner at Border Casino took his time with the machine. The slot machine in question was Star Spangled 7s Super Hits by Aristocrat.

Once the player got their chips, the player sat down at this slot machine. The bets were placed and symbols were spinning. Some spins were wins and others were losses, but the player kept a cool head and kept on betting and spinning. The patience and perseverance paid off because the player landed a jackpot.

The player was now a winner and the lucky recipient of $361,706. The best part about the win is that the player managed to get a progressive jackpot at a certain point in time. In addition to this, the player decided to keep his identity anonymous which is the smart thing to do when you’ve won such a jackpot.

This player has joined the Border Casino Hall of Fame with his win and the player is among the several recipients of progressive jackpots.


As mentioned before, landing a progressive jackpot is hard and you don’t know when it’s going to land. That’s how the Border Casino player managed to land a $361,706 jackpot. Steady bets and a well-formed plan will get you there eventually. The player kept a cool head and kept placing bets until the player managed to snag that jackpot. Whether online or offline, it’s amazing to win a progressive jackpot.