Bradford Council Refuses Merkur Slots Proposal

Bradford Council Refuses Merkur Slots Proposal

There are casinos all across the UK and brands are always looking to expand. One such brand is Merkur Slots and it applied with a proposal to turn a building in Bradford into a bingo venue.

But the proposal was denied because of the effect that venue would have on the area. The Bradford Council stated that another gaming venue would impact the area severely and increase the number of cases of gaming addiction. The brand name accepted the refusal, but they also appealed the decision which will be taken under consideration by a planning inspector.

Merkur Slots Appeals the Decision

The thing about the city center is that it’s the most densely popular area. This means that any business in that area will thrive because it will have lots of customers. This is why any brand will look to have a presence in the center of a city such as Bradford. That’s the idea behind the Merkur Slots expansion.

The brand was looking at a Bank Street Unit or rather building and it was looking to turn into new premises where it could have a foothold. The Merkur Slots brand is well known across the UK and with a name like that it’s no secret that it has a presence in the casino industry.

This brand was looking to turn the Bank Street building into bingo premises which will operate from 9 am to midnight. However, the Bradford Council denied the proposal of the brand because although it’s the city’s center, it’s a critical area.

Firstly, there are several other betting services available in the area. Secondly, and more important, is the fact that the area is susceptible to gaming addiction because it’s an area with high levels of deprivation. The gaming venues are close to schools, colleges, and other institutions which is why the populace is susceptible to gaming.

Gaming addiction is the prime reason why the council decided against the proposal. Gaming addiction is a matter that plagues mental health and the area of Bradford. It’s a serious issue that both people and institutions have to deal with and the reason why online casinos offer help to anyone that feels like they are getting addicted.

There’s no doubt that gaming addiction is something that needs to be taken seriously, but it’s a complicated issue because people with addiction hardly look for help as they’re stigmatized. Merkur Slots acknowledges the importance of addiction but has decided to appeal the council’s decision which is why a planning inspector will decide on the matter. The matter of new gaming premises in Bradford is in the inspector’s hands and they will decide which way to go.


Gaming addiction is something that demands lots of attention. All brands in the casino industry need to pick a careful approach when dealing with it and collaborate with health institutions to provide the best care for those in need. Gaming addicts should know they can lean on someone for help.