Cambodian Casino Involved in Human Trafficking

Cambodian Casino Involved in Human Trafficking

Casinos are remembered for their reputations. If they provide quality entertainment, they will get a lot of visitors. This goes for online and land-based casinos. That’s why the popular ones have been around for ages and will continue to entertain a large audience.

But there are other casinos that lose their good reputation and stop operating. A certain Cambodian casino has been revealed to be involved in human trafficking. This was revealed when 56 workers managed to escape the facility. They were aided by the police, who are now demanding the release of the 18 remaining workers.

Cambodia’s Battle Against Human Trafficking

The Cambodian casino seemed like any other casino. You could get in play some slot machines or some table games and get out. If you’d won, then you could get your winnings and if you didn’t then you could try again the next day.

The building of the casino had 8 floors and the first one was dedicated to the casino games. There’s no indication as to what the other floors were used for. But it was revealed that the casino was involved in human trafficking as the building was housing a number of victims of the crime.

56 of them managed to plan and construct and escape. They were on the eighth floor and were pretty much scammed into slavery. They were lured to the building with the promise of high-paying jobs and when they got there they realized it was a scam.

In other words, they were forced to participate in online scams for 12 hours each day. They weren’t let out until they had done their job and they were forced to come back. Guards were present on the floor and on the subsequent ones.

The 56 daring ones got together and exited the room. They were met by some guards but they didn’t do anything so they kept going downstairs. It was when they reached the casino gates that they were chased by guards with batons. A small portion of them was caught and brought back, but the rest managed to flee.

The police got wind of the escape and helped them get to safety. Once they understood the situation properly they organized and asked the rest of the workers to be released. The situation is still under development.

But it wasn’t the first one. Cambodia’s police have been tackling organized crime and have helped a woman sold into slavery and another casino escape whose premises were run by Chinese nationals. In other words, the police have been fighting to stop the outbreak of crime.


Regardless if you play casino games online or offline, you should do so at safe and regulated casinos. If something seems fishy and you smell trouble, then you shouldn’t walk into a casino venue in the first place. Naturally, you should report any illegal activity to the local authorities. This goes for both land-based and online casinos. These venues should be legal and not put their clients in any kind of danger.