Capitol Casino Robber Arrested After Shootout

Capitol Casino Robber Arrested After Shootout

Both online and offline casinos offer a variety of games to players. All people enjoying casino games will have a chance at winning amazing prizes and some of them do. Winners attract other winners and everyone’s looking to get the jackpot.

Another thing about casinos is that they attract criminals and robberies aren’t uncommon. Once such a robbery happened in the Capitol Casino in Sacramento. The robber shot a person trying to stop him but by the time he got out, he was arrested. Shortly after that he was jailed and is now serving time for his offense.

A Casino Shootout

The robber was arrested after a shootout at the Sacramento Capitol Casino and his identity remains a secret. There’s no telling if the robber planned for it or just had a rough plan of how the situation was going to go. But all the details indicate the latter option.

The man went inside the casino and pointed his gun at the clerk. The clerk was doing as the clerk was being told, but by the time the clerk had collected themselves another man stepped into the scene. This man was looking to stop the robbery from happening and after a while, the robber wasn’t having it which is why the robber shot the other man.

Unfortunately, the man didn’t make it and the robber was looking to escape. Someone had dialed 911 and the police arrived and blocked the exit. The robber was looking to flee, but the police got him. After they disarmed the robber, they arrested the man. The suspect was brought to the hospital after claiming that the suspect was short of breath and after that was over, the next stop was the Sacramento County Jail.

The identities of the victim and suspect haven’t been revealed at this time. But the robber was caught with the gun in hand and there’s no doubt that the suspect was the man behind the attempted robbery. This is another article that illustrates the risks of playing casino games in casino establishments.

These venues are targets for robbers and cheaters, but you can always count on the law to handle the situation. To stay safe be aware of your surroundings and don’t make a fuss if you’ve managed to win a prize. Alternatively, go for online casinos that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

These sites are designed for easy access to casino games and will give you a safe and secure zone you can play your games in. But if you’re fixed on going to land-based casinos, then you should have some safety measures in mind. Keeping yourself safe is the number one priority.


As mentioned before, casino robberies aren’t uncommon as casinos handle big cash amounts. Security is in place to keep things like this from happening and going out of hand. If you’re looking for a safer approach, then you can always go for online casinos as they take security seriously too.