Casino Addict Fuels Gaming Spree With Scam, Gets Caught

Casino Addict Fuels Gaming Spree With Scam, Gets Caught

Unfortunately, there are many examples of people that just can’t get enough of casino games. They don’t have the bankroll so they resort to a variety of ways to keep their account stacked. This happens to be the case with Carmen Soto, a 77-year-old Bronx woman.

She managed to get over $655,000 in benefits and she spent it all on casino games. Moreover, she managed to scam a system to keep the cash coming in. Thanks to facial recognition software she was caught and sentenced. But how did it go down?

The Scam Explained

The thing that kept Carmen’s scam running for decades was the existence of 3 identities. In other words, she got 3 social security numbers in her name but also in the names of Carmen Maldonado and Gloria Sanchez. She used her identity to apply for social security and received benefits from HRA as well. Then she went and got driver’s licenses for some identities and this ultimately led to her downfall.

The facial recognition software revealed her multiple identities and that was the end of that. She used that money to fund her casino gaming spree over decades. That’s how she was able to enjoy her games without a problem. But crime doesn’t pay, which is something she learned the hard way. Carmen Soto got a 5-year probation sentence that the judge used to serve as a warning to anyone looking to defraud the system.

In a decade-long spree, Carmen managed to squeeze $388,322.24 out of the US Social Security Administration and $266,479.40 from the Human Resources Administration. The agent got down to business and it didn’t take much to track Carmen down. Once she was caught she pleaded guilty and received 5-year probation for her crimes. Her age probably was the reason she wasn’t severely punished. She had been running her scam since 1960, but it eventually caught up with her.

The Downfall of Addiction

This is just another proof of how addiction can get people to do all kinds of things. Casinos have a certain allure to these people and the problem with such casino players is that they can’t stop. Carmen used all the money on casino games and took to a scam to keep funding her account. She went against the system that provided lots of opportunities for her and she was caught in the end.

There is no reason to follow addiction down the dark path, so once you start to feel addicted you can reach out for help. Each casino site will let you get in touch with the appropriate parties whenever you feel addicted to gambling. They will also let you set limits to your account and enable a self-exclusion feature too.


Casino addiction is an issue that should be tackled immediately. That’s why casino sites offer help to anyone that needs it. Players that feel this way will always be given a helping hand and will be guided through a process that will cure addiction.

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