Casino Addict Recovers From Addiction

Casino Addict Recovers From Addiction

Addiction to casino games is real and needs to be stopped. Casino games should be played responsibly which is why each online casino has measures every player can use to stop themselves from becoming addicted. But these measures didn’t seem to work for Ed Williams.

He was a newbie slot player that started getting dangerously addicted to slot titles and with the start of the pandemic in 2020 he got on a downward spiral. Nowadays, he’s the proud founder of an app that’s aimed at helping addicts.

The Downward Spiral

Ed and his mother were pretty close since he was just a boy. But this all changed when she was diagnosed with cancer and succumbed to her illness in 2018. Ed couldn’t cope with the loss of the person that meant a lot to him which is why he was looking for ways to escape the grief.

It started with parties and alcohol, and when that wasn’t cutting it he moved to drugs. Cocaine was the drug of his choice and he did this every weekend. But then the pandemic started in 2020 and he was stuck at home.

The drug habit continued and he found another way to cope with grief. He was exposed to the world of online casinos and he seemed to like slots. It didn’t take long for him to get addicted and start losing money. He also started borrowing money and barely paying it back.

It was during his mother’s funeral that his aunt saw that something was the matter with him. Once she noticed this, she decided to send him to rehab. It took 5 weeks for him to recover and take his life back from addiction.

The Way Out

Nowadays, he’s all about a healthy lifestyle which means he goes to the gym regularly and has a healthy relationship with himself. He’s also working on an app that will help addicts reach out to the appropriate services.

Addiction to casino games can take a serious turn as happened with Ed. In his case, it was a way of dealing with grief, but destroying yourself isn’t the way to go about it. There are services such as Gamblers Anonymous dedicated to helping you and the nearest and dearest in your family will always be there to lend a hand.


Ed managed to beat addiction and is nowadays looking for ways to help other casino addicts battle and beat addiction. The crucial thing to remember about it is that it will hold you as long as you let it do so.