Casino Player Stepped in Too Deep and Never Got Out

Casino Player Stepped in Too Deep and Never Got Out

It’s not often you see the dark side of online casinos. But that happens to be the case with Ryan Myers. Unfortunately, he decided to take his own life once he’d gotten in too deep. His parents were quite shocked when they find out that he was addicted to online casinos.

The sites he was on offered self-exclusion practices and helped people that have started to feel like they were addicted to casino games by connecting them with services dedicated to helping them overcome addiction. But the case with Ryan wasn’t made public until the end. A Facebook post foreshadowed something dark, but no one knew just how dark it was.

Ryan Seemed Alright

The thing about Ryan Myers is that he seemed like any ordinary man. He was a carpenter with a family. Moreover, he never showed any sign of discomfort or that he was dealing with a tough situation. The ironic thing is that he was preparing for a holiday in Turkey. Once he and his family were back he talked to his dad and said he had enjoyed the trip.

However, 2 days later his dad rushed to his apartment to find his son dead. John and Alison, Ryan’s parents, decided to dig deep and find the reasons for this dark turn in their lives. They found out that after their son’s death he had lots of emails and messages about casino bonuses and promotions. Moreover, they found out that their son was a debtor to many gambling companies. He wasn’t just a casino fan as he enjoyed placing bets as well.

After the Deed

It was unusual that his account was bombarded with promotional emails after his death. His father blames it all on the companies that facilitate casino and sports betting activities. In addition to that, John says that such companies are everywhere. They’re presently online, in newspapers, and on billboards. Ryan couldn’t get away from them if he wanted to.

After his son’s suicide, John joined up with 60 more people in a protest organized by The Big Step. Their goal is to stop gambling advertisements in football and they are knocking on the doors of Premier League football clubs such as Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, and City. These protests have yet to bear any fruit, but the protesters don’t seem to be slowing down.


The truth is that addiction is a thing that can take any life down a dark road. This is why both casino and sports betting sites offer self-exclusion options as well as features that let players put limits on their accounts. They collaborate with multiple services that help people with addiction get rid of it.

If you ever feel like you’re getting addicted, then all you need to do is reach out for help. You will get the proper medical care and the support you need. Don’t mind the stigma of addiction because your life is worth more than that.

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