Casino Regulatory Commission in Japan Needs More Money

Casino Regulatory Commission in Japan Needs More Money

The Japanese Casino Regulatory Commission recently asked for a budget increase, claiming it needs more funding to accomplish its regulatory duties. The Japanese gambling industry is still in its infancy. The practice was only legalized 4 years ago, in 2018, by Japan’s then-PM, the late Shinzo Abe.

With the legalization of gambling, also came the formation of a regulatory committee. The Casino Regulatory Commission of Japan was officially established in the early months of 2020. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s cabinet office.

The CRC’s Job

The Casino Regulatory Commission of Japan was formed in 2020, two years after gambling was legalized in the country. The goal of the organization is to issue licenses, examine operations and regulate the gambling industry in the country, in order to ensure the safety of casino customers.

Under its jurisdictions lie technical supervision over equipment, such as slot and video poker machines, the regulation of information tech infrastructure of the casinos, and the regulation and issuing of licenses to national gambling establishments.

They are also hoping to develop additional programs, the goal of which is to develop and promote programs in favor of safe gambling. Reading the Japanese gambling laws carefully will reveal that the nation has authorized the opening and functioning of “sound businesses” which are operated “under appropriate national supervision”.

To maintain their work, the Casino Regulatory Commission has recently been asking for an increase in budget and funding.

Troubles in the CRC

Recently, the CRC has claimed that they are having trouble doing their job of regulating the industry. One of the reasons for this, and in fact the main reason, according to CRC staff, is that they lack proper funding. For that reason, the commission has put in a request for a budget increase of ¥3.88 billion (or $27 million). This request amounts to a 10% budget increase.

The reason for this budget increase seems to be that the CRC lacks the manpower to properly do its job of regulating casinos. It seems that the commission wants to bring in 20 additional employees in hopes of improving the quality of their work. As of now, the CRC has close to 160 positions, and with an extra 20, the commission would be working with around 180 people.

It remains to be seen how the Japanese government will respond to the CRC’s plea. The commission has an important task in Japan and operates under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida himself.